"You won’t see the itinerary. We won’t tell you the plan. You’ll go with the flow, and we’ll give you an epic travel experience you'll never forget."

- Unknown Epic


Here we provide you a little sneak peak: 

The Incas mastered the flow of water, allowing their great civilization to survive,
We will master water in a different way - one that allows us to move and thrive.

Standing upon this water to explore these ancient lands,
We’ll head away from the tourist crowds with discovery as our plan.

Disconnecting from the modern world, aside from the boards we ride,
In search for peace on the out, as well as calm on the inside.

Sleeping in a billion star hotel and taking our energy from fire,
We’ll learn new skills and some history of this, once great empire.

So meet us in the city that has the most powerful Inca vibe,
This adventure is only for those who roll with the Wi-Fi Tribe.

Some Secret Location, Peru

MAR 31 - APR 6, 2017

What's Included?

  • Ground transport
  • 7 days/ 6 nights accommodation (2 nights Hotel/Guesthouse, 4 nights wild camping)
  • All accommodation will be shared, last night private room
  • Professional guides, local and international
  • Journey facilitators
  • All Camping equipment
  • All Watersports equipment
  • All meals - Mix of restaurants and home cooked traditional Peruvian food
  • Daily fruit, snacks and drinks


What's Not Included?

  • Flights
  • Personal clothing and accessories (a kit list will be provided, as well as the opportunity to hire)
  • Personal travel insurance (all participants must show evidence of this)
  • Optional day trip to Machu Picchu

Note: this is not a typical WiFi Tribe co-working location. In fact, it's not about work at all, but about switching off to connect. You need to be able to swim, be comfortable in the water and have a reasonable level of fitness to join this adventure. We are a team and have no passengers, only crew mentality.

The clue to the meeting location will be provided once deposit has been paid.

Explore Peru on a one-of-a-kind expedition custom designed for the WiFi Tribe by our adventure partner: Unknown Epic


Ready to Discover The Real Peru?

When was the last time you really managed to switch off? If the answer is “I can’t remember” a digital detox is what you need.

Join us to explore Peru like no one ever sees it. Not the crowded tourist hotspots, but the hidden Inca gems that most people will never discover. For seven days we're going to disconnect from the world to fully immerse ourselves into the magic of the ancient lands of the Incas. This trip is about adventure, reflection and human connection.

The Results

Improved sleep and better concentration

Reduced stress and a new sense of happiness

Design techniques for a more balanced life

Clarity, vision & enhanced creativity

Meaningful connections with those around you

Lowered blood pressure and heart-rate

Increased consciousness of your own body and habits


Join This Unique Expedition


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Application deadline: 6th March, 2017