Our Home IN Ecuador

This June, our Latin American expedition takes us to Ecuador's Santa Elena Peninsula, the Mecca for surfing enthusiasts. Olón, our new home for the month, is a beautiful house right on the beach, near the lively town of Montañita for nightlife, cafés and restaurants.

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We will have space for 16 awesome people in our breezy beach house. It comes equipped with good internet, plenty of space for work and play, and a setup that will make you feel comfortable and productive.

And here's a map to get an idea of where we'll be!


Adventures + Things To Do In Ecuador

Challenge your limits in one of the world's most untouched places, with a wide range of activities - from diving with seals, to white water rafting in the Amazon jungle, or mountain biking on Cotopaxi volcano - there’s no shortage of things to do in Ecuador!


The Galapagos Islands

Snorkel with sea lions, swim with penguins or dive with a group of hammer heads in one of the world's most biodiverse ecosystems. The Galapagos are an isolated group of volcanic islands, almost untouched by humans, where Darwin famously studied evolution. 


Explore the Andean Highlands

Take a hike down the famous “Avenue of the Volcanoes” and find yourself surrounded by snow-capped peaks and emerald-green crater lakes. Visit colorful indigenous communities who continue the century-old traditions of their ancestors. Chat with local artisans at outdoor markets and take in the awe-inspiring scenery of patchwork fields with a backdrop of majestic mountains. For the thrill-seekers, there's plenty... Zip-lining, horseback riding, rafting, or 'simply' hiking one of Ecuador’s many volcanoes.


Party like a Local

Love those beach vibes? Then Montañita is the place to be; streets and shores dotted with bars, clubs, and cabanas serving up the local brews. Indulge in the delicious street food, jive to latin guitar jams and experience your first full moon beach party! To top it off, this magical beach town is know for promoting diversity, tolerance and acceptance.

Bike & Swim On a Volcano

Bike down one of the world's tallest volcanos, Cotopaxi (4500m altitude), go for a breathtaking swing at the 'End of the World' in Baños, discover 60 majestic waterfalls, and finish this adventure off by taking a relaxing bath in one of the thermal sanctuaries.


South America's Mountain Biking Hotspot

With a strong local community of passionate riders, the country has an amazing mountain bike infrastructure. As you travel, you’re in the constant shadow of Mount Cotopaxi, riding past wild horses and bulls grazing on the altiplano. Need some adrenaline? Ecuador's got you covered!

A Daily Sunset Surf Lesson

For the first time we will be living with the ocean right at our doorstep. Whether for beginner or pro surfer, the waves have a reputation that has been luring tourists and expats to its golden shores for decades. Now we're going to see what the hype is all about. And... you can rent a board for $4 a day!


Ready to Join Our Tribe in Ecuador?

June 16 - July 13, 2017

If you're interested in our Ecuador chapter, please apply here first. If you're already a WiFi Tribe member, please just send us an email and we can book your place in Ecuador!

How does it work? WiFi Tribe has an annual membership model: Successful applicants choose how often they want to travel with the tribe within a year and decide what membership they would like. You can find out more about membership prices here.


Monthly prices start from:

Private Room: $1400

Shared Room: $800


The rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. All shared rooms are usually 2, max 3 people.