Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What motivated us to create WiFi Tribe?

A: The possibility of re-designing a life. We want to surround ourselves with people we can learn from, work on hard projects that matter and travel to explore the world. By redesigning our own lives and creating WiFi Tribe out of this, we're making it easier for people to do the same.

Q: How is WiFi Tribe unique from other co-working/co-living travel programs?

A: What we care the most about is the sense of community. We believe the most value is in the connection that can happen between the people we surround ourselves with.

"You are the average of the people you spend the most time with" - J. Rohn

Also, we are a lot more flexible than other programs. You can join for as short as two weeks or travel the whole year with us. Or you can hop on and off as you wish, or change locations between our two tribes that are travelling on different continents.

Q: What happens during the application process?

A: We have 3 stages. 

First: the person applies through the website. There are a few questions there that give us a general idea of whether this person might be interested in the concept and a good cultural fit. 

Second: the interview is a video call. That's where we have a conversation with people and we ask certain questions that let us understand how they think about community. What they would value in an experience like this, how passionate they are in their own work, or something they are doing on the side that drives them. 

Third: we invite people to join us in one location. It's a trial run for both sides. They get the chance to experience what the community is like and we get to see if they really are that perfect cultural fit. This is really that final failsafe to see if they fit in with our community.

Q: Why is this application process so important?

A: We are trying to find people that match on a really fundamental level. What we are looking for is a character and values match. Our core values, by which we make our decisions and live our lives are humility, camaraderie, adventure, freedom and respect. We look for people who care about community, are excited about it, and want to get involved in it. And, we look for people who are passionate about what they do.

Q: What surprises people when we tell them about WiFi Tribe?

A: How careful we are about finding a good fit for the community.  People who enjoy the community side of things and are looking for this human connection are often happily surprised as we go through the application process. It shows them our dedication to bringing the right people together.

Q: What's the result of all of this searching? What does it look like in action?

A: On a professional level: collaboration. That means that a) they've connected and b) found interest in each other's work. A quick example from Nicaragua: 3 members collaborated with an entrepreneur on a project and actually joined forces.

On a personal level: friendship and camaraderie. We are constantly finding new ways to bring people together. Brittnee, one our team members, has been running what we call Family Night. It creates a safe space for people to open up and share vulnerability. We realised that the speed at which people connected accelerated and the depth of those connections improved.

Q: What is our mission at WiFi Tribe?

A:  To create a supportive community of traveling entrepreneurs and creatives that are vested in each other's success and happiness. We are not just setting up an experience that lives in a moment, but a long-term community. The idea is that once you've met people of this community and become a part of the tribe, you can come back at any point. The one promise we make is that the people you meet will be similar on these fundamental levels (values and passion). They could be working on all sorts of projects, and come from any background. 

We're most excited about the moments when people come back, or continue to travel with us from one location to another. That sense of the community sticking together and choosing that they want to continue traveling together happens naturally and it's amazing! We aren't a program that says you have to stick with us for six months or a year. With us, it really is that if you've enjoyed it, you are welcome to come back at any time. And it's a great feeling when people do. 


Q: Does the cost for each location include travel to/from the countries and/or between cities?

A: We try to keep the price as affordable as possible for everyone. Because of this, we do not include travel within the price.


Q: How far in advance do the houses usually get full?

A: Each location fills up about 2-3 weeks before it's start date.