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We invite you to join our tribe...


Every month, we choose a different city to call home. We are inviting a mix of young, wild and free, location-independent professionals to join us anywhere along the way: entrepreneurs, photographers, developers, writers, designers, marketers, adventure addicts...

If you're easy-going, cherish collaboration and love adventure, come shape this journey with us and make your life a beautiful adventure!

Apr: Peru

Explore the ancient Inca kingdom and indulge in Peru's world-renowned culinary experiences.

May: BolIvia

Experience the raw adventure between the Andean Mountains and Amazonian jungle.


June: Ecuador

Get immersed into surfing with endless opportunity for good waves, epic activities, and exciting nightlife

September: Portugal

Enjoy the benefit of living & working in Lisbon and escaping to the coast for long weekends of sun and fun.


October: Bali 

Connect with likeminded people and soak up the island’s renowned nutrition, wellbeing, art and culture pursuits.


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You can hop on or off at any point, stay a month, or a year to explore a whole continent with us, one country at a time. This lifestyle is all about freedom.


What does the Tribe say?

Each location is a unique experience. We'll let our members tell you how they experienced being part of the tribe:

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The Tribe is a classy crew of people

"I found adventure, companionship, and happiness all at once. I highly recommend this experience!! Definitely looking to join them again soon." - Stacey

Build friendships in a creative atmosphere

"A creative atmosphere where you can bounce ideas off one another and share experiences & skills. The major advantage is building lasting relationships and really getting to know who you’re on this journey with." - Chris

An amazing co-living experience

"Explore the country while hanging out with likeminded people, boost your location independent business and share experiences and skills. Highly recommended!" - Theresa