WiFi Tribe is a lifestyle

It's a wonderful new way of living and working together with like-minded young professionals while discovering the world. Every month is a new 'Chapter' in our journey; We choose a new city to call home, we live and work there together, and whenever we're not working, we go out and explore.

MembershiP Options

Accepted members choose their annual membership plan, depending on how often they want to travel and what room they prefer:


1 Chapter / Year

Private Room: $1800 / month

Shared Room: $1000 / month

2 Chapters / Year

Private: $1600 / m

Shared: $900 / m

3+ Chapters / Year

Private: $1400 / m

Shared: $800 / m


the 'rules'

You can choose any location you want

You can make your choice when you join or later

You can take all your chapters together, or spread them across the year

Your membership is valid for 365 days


Frequently Asked Questions


How Does It Work?

We slow-travel the world together as a group of 12-18 people while we work online. Every 4 weeks, we go to a different country and invite our community to join us. Each member goes through an application process, and once accepted, she can join us wherever she wants. 

We find quality accommodation in an exciting city. From there, we (co)work and (co)live together for the next 4 weeks. Everyone who joins works on their own thing while they’re there – their own company, freelance clients, their remote job, a startup project, etc.  

With so many talented professionals and creatives in one space, there are countless opportunities to collaborate, learn from each other, and grow together. 

When we’re not working, we explore the country together. Most weekends, we’re out chasing adventure (rafting, surfing, road trips, hiking, sailing, diving, sunsets and campfires…) or visiting the most spectacular places of this beautiful country.


Who Can Join?

Anyone who shares the values of our community and can work remotely. We welcome people from all professional backgrounds and we celebrate cultural diversity. Anyone who fits these three things has a good chance of getting in: 

  1. Shares the values of our community 
  2. Loves the work they do (or has a passion project) 
  3. Can work remotely for at least a few consecutive weeks 

Over time, we realised that certain values are great for creating a strong, supportive and tight-knit community. The pillars of our community are: 

  • Respect - we believe this is the primary pillar for a strong community 
  • Humility - our tribe is an ego-free zone 
  • Camaraderie - we look out for each other and help each other grow 
  • Diversity - we're an international bunch and we celebrate our differences
  • Passion - we find purpose and excitement in our work 
  • Adventure - we're a young, energetic tribe and we all needed more adventure in our lives


What's The Work Culture Like?

Work hard, play hard. Although most of what you’ll see about the Tribe on social media is adventure and fun stuff, we spend a lot of our time working. We specifically look for people who are passionate about their work, and we ask everyone to bring work with them when they join. 

It helps us all stay productive, when everyone around us is equally focused. 

For many of us, this is a permanent lifestyle, so we simply need to get sh*t done! Our ‘average’ member probably works ‘normal' 40-hour weeks. Some people have managed to cut their working hours down further, while others – typically those working on their own businesses – often work even longer hours. 

When it’s time to work, people are quiet, considerate and focused. We ask new members to keep this in mind when they join for the first time.


What Kind of People Joined The Tribe So Far?

Entrepreneurs, designers, musicians, developers, photographers, bloggers, filmmakers, marketers, writers, project managers… But those are just some of their professions. 

Who are they? Now that’s much more difficult to summarise.  

Well, they love freedom more than most people, they’re contagiously energetic, they’re passionate about what they put their time into, they need adventure to keep them going, and they all joined to find their tribe; a nomadic community of diverse, unconventional, curious, brilliant, warm-hearted, and simply inspirational people.


How Many People Are There In Each Chapter?

So far, between 12 and 16. We’re very careful not to have groups that are too large, because large groups quickly become impersonal and break down into small cliques. Our favourite thing about our tribe, is that... it’s a tribe. We’re that family away from home. 

We plan to have occasional groups of 20-25, and we’re curious to see if the community feeling stays as strong as it has been so far.


What Kind Of Trips Or Activities Do You Usually Do?

We’re a really active group, but the kind of activities that we do varies from place to place and from group to group. Some of our favourite weekend trips include island escapes, road trips, hiking, or other adventurous experiences.  

We usually spend our weekday afternoons exploring the city, participating in cultural events or experiences, and eating our way through local dishes.


Is The Internet Good Enough To Work?

Yes. We take every precaution to make sure that there’s workable internet. It’s the reason why most of us can live this lifestyle. For each location, we:

  1. ask the landlord for speed tests
  2. upgrade the speed if possible
  3. purchase mobile data as backups (usually 4G speeds)

DISCLAIMER: Don’t expect the kind of speeds you're used to from home. Every country has different maximum speeds and internet speeds may even vary from one street to the next. If you require very fast internet to do your work, please mention this in your application, or when you request to join a location, so we can tell you what speeds to expect.


Why Did You Start The WiFi Tribe?

Time is ticking, and we aren't getting any younger. Many people dream of traveling the world, but so few actually do it. Many are afraid of slowing down their careers or of experiencing traveler's loneliness if they travel alone. 

But should we really be spending our youth working so much that we don’t experience life, just so that we can build a successful future for our older, more boring selves? The sacrifice is scary. 

Well, luckily, we are in an incredible time where you no longer have to choose; you can work while you travel, and surround yourself with like-minded people. 

We believe that anyone who consciously designs their own lifestyle, will be happier and more successful. Our ‘perfect' lifestyle needed to let us do these three things: work on something we care about, travel the world, and build deep, meaningful relationships along the journey. 

The initial idea was simple: to bring together a bunch of really smart, easy-going, collaborative people to an exciting location, to work together and to live an adventurous life. By sharing ideas, tips, tools and tricks we would work more effectively, by working together we would find motivation, and by making our lives more adventurous, the time off would be more intense and meaningful. It’s about squeezing more out of life every day.


Are The Founders Always Staying With The Group?

Yes, we created this lifestyle because we were missing it in our lives. We consider ourselves as members of the community just like everyone else.