Our story

So, you’re curious how it all started? Our tale begins with a few restless misfits, filled with a deep longing to experience the wonder of this world, through amazed, childlike eyes. We were disappointed to find that a conventional, static life, couldn’t give us that. After many years of trying to thrive in a way of life that didn’t suit, working hard for an ever elusive dream that tomorrow would be better as long as we sacrificed the joy of today, we realized that things had to change.

The weariness set in on a particular young man named Diego. He thought about inviting a few friends to Bolivia, a country he knows and loves, for some time away to refresh, reset, achieve work goals and live a life that included raw adventure for a few weeks. Before setting off on this adventure, Diego met up with his old friend Julia, who shared a love of experiencing the world. The idea of travelling together and working together in a community sparked a brilliant collaboration between these two soon-to-be business partners. They sent out their first 100 emails to friends who might be interested in a trip away and voila!

WiFi Tribe was born.

We’ve been on the road ever since. From its humble beginnings, WiFi Tribe has grown into a bold, beautiful, tight-knit community filled with like-minded, adventure seeking professionals across the globe. Our heart is to facilitate an environment where the whole world feels like home. We travel with open minds, with open hearts, and a desire to be our best selves and live our best lives.

But we don’t want to keep it to ourselves. We want you to join us on the journey of a lifetime. To help us build amazing memories, hilarious friendships, and stories worth sharing.


The team continues to grow and grow, and we have people from all over the world feeding into this community. Below are our core team members who do all they can to ensure you have an incredible experience as a member of The Tribe both on location and behind the scenes as well.


Diego bejarano gerke

Diego is one of our founders and the WiFi Tribe visionary! Relationships are his central focus and his passion for life is infectious. He loves being in South America because it allows him to go on completely wild adventures but he's pretty much at home anywhere in the world. Look out for him on location!

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Julia is also one of our founders and is brilliant with all of our logistics. She does a million different things to ensure WiFi Tribers have an excellent time. Her favourite place is South Africa but she loves travelling in general. Look out for Julia on location too! 



Andrea works on all the techie bits for WiFi Tribe and is also an “on location” support buddy. He'll be the guy that will encourage the group to do something thrilling and exciting!



Filipa is a part of our Tribe Support Team. She's a Tribe pro, and stays ready to answer your questions and make sure things are running smoothly. The only thing she loves more than coffee, is being part of a thriving nomad community!



Vaidile is another member of the Tribe Support Team. She answers queries like a boss and she's also a bit of a database whizz! Vaidile loves a kickboxing session, astrology, good books and good food. She also loves a good black and white photo...

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Amanda is the crazy Brit working on the WiFi Tribe blog and internal communications. She smiles all the time and sings just as much. Her hair changes regularly and she hates bugs. Look out for her on location and on the blog as well!




Kumar is the man responsible for helping build our thriving community and supports our members on location. Exploring new places, meeting interesting people, and experiencing culture is what drives and motivates him. If you're around Asia this year, it’s very likely you’ll be joining him for a few adventures!



Alex is everybody's favourite legal and finance guy.