Our Story

So, you’re curious how it all started? Our tale begins with a few restless misfits, filled with a deep longing to experience the wonder of this world, through amazed, childlike eyes. We were disappointed to find that a conventional, static life, couldn’t give us that and after years of trying to thrive in a way of life that didn’t suit, we realized that things had to change. What was the point of sacrificing the joy of today for tomorrows that weren't yet certain?

The weariness set in on a particular young man named Diego. He thought about inviting a few friends to Bolivia, a country he knows and loves, for some time away to refresh and get a renewed sense of purpose. Before setting off on his adventure, Diego met up with his old friend Julia, who shared a love of experiencing the world. The idea of travelling together and working together in a community sparked a brilliant collaboration between these two soon-to-be business partners. They sent out their first 100 emails to friends who might be interested in a trip away and voila!

WiFi Tribe was born.

We’ve been on the road ever since. From its humble beginnings, WiFi Tribe has grown into a bold, beautiful, tight-knit community filled with like-minded, adventure seeking professionals across the globe. Our heart is to facilitate an environment where the whole world feels like home. We travel with open minds, open hearts, and a desire to be our best selves and live our best lives.

But we don’t want to keep this quiet! We want you to join us on the journey of a lifetime, overflowing with amazing memories, genuine friendships, and exciting stories worth sharing.

The Team

Meet the individuals who help build and foster the community values, culture and connections. 

Maria Eugenia Rodriguez 🇦🇷 (Host)

Geni became a Chapter Host after a 13-year career as a flight attendant with Emirates airline. She's visited around 62 countries and spent 11 years in Dubai, so be sure to ask for some of her wildest inflight stories on Chapter.
Now a life coach while on the road, Geni is passionate about building communities, drinking mate (she's from Argentina), Burning Man, and if there's a trail to discover or a mountain to climb, count her in.

Shelby Kretz 🇺🇸 (Host)

Shelby is originally from Ohio but has been finishing her doctorate at UCLA while living in LA. As if she wasn't busy enough, she also runs an educational subscription box for kids who want to learn about social justice.
The often repeated sentiment about Shelby is that she truly cares. She's always up for a chat, to lend a hand to help, and will find ways to make a Chapter the most memorable experience for everyone.

Joe Santini 🇺🇸 (Host)

Hailing from Colorado, Joe has a passion for helping others. He worked for a social change accelerator helping nonprofits and social enterprises positively impact communities in the US and assisted companies in Sri Lanka to modernize their operations.
If that sounds like he'd have lots of stories to fill a memoir, you're right. Joe is busy getting it all on paper, in between milkshake breaks and joining the Tribe on epic Chapter adventures.

Paul Corgan 🇺🇸 (Host)

Paul joins us from the state of Maine with a passion for exploring new places, connecting deeply with others, and trying out new things. On chapter, Paul can be found working on one of his many projects like his seasonal Christmas tree business, new tech startup, or his content creation company in between awesome weekend adventures and local excursions. He loves playing tennis and piano, hiking and camping, and trying new foods around the world.

Khadiee Campbell 🇬🇧 (Host)

London girl, middle child, true crime addict and personal growth junkie. Her happy place is any place where there is good food, good people, sunshine and good vibes.

Valentina Paviolo 🇦🇷 (Host)

Originally from Argentina. She is an adventure enthusiast, drummer and lover of deep conversations. She is excited about immersing herself in different cultures. You will most likely find her with mate in hand, cooking, learning something new, or listening to music.

Claudia Rubio 🇩🇴 (Host)

Originally from the Dominican Republic. She’s an environmental lawyer, and currently works at a non-profit with projects in the nexus of gender and climate change. She likes reading (a lot), volleyball, biking, dancing, and writing. She describes herself as curious, open-minded, active and full of energy.

Diego Bejarano Gerke 🇧🇴

Diego is one of the founders and a stickler for strategy! Relationships are his central focus and his passion for life is infectious. He loves being in South America because it allows him to go on completely wild adventures but he's pretty much at home anywhere in the world. Favourite thing: palm trees! Look out for him on location!

Julia Kallweit 🇩🇪

Julia is also one of the founders. She excels in all things creativity, social media, marketing & loves to organise an adventure trip. She is responsible for our travel calendar and where the Tribe is heading next. Her happy place is South Africa and you can tell when she’s there because she glows with joy.  

Gabriela Larenas 🇪🇨 

Our Ecuadorian-Canadian has a special gift in finding amazing places that foster community. In terms of her favourite cities on earth here’s a direct quote from the Royal Highness herself - “If Barcelona is my wife, Florence is definitely my mistress…” We shall say no more.

Karol Lbik 🇵🇱 

Karol loves operations and automating things so that everything runs as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.  He has a never-ending source of energy and is never without a sense of adventure. He loves good food and is obsessed with sports. 

Katherin Cueller 🇵🇪

 Kat is outrageously organised and authentic. She speaks a million languages and wants to be in Italy so she finally has somewhere to speak Italian. Besides being driven and ambitious she loves tattoos. You'll most likely hear from Kat via your inbox ;) 

 Daniela Larenas 🇪🇨

Dani's hobbies are dancing, learning something new (she's a bit of a nerd), and traveling, I love pets, training, tasting new food, and meeting new people. Her entire self isn’t complete without a good cup of black coffee and its delicious smell. Where does she feel most at home? Her heart is divided into multiple parts … but it would have to be Medellin.

Cesar Narvaez 🇪🇨

Cesar is an Ecuadorian chef, passionate about meeting people, understanding different cultures, tasting new food, and visiting countries. 

Andrea Ottolina 🇮🇹

Andrea is a tech guru with all the patience in the world. Besides understanding programming languages, databases and websites he's a true Italian that admires good food. His sense of humour keeps everybody laughing and he’s one of the smartest guys we know!

Dan Sloan 🇦🇺

Dan is a tech enthusiast from Australia. He is planning to do a boat license and explore the oceans when he is not applying his extensive software engineering skills to challenging business problems.