The Tribe's Membership

Our Tribe is a community of (straight-up) remarkable humans - in fact, these days less than 20% of applicants make it into the Tribe. Everyone carries a story all of their own. But what ties us together is the values we live by. And a craving... 


For a life lived less ordinary - and more authenically. 

Simply, to find what sets us alight, keep that fire burning and enjoy the flames while we can. Next to people who share that spark.

Want to make the most of our Member Saving Perks? On this page you’ll find out how!

What does membership look like in 2023?

From our new membership savings to the Ambassadors program and our first-ever community-wide festival, we've been cooking up a storm to help keep the Tribe fire burning strong.

And our annual membership helps us sustain the community so we can continue evolving it. 

Let's break down the latest in annual membership...

Trips with the Tribe

Over the last 6 years we've been to 54 locations and 34 countries - and counting! Every month, our members have the opportunity to come together (from all corners), join a trip and get immersed in Tribe vibes:

An adventurous month coliving, coworking, and exploring a new country together. Co-create experiences as a group,  supported by the Chapter host.

  • 1 month
  • Group of 20 - 25 
  • Open to all members
  • Member Chapter savings

Take a breather, settle in and catch-up on work, hanging with a smaller group of Tribers. With a slowmad pace and chill vibe, stay for a month (or even longer).

  • 1 - 3 months
  • Group of 7 -  14 people
  • Unlocked after 1 Chapter
  • Lower rates for longer stays

A bucket list ticking adventure! Unplug from work for the week and reunite with the old Tribe fam; from skiing in the Alps to sailing in the Caribbean  

  • 1 week
  • Group of 10 - 20
  • Unlocked after 3 Chapters
  • Veterans & Citizens given priority

NEW The Tribe's first ever community-wide festival - it's our biggest Tribe collaboration yet! Register your interest (and wild ideas) here.

  • Dates coming soon
  • Community-wide trip
  • Stay tuned - more to come!

Global Tribe hubs and Ambassadors 

We've just welcomed our first cohort of Tribe Ambassadors across 17 hubs - with more on the way!

Our dream is that no matter where in the world  you are, you can still get that Tribe magic. And that's where our Ambassador Program comes in.

How does it work?  

Learn more in this video from Joe.

Our hubs are cities/countries with evolving pockets of community; made up of the Tribers living, nomading or just travelling through.

Our Ambassadors are fellow Tribers (and legends) who have a deep love for their home city and are passionate about showing it off.

Together, they're there to foster the local community and help Tribers  arriving get plugged in quickly. Be it dinners, drinks or shenanigan planning.

Our Ambassadors 

Austin, Texas, USA 

Maria Gotay + Davin Yeow



Rocío Ruiz



Pamela Sagarnega


Boston, USA

Monica Sweeney


Cape Town, South Africa

Lisa-Robyn Keown


Denver, USA

 Paige Kehoe

#hub-usa_denver hub 

Hawaii, USA

Mark Brouch 


Lisbon, Portugal

Samuel Romero


London, UK

Reuben Ramanah
#hub-uk_london hub

Montreal, Canada

Kelly Butler


Miami, USA

Christos Christoudias + Giselle Bodden


New York, USA

Samantha Provenza + Julie Kornfeld 



Andrea De La Flor

#hub-peru hub

Sandiego, USA

Caitlin Whitney

#hub-usa_sandiego hub 


Tampa Bay, USA

Zachary Senz Kambler  


Toronto, Canada

Ennis Al-Asaaed  


Vancouver, Canada

Shannon McDonald

Stockholm, Sweden

Maria Selting


Global Slack Community 

Our Slack community brings the Tribe together in a digital world - no matter where  we are.

Our online community lets members tap into the brains of hundreds of inspiring digital nomads from a whirlwind of fields and backgrounds.

It's a goldmine to ask questions, get tips and exchange ideas. And stay connected with old  friends, hook into Ambassador hubs and hear about meet-ups (or organise them).


Think of it like an amped up version of #__welcome channel, except with searchable features to find fellow Tribers, like city and industry!

Member rates and savings

To help make travel with the Tribe more sustainable long-term, we made some BIG tweaks to our member savings in 2022. Here's a snapshot:

  • We lowered our annual membership rates (15% - 50%) for Nomads, Citizens and Veterans.  
  • Jumped up our Chapter savings for Citizens and Veterans.
  • Introduced Tribe anniversary credits to celebrate each year you're an active member.
  • We're offering 3x, 5x and 7x deposit bundles for Members, Nomads and Citizens to access lower trip rates.
  • Decided Colives and Unpluggeds should all count towards becoming a Nomad, Citizen or Veteran. It's not just Chapters anymore!

Annual membership savings

In late 2022, we increased Chapter savings for Citizens and Veterans!

And now, each time we renew our membership, there's an opportunity to access a lower annual membership rate (15-50%) based on your member status.

So as you join trips and progress into a new membership circle (Member, Nomad, Citizen, Veteran), you'll also have access to the higher trip and annual savings. Yay!

Tribe Anniversary Credits

To recognise our long-standing community fam, we decided to celebrate each year of ongoing membership with our new Tribe anniversary credits!

  • You can use them for any trip
  • With each year of consecutive (ongoing) membership the credits increase (see image).
  • The credits are automatically added when you renew, and then ready to use for your next trip.
  • Like deposits – as long as you keep your membership active, the credits won't expire and can be rolled over.

Deposit Bundles

Deposit bundles allow members to fast-track their access to the Nomad, Citizen and Veteran trip savings instantly. And in 2022, we added a 7 x deposit bundle for new members!

We're sure you know the drill - each time members book a spot, they need to put down a deposit. But with a pre-purchased bundle of deposits, they hop ahead by 3, 5 or 7 trips (depending on the bundle) to the same savings as Nomads, Citizens or Veterans without doing trips one-by-one. 

You can read more about bundles here. And shoot an email to hello@wifitribe.co if you'd like to set one up.

Renewing your membership

Each year, each Triber makes an intentional commitment to remain an active part of the community through their membership. We ask ourselves if we're still eager to grow together and still feel engaged and curious.

A few months before your membership finishes up, we'll shoot you an email reminder so you can make that decision. And if Tribe sparks are still flying and that fire's still burning, it's easy from there!

You can:

  1. View your invoice in the email and complete the renewal payment
  2. Renew your membership any time from then until the expiry date
  3. We'll automatically apply any unused credits (not including unused deposits) towards your membership payment. 
  4. If you have credits and don't see them reflected on the invoice (click 'View invoice details' to see a breakdown), just reply directly to the email and we can help. 
  5. You'll receive a confirmation email that your membership is active for 12 months shortly after renewing.
  6. Your new anniversary credits will also be automatically applied to your account from there. 
  7. Remember, you'll need an active membership to stay in our Slack community, roll-over unused deposits and anniversary credits, and join future Chapters, Colives or Unpluggeds in 2023.

Keeping your membership active

Remember, to keep  your membership active, you just need to renew before the expiry date ticks over. There's a few reason this can be pretty important:

  • Unused deposits and credits can only be carried forward into the next year as long as the membership is kept active. If a member is no longer active, their deposits and credits are forfeited.

  • Anniversary credits increase year-by-year (until year 4) for each year of ongoingly active (consecutive years) membership. If there's a lapse, the anniversary credits won't be applied.

  • Only active Tribe members stay plugged into our Global Slack community and to book in for future trips (including the Festival when released).

If you need a refresher or more nitty gritty on how the membership works, check out the FAQs and T&Cs.

If you have any questions, we're happy to help!
Get in touch at hello@wifitribe.co