"My world just got a whole lot bigger. Not because of geography,

but because of the incredible people I've met in the tribe. People I'll now

spend the rest of my life travelling the planet just to be close to"

Alexis | Agency Owner

The WIFI Tribe Experience

From The People Who Know It The Best...

Nolan B

I chose the tribe for their month-to-month flexibility and the close-knit community feel. Because each chapter only accommodates 20 ppl, it lends to the feeling of traveling with a close group of friends. There's no separation within the tribe, no cliques. Everyone feels like they belong. The tribe members all have a very inclusive, friendly, and engaging personality. It was like we’d known each other for a long time and were really good friends. Love how open everyone has been with sharing their stories, remote work insights, and professional skillset. The networking and collaborative aspect of the group is top notch!

Christa R

Christa R

“Can't believe it's my last day in Nicaragua today-- The last 3 weeks with the WifiTribe have been seriously amazing. I got to live in a big, beautiful house with some really awesome people from all over the world, travelled to some cool destinations (and hit up some sick parties ) on the weekends, and got a lot of work done... always with an ocean view. The digital nomad subculture is a quickly growing one and I think anyone who is currently working from home should learn about it.”

Genna C

“The most life-changing 5 months of my life. I’ve never built such strong friendships so quickly, seen so many incredible places, or experienced so many firsts in such a short period of time. I’ve witnessed three people get matching tattoos after a month of knowing each other. I’ve seen relationships form, lessons learned. I’ve witnessed people learn a new language in less than a month. I’ve seen so many tribe members go completely out of their way (without hesitation) to be there for one another. These people are almost complete strangers but in less than a month, they become lifelong friends. I know that because it happened to me too.”

Alexis H

Marissa M

Quinn S

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400 Members  50 Nations  1 Family

With 400+ members who have joined the tribe so far, we thought the best way to give you an idea of who we are, is to show you who you'd be most likely to meet on a chapter. We're honoured to present some of our dearest friends – well, adopted family, really – and tribe 'regulars', who have made this way of life their way of life.

Julia (Spain)

Software Engineer

If there is adventure to be had, Julia knows. And planned it. For everyone.

André (Cuba/UK)

Software Engineer

André arrived on this earth with the uncanny ability to dance salsa to every beat

Christa (USA)

Business Dev + Marketer

All paths lead back to... Christa? Yes, somehow, everyone knows her and loves her

Wilhelm (Germany)


Downhill-biker by passion and a sharp business mind (with piercing blue eyes) by profession

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Stories of The Tribe

If you really want to know what the tribe is like, you'll want to hear it from the people who know it best. Here's a story of how Michelle experienced her first chapter with the tribe in Costa Rica:


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