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Chapter Plan Set Up FAQs

What is a Chapter Plan? 

What is the benefit of a Chapter Plan over paying as I go?

For how long is my Chapter Plan valid?

Can I upgrade my Chapter Plan?

When do I pay for the Chapter Plan and for a Chapter?

What happens if I set up my Chapter Plan, but I can join a Chapter right away?

Do I need to book all of my Chapters immediately after purchasing a Chapter Plan?

Are the Chapter Plan deposits refundable?

How is my Chapter Plan different from the annual membership?

Booking a Chapter FAQs

Do I need to pay the full Chapter payment upfront?

Can I change between shared and private rooms when booking a Chapter?

What's included in a Chapter booking?

What's not included in my Chapter booking?

How far in advance can I book a Chapter?

Can I book a Chapter last minute?

Can I join for half of a Chapter?

Can I book the gap week between two consecutive Chapters in the same location?

Do I have to stay at the Chapter accommodations during the gap week between two consecutive Chapters?

Where can I find the latest Chapters, dates, and locations?

How does the waitlist work if a Chapter is full?

Can I be added to the waitlist without having a Chapter Plan?

Can Chapter dates and locations change?

Can I attend a Chapter with my partner?

Does WiFi Tribe help with visas?

Accommodations & Life on Chapter FAQs

Who from WiFi Tribe stays with the group while on Chapter?

What types of accommodations will we be staying in?

How many people stay in a shared room?

How many people will I share a bathroom with?

Can I book an ensuite room (a private room with a private bathroom)?

Where do people work from while on a Chapter?

How much should I budget for while on a Chapter?

How does the group plan activities and trips while on a Chapter?

How much luggage should I bring with me?

Can I have a guest come stay with me?

What is a Make It Happen Chapter?

I've been accepted as a new member and will be in the same location as an upcoming Chapter. Can I drop by to check it out?

Payments & Cancellation Policies FAQs

When is the full Chapter payment due?

Can I cancel a Chapter after I've booked? What is your refund policy?

Can I put two deposits towards the payment of a Chapter?

Are there any extra fees I should expect?