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Ensuite Room Bookings

If you've booked a private room, you can now upgrade to an ensuite with private bathroom for an additional $200. Email us at hello@wifitribe.co to reserve your ensuite room.

Free Gap Week

This year, we're running several chapters consecutively – including Colombia, Bali, and South Africa. 

If you book TWO chapters in a row, you'll get the gap week between for FREE!

New Chapter Payment & Cancellation Policy 

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out a new policy which will affect chapter payments and cancellations. 

Chapter Payment and Cancellation Policy (Starting May 2019) 

And now – some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Memberships &  Chapter Bookings:


What is a Chapter membership? 

How is my subscription different from my join fee? 

How long is my subscription valid for? 

What happens if I book a 6+ chapter subscription but only join for 5 chapters?

Do I need to pay the full chapter fee up front? 

What happens if I've set up my subscription, but I can't join a chapter right away? 

Do I need to join or just book all my chapters within 365 days? 

When do I pay the rest of the chapter fee? 

Can I upgrade my subscription? 

Are my deposits refundable? 

What happens if my subscription is about to expire? 


Do I need to decide on all the dates and locations I want to join right away? 

Can I change between shared and private rooms? 

Can I join for half a chapter? 

How far in advance can I book my spot? 

What is included in my chapter booking? 

Can I book a chapter last minute? 

Can I pay less if I join more chapters? 

Can chapter dates and locations change? 

Where can I find the exact chapter dates and locations? 

Can I book the gap week between two chapters? 


How many people stay in a shared room? 

Can I change between shared and private rooms? 

What types of accommodation will we be staying in? 

How many people will I share a bathroom with? 

Can I book an ensuite room? 

How much should I budget for my stay? 

What's not included in my chapter payment? 

What happens if there's a gap week between chapters I've signed up for? 

Do you help with visas? 

Are the founders always staying with the group? 


Do I need to pay for the full chapter upfront? 

When is the full payment due? 

Can I cancel after I've booked a chapter? What is your refund policy? 

Can I put two deposits towards the payment of one chapter? 

Are there any extra fees I should expect?