I was stuck in this weird limbo, always living for tomorrow. Every day, I would tell myself: "If you work really hard today, tomorrow will be amazing!" But 'tomorrow' never came. I stopped meeting friends, gave up sports and hobbies, and day-by-day I forgot what it was even like to travel, all the while, determined to work hard for the future. Three years went by like this, until I found myself at the other end of my third failed start-up.

Looking back was more bitter than sweet. As I'm guessing all failed start-up founders do, I tried to tell myself: "Hey, you learned a lot. It wasn't wasted time." But what I couldn't accept was the heavy price I paid: Three years of my twenties, so empty of life, that I could barely remember them.

Still thinking about what I would do next, I made a firm decision: Whatever it was that I was going to do, I would sort out my lifestyle first, and only then would I go back to starting a new project. Life didn't need to stop for me to work on something. It was this realisation that fundamentally changed the way I live, and serendipitously, brought me exactly what I was looking for in the first place.

So, armed with just a bit more wisdom, I sent an email to 100 friends and acquaintances and asked them if they wanted to come to Bolivia with me for a month. I knew I would have to do freelance work to pay the bills, so I asked them if they too could work remotely during the week and that we'd explore the country during the afternoons and weekends.

One of the friends that received my email was Julia. She had been working remotely and traveling for two years already, mostly living in South Africa. She saw something more in that email...



Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
— George Bernard Shaw

We believe that by designing our own lives around freedom, purpose, adventure, and deep human connection, we will find happiness. We make it possible for remote professionals from all backgrounds to travel the world, while moving forward in their careers and building meaningful friendships at the same time. WiFi Tribe is an inspired, tight-knit community, that lives, works and travels together, through a network of coliving places around the world.

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