Travel Calendar 2021

We're determined to stick to this plan, but dates and locations may change, so always make sure to double check with us before you book your flight!  Read more about our  "Make it happen" chapters on our blog post.

Email us at hello@wifitribe.co to check availability, book your spot or join the waitlist!

Apr 16 - May 28 (6 weeks)

May 7 - Jun 4

Jun 11 - July 9

Jun 11 - July 16

July 16 - August 13

All unvaccinated members attending  Chapters now need to provide a negative PCR test result up to 96 hours before arriving to the Chapter accommodations.  Members can complete the test in any country and must email proof of their negative test result to the Chapter Host prior to arrival. Due to differences in healthcare and currencies, the cost of the test will be member’s responsibility.

Location Status Bar

With COVID, travel is more unpredictable than ever before. But we want to be more transparent and keep you updated on what we are working on. As border restrictions change and quarantine precautions increase and decrease, we're updating two criteria every two weeks with a red and green light for each city: 

Red Light

The country's borders aren't open to the majority of our members

There are quarantine requirements upon arrival and the city has strict COVID measures.

Green Light 

The country's borders are open to the majority of our members

There are no quarantine requirements upon arrival and the city has less strict COVID measures.

Once a location has all green lights it will either become a fully confirmed Chapter or a Make it Happen. Please note this is a continuously updated list. Criteria that are listed green one week, could be downgraded to red based on each government's latest announcements.

Here are locations we are monitoring for
Jan - June 2021:

Last update May 12th

Coming Soon

Almost ready! Lights are all green on these locations and our sourcing team is working on securing the best possible home for the chapter. As soon as it's done, we'll add the location to the confirmed calendar above with more information.

These locations are probably going to turn in to a confirmed or Make it Happen chapter soon, stay tuned!

Good news! The borders opened up, but 14 days of quarantine on arrival is required and/or the city has set strict COVID restrictions.

Not possible to enter. Borders are closed. 

Please note: dates and locations may change. Please check back regularly or sign up below to stay updated.