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4 weeks Coliving & Coworking in Florence

One month of La Dolce Vita! Welcome to Italy's most vibrant spring destination. In the heart of Florence we'll be surrounded by some of the best cafés and restaurants, beautiful Renaissance architecture, green Tuscan hills and winding streets to check out.

 All villages in Italy are basically works of art, one more picturesque than the other; with colorful cliff-side towns and stunning mountaintop hamlets like Castelmezzano. Explore more of the Italian vibe through their popular food tours, wine tasting, do some beach hopping, discover hidden caves and the beautiful coastline.  

Ramble around

Cinque Terre

Fall for the charm of the Cinque Terre, a coastal region of cliff-clinging villages and dramatic seaside views. Expect a collection of five postcard-perfect fishing hamlets that hug a rugged coastal stretch of the Italian Riviera. You can imagine it now, thick Italian accents, the smell of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of gelato that you’ll almost certainly devour.

Hands-on Pasta Making

Learn from the locals and dive into the art of the Italian cuisine. Cook with the freshest ingredients, soak up the knowledge from an expert chef and have a fun after-work evening.

Explore your home base

Florence is a city that's alive, sensual, and romantic. You can be seduced by Botticelli and awed by Michelangelo, in a time tunnel experience. The mouthwatering  food, the small cafes, small narrow streets. Everyday you are discovering something new while wandering around. 

Taste of Chianti

Enjoy an off-road adventure through the Tuscan countryside. Tour a historic wine estate and enjoy a wine, extra-virgin olive oil and cheese tasting. 

Bucketlist: Rome

The Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and and and. We could keep going for a while, it’s super touristy, but hey you should have been to Rome. Full of archaeological and artistic treasures, it is no wonder that Rome is the 3rd most visited city in Europe and 14th in the world (as of 2014).

Our Home in Florence

Our home in Florence are four beautiful apartments within 5-min walking distance to each other. We'll be based in the traditional “quartiere” of Santa Croce in the heart of the city surrounded by uncountable restaurants and cafes as well as the best gelato place in town (which is inside in one of our buildings!!). The Renaissance elegance and history of the buildings create a unique framework for those who want to revive the most splendid pages of Florence history and add a special spark to their work environment. 

The accommodation comes equipped with good internet (30 mbps fibre connection in the entire property) and open common areas for work and living rooms with large working tables. A coliving setup that will make is easy for us all to be productive, feel comfortable, and have the freedom to explore this amazing city!

Apartment Style 1

Apartment Style 2

Apartment Style 3

If you’d like to find out more about what it’s like to live in Florence as a ‘digital nomad’, including internet speeds, cost of living, and coworking spaces, have a look at Nomad List’s guide. Internet  speeds and stability is generally lower and less reliable for this region. But we always have MiFi devices with mobile data as backups in all homes to make sure that we can keep working productively if there are any stability issues.

What to Expect?

Food  / City / Culture / European Summer / Tuscany / Architecture / Nature

  • Accommodation: 4 beautiful apartments with stunning Renaissance  architecture in the heart of Florence
  • Work Space: Living Rooms with big work tables and multiple smaller tables spread out through the apartments
  • The Tribe:  20+ members
  • Internet: Typical city internet speeds of 19mbps mpbs | Tribe accommodation speeds around 30 mbps
  • Pace: Full on city vibes, get ready to explore the Tuscany. With access to nature and lots of opportunities for adventure and cultural immersion! 

I’m New to This, How Does it Work?

WiFi Tribe is a membership-based community of remote professionals who travel together without sacrificing their careers.  Our travel style is a bit unconventional–it's collaborative, community-focused, and even more fulfilling because we get to share it. Each Chapter is a moment in time where we colive, cowork, and explore a new country, getting our work done during the week and adventuring in our downtime. 

Discover why we love to wander the world on our own terms.