May 24 - June 21 2024

We love living differently, especially in a beautiful location with 14 incredible souls. And when we're tired of researching Airbnbs in between meetings and being "on" all the time, settling in somewhere for a while is a nice change of pace. It's a chance to slow down, finally feel caught up again, and just appreciate staying in a beautiful place for a little longer.

Join us in Switzerland

We're coliving in Grimentz, Switzerland for the very first time and we're ready to a breather among the majestic Alps. It's the perfect nature-focused colive for people who love the outdoors and are ready for some calm for a month. We'll have time to explore every corner of this nature paradise while leaving time to chill out and reset, catch up on life and work, and settle down in for a change.

Create a Home Base in Switzerland

Welcome home - our 3 cosy wooden chalets are surrounded by the Alps mountains and you have easy access to hiking, mountain biking, trail walks and outdoor adventures. This accommodation was specifically designed for coworking & coliving and is fully equipped with high speed Internet, ergonomic chairs a whiteboard (upon request) and a dedicated Zoom room for people who need privacy during their conference calls.

Everything you need, all in one place 

Nature, fresh air, friends, inspiration... these views (!?) what more could you need for the month?

It's so easy to hang together

Want to go to for a hike, have dinner together, work out or watch a movie - let's do it.

A solid base to get work done

There's a solid infrastructure for remote working. Perfect for getting work done and then exploring the wilderness directly outside your front door.

It's just so hard to leave

Combine an active digital nomad community with a beautiful location and it's tough to not want to settle in.

Our Coliving Home

In the mountains of 


3 Chalets all in the same compound

14 members

up to 100 mbps


Grimentz, Switzerland, is a charming, quaint destination 2.5 hours from Geneva airport. The picturesque village is surrounded by the majestic Alps, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty and drama.

Known for its idyllic setting, Grimentz is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. While here you can visit the Moiry Lake, a stunning glacial lake with crystal-clear waters, and the historic Old Town of the village.

The property is less than 5 minutes' walk to supermarkets, restaurants, bars, sports rentals, and the ski station.

We've partnered with Swiss Escape, so our home is purpose built for coliving! 

Good to Know

Late May to late June temperatures range from 5 to 20 degrees Celsius (41 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit). May is cooler, especially in the evenings, with temperatures warming up as June progresses. It's great for hiking as it is not too hot. Variable weather can be experienced due to the mountainous region. Perfect 

None of the rooms have AC due to the moderate temperatures.

This is a nature focused Colive, ideal for outdoor lovers. There are fewer cafes and party spots available, but you'll have everything you need at the accommodation.

There are no ensuite bathrooms. 

Each chalet has a communal cowork space, a washer & dryer. 

Join us in Switzerland

Add an upgrade to your booking request when filling out the form below.

Upgrade 1: 1 larger 15 sqm. private room with a large wardrobe, two bedside tables, desk and chair [+$450]

Upgrade 2: 1 private room with a desk and chair [+$350 - 4 rooms available]

Upgrade 3: 1 larger private room with a large wardrobe, two bedside tables [+$200]

Saving Opportunity: private room with a single bed (10 sqm) [-$300]

Pictures are representative only due to multiple upgrades being available.

Learn more about how WiFi Tribe Chapter prices work:

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Shared Room


A few spots are set aside to build a more balanced community on the ground, with a mix of genders, nationalities, ethnicities, and member experience levels. All shared rooms are between 2 or 3 people of the same self-identified gender.

May 24 - June 21, 2024

Open to current WiFi Tribe members only.

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A few spots are set aside to build a more balance community on the ground, with a mix of genders, nationalities, ethnicities, and member experience levels. All shared rooms are between 2 or 3 people of the same self-identified gender.

What to Expect Coliving With the Tribe

The Tribe will create shared "house rules" and handle any issues with the accommodations or WiFi with our local contacts. There won’t be a dedicated Host on the ground.

It's a smaller, more intimate group where everyone will live under one roof, there will be lots of catching up with familiar faces over home-cooked dinners.

The vibe, as always, is community-centric; everyone pitches in to plan game nights, weekend adventures, and skillshares to make our time together unforgettable.

Our 6 Favorite Adventures in Switzerland

Grimentz is filled with outdoor activities that you'll want to come back here for other seasons to experience them all. These are our favorite things to do in Switzerland.

1. Explore Old Town Grimentz

Wander through the charming cobbled streets of Old Town Grimentz. It's like stepping back in time with its traditional chalets, flower-filled balconies & Swiss alpine charm. Don't forget your camera!

2. Cheese Fondue Fest at Cabane de Moiry

Picture this: You, surrounded by stunning alpine views, dipping chunks of crusty bread into a pot of bubbling, gooey cheese. That's the Cabane de Moiry experience. It's like a party in your mouth, Swiss style.

3. Hike the Bella Tola Trail

Lace up those boots and hit the Bella Tola Trail. The air is crisp, the scenery is jaw-dropping, and you might just stumble upon a field of wildflowers. It's like walking through a Swiss postcard, but better.

4. Paragliding Over the Val d'Anniviers

Take your adventure to new heights—literally! Soar like an eagle over the stunning Val d'Anniviers. The adrenaline rush combined with breathtaking views? It's an experience you won't forget.

5. Visit the Moiry Glacier

Make your way to the Moiry Glacier and explore the breathtaking colour of the milky waters. It's like stepping onto another planet! Pro tip: Pack a picnic, find a good spot, and let the glacier views take your breath away.

6. Peek at Switzerland's Highest Peak

The famous Matterhorn - Switzerland's highest mountain and the 3rd-highest mountain in the European Alps - is basically just one valley over from Grimentz's Annivers valley. Take a closer view of the peak on a cable car ride from the car-free village of Zermatt, 

Colive Switzerland is for you if:

You've joined at least 1 Chapter before.

You want the benefits of taking a breather from fast-paced travel. You either move around less throughout the year already or just need a break before bouncing around again.

You love being early adopters and want to help make this setup the best it can be. You're unfazed by small logistical issues if something doesn’t go to plan.

You're ready to unwind in a new spot the Tribe has never visited before!

Not a Travel Program, a Community

We live, explore, and build our community together.

Embracing openness and curiosity, as a Tribe, we explore new places and ideas.

Do Life Together

We build relationships to last...the rest of our lives. Retirement-Tribe anyone?

Cocreate the Adventure

Discover how different travel feels when the experience is cocreated and shared as a Tribe.

Reignite Your Work

Realize your goals and dreams knowing you have the world's best cheerleaders in your corner.

Colive FAQs

Find all general booking FAQs here and more Colive information below.

Payment & cancellation deadlines

Colive Payments:

  • Booking requests will receive a link to finalize your booking to pay the full Colive price payment
  • The final full payment is due 12 weeks prior to the Colive starting. (Note: this means you’ll have from the time of booking until 12 weeks out to submit the full Colive payment)
  • If your full payment is not received 12 weeks before the Colive start date, your deposit will be forfeited and spot will be given to the next person on the waitlist
  • Bookings made less than 12 weeks before the Colive start date will pay the full Colive price at booking


  • You have a 48-hour grace period to cancel a trip booking and not forfeit your deposit. If a booking is canceled within 48 hours, the deposit will be released for a future trip.
  • Cancelling 10+ weeks before arrival: 100% refund of the trip payment. Your deposit is forfeited if you didn’t cancel within the 48-hour grace period. Otherwise, the deposit is released for a future booking.
  • Cancelling 10-6 weeks before arrival: 50% refund of the trip payment. Your deposit is forfeited if you didn’t cancel within the 48-hour grace period. Otherwise, the deposit is released for a future booking.
  • Cancelling less than 6 weeks before arrival: No refund. Your deposit is forfeited if you didn’t cancel within the 48-hour grace period. Otherwise, the deposit is released for a future booking.

What classifies a room as an upgrade?

We have three amenities categories we look at when selecting the upgrade rooms:

  • Functionality: desk, chair, kitchen, ensuite bathroom, privacy, AC, kitchenette or kitchen, fridge, walk-in closet or extra storage space etc.
  • How it looks: balcony, terrace, views, size of room, size of bed, windows/natural light, decor, living room or seating area, couch, coffee table, mirror etc.
  • Mixed: When possible, the room shares some of both of the above.
  • Securing the upgrade guarantees that you get the amenities you've paid for.
  • Upgrades that have not been secured will be assigned to members based on a number of different factors by the host (order of booking, circle level, etc.)
  • If all rooms have a particular amenity such as AC we do not offer upgrades for that particular amenity.

Closest airport and transportation information

Closest airport:  Geneva airport - 2.5 hours (by public transport)

In the Chapter's Slack channel before arrival, members often coordinate transportation to our homes together. You'll receive our address 4 weeks from the Chapter's start date.

What is a Colive all about? How is it different from a Chapter?

Colives are about staying in a home away from home for months at a time and the reset that comes with it. Take a breather from making big decisions about where you’ll live next, unpack your things and let your bags gather dust for a change, get back into some good habits and routines, and spend time with a family of familiar faces who are settling in for a while too. 

On Chapters there’s more urgency to feel, see, and taste everything in 4 weeks and dive headfirst into getting closer with new friends. On Colives, the vibe is more about chilling out with a more intimate group of the friends who we met on Chapters and now feel like family, spreading out our weekend adventures so there’s still time to relax, and appreciating a break from the stresses that come with always being on the go. The coliving setup will be just as community-centric as a Chapter. Like always, everyone will pitch in to plan game nights, weekend adventures, and epic BBQs to make our time together unforgettable. 

The Tribe on Colives will also create shared rules and guidelines for living together and handle any issues with the accommodations or wifi directly with our local contacts as there won’t be a dedicated Host on the ground while we’re there.

Who can book a spot to colive?

The community will help steer the direction of our future Colive setups by sharing your thoughts and ideas. Experienced members who love being early adopters have unique insights into making this setup the best it can be, so save a spot in Switzerland if:

  • You’ve joined at least 1 Chapter before
  • You’re an early adopter who is ready to give feedback before, during, and after the Colive. Maybe you’ve thought about how our travels together could be improved before and now want a chance to share your thoughts.
  • You’re unfazed by small logistical issues if something doesn’t go to plan
  • You want to experience the benefits of slower travel, whether you already live this way or want to dip your toe into the waters

What are the COVID and community guidelines while coliving?

Members can use WiFi Tribe's COVID guidelines as a starting point, but ultimately the exact COVID protocols will be decided as a group. In Argentina, the group can take a majority-rules vote to decide together if they'd like to follow the same guideline or not.

Our community’s guidelines should be followed more strictly, however, as they are basic codes of conduct to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Harassment, reckless behavior that puts the group in jeopardy, and disregard for our shared values won’t be tolerated. Should anything concerning come up, you'll be able to get in touch with the team directly or report concerns through our reporting form.

Make it a Journey

Create connections with more members or meet up with old friends by booking back-to-back Chapters.

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