Coliving in Lisbon

Coastal Hills. Cordial People. Captivating Castles. 

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4 Weeks in Europe’s Remote Work Hub

..and we are back again! For the 4th time, we return for coliving in Lisbon, Portugal’s beautiful capital. 

Built alongside a magnificent coastline, there’s a myriad of tastes, smells and adventures to discover.

Can’t Get Enough of It

From the charming narrow streets to get lost in, to the museums and Miradouros to explore, to the exquisite food and great wine, to the castle peeking up on top of the hill, to the beautiful Tagus River, to the live fado or to the sprawling outdoor party in Bairro Alto – Lisbon has some of the most unforgettable experiences to offer.

The Mystic Village of Enchanting Castles

Revisit the past while entering some of Sintra’s most enchanting castles. This picturesque village has many well-kept treasures. Surrounded by lush green mountains they are the perfect refuge, attracting many writers and filmmakers looking for inspiration – and just a short bus or train ride from Lisbon's center.

A Creative Explosion

Check out Lisbon’s creative core at LX Factory. At every turn, you’ll see incredible street art, quirky bars and restaurants, and markets with local wares and fresh produce.

Europe’s Best City 2019

The majestic River Douro, food markets, artsy museums, the popular Port Wine, incredible gardens and sky-high miradouros - this city doesn’t live overshadowed by the capital, it sure vibrates on its own - welcome to Porto!

A Growing Remote Work Culture

Doesn’t matter which café you are going to, if they have WiFi, you’ll see remote workers with their laptops open. With active expats and the international community, there's a Digital Nomad meetup every week and a ton of events to network and join mastermind sessions. It will be so much fun to join our group and explore the tech scene.

Take a Break and Go Cliff Jumping

Portugal has incredible beaches. Adventure yourself in a hike through Costa Vicentina (St. Vincent Coast) and you’ll have the best nature has to offer, beaches to lose sight coming perfectly together with great weather, seafood and amazing landscapes. Whether you want to surf, hike, swim or cliff jump this is the trip to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery! While in Portugal make sure you’ll watch a sunset in Cape Roca the westernmost extent of Europe.

Mouthwatering Food

Freshly baked bread, olives, cheese, red wine or crisp vinho verde (young wine), chargrilled fish, cataplana (seafood stew), smoked meats – the Portuguese have perfected the art of cooking simple, delicious meals.

Go on a Pastel de Nata Quest

Lisbon is the home of the pastel de nata, the world’s favorite pastry, and there is an ever-increasing number of places that you need to try.

Immerse in Tapas Culture

Culinary adventures are a huge part of any trip to Spain – nearly every bar or cafe you step into will offer a huge array of colorful tapas to choose from. It's the perfect way to sample all the flavors of the region.

Walk the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago (or Way of Saint James) is an ancient network of pilgrim routes all leading to Santiago de Compostela, traveled by hundreds of thousands of and spiritual seekers in search of deeper levels of freedom, self-reflection, clarity, and transformation. This year, Kristen from our team will be leading a Freedom Journey during the gap week before our chapter if you seek guidance and transformation on the Camino – head here for more info (discount for WiFi Tribe members - email us at hello@wiftribe.co for more info!)

Coworking & Coliving Space: Our Home in Lisbon

Picture a colorful European city covered in tiles with a fantastic foodie scene, cafés, shops and things to explore. That’s Lisbon, our home for the month. We’ll have space for 18 adventurers (freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote professionals), staying in three apartments all in the same building. They come equipped with fast WiFi, air conditioning, a small kitchen facility, and a living room for work.

Our coliving homes are a collection of spacious apartments, in the best possible location; a quiet area just a few steps from all the action.

What to Expect?

Europe in Summer / City Life / Foodie Scene / Cultural Explosion / Digital Nomad Hub / Road Trips / Beach Hopping / Nightlife

  • Accommodation: Three apartments within one building
  • Work Space: Each apartment has a big table and chairs offering a comfortable work setup
  • The Tribe: 18+ members led by Amanda
  • Internet: Average city internet speeds of 17 Mbps | Apartment speeds 60+ Mbps
  • Pace: Urban, Western European, all shaken up with some fantastic road trips & cool nightlife

I'm New to This... How Does It Work?

WiFi Tribe has an annual chapter plan model: Successful applicants choose how often they want to travel with the tribe within a year and decide what chapter plan they would like. You can find out more about chapter plan prices here.