Coliving in Medellin

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Coworking & Coliving in Medellin

February 2021, marks our fifth time back to the ‘city of eternal spring’ – one of South America’s top hubs for innovation, and of course, the remote work/digital nomad movement. We’ll be coming home to live in our favorite area of Medellin, El Poblado, surrounded by cozy cafés with amazing coffee and most of the best restaurants of Medellin…

(of course always with the COVID precautions in the back of our mind).

South America's Nomad Hotspot

Colombia! A place of magical surrealism, stunning natural beauty, and… coffee! The best start to discovering Latin America.

The ‘City of Eternal Spring’

Medellin earned its tagline for a reason; it just always seems to be spring. Many still know it best for its narco history, but Medellin is South America’s most spectacular turn-around story – not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Half City, Half Jungle

You can stand in the middle of El Poblado, surrounded by cafés and restaurants, but turn a corner, and you suddenly find yourself in the jungle. It’s a rare juxtaposition; a buzzing, high-rise city with veins of wild nature running through it.

The Land of Coffee

Colombia treats the world to some of the finest coffee. Last year, the Tribe visited plantations, and learned how Colombians do coffee; from picking the sweet berry, to removing the beans, washing, drying, roasting, and finally grinding them for that perfect cup of coffee.

World's Tallest Palm Trees

That would be the ‘Wax’ Palm Trees of the Valle de Cocora. It’s one of our favorite trips in all of South America. The view is breathtaking – something from Jurassic Park, just so surreal that it doesn’t seem like our planet… at least not in this era.

El Peñol de Guatapé

Just a day-trip out from Medellin, past rolling hills covered in palm trees and coffee plantations, you’ll find a peculiar rock, the icon of Antioquia. We hiked up and the view you see is one of the most iconic landscapes of Colombia (yes, that is our title photo on this page).

Colonial Cartagena

Cartagena is an old colonial town on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It’s a wonderful, culture-packed place to get lost in and roam the cobblestone streets lined with colorful houses and flower-packed balconies. The music literally follows your every step.

Colombia's Caribbean Islands

Yes, Colombia even has Caribbean islands. This is another one of the Tribe’s favourite weekend trips – renting a boat and going from island to island, stopping by for some BBQ seafood lunch prepared by locals, and jumping in the water to cool off! 

Coliving Space: Our Home in Medellin

After seeing the positive effects of housing all members in the same accommodations during recent Chapters, we found a hotel in El Poblado that fit the bill. When previously we spread out in Medellin across multiple apartments, this time around we’ll all be together!

While the property is less modern, it makes up for it with spaciousness and the amenities we’re always chasing in Medellin. There are multiple large indoor and outdoor common spaces with fast internet, a sun-filled pool with a shaded area for afternoon work sessions, and the restaurant-sized kitchen to make family meals a breeze. The property has 17 rooms, each with an ensuite bathroom, and we’ll leave at least 1 room empty for any health needs.

After checking every box for safety and comfortability, it’s all about location, location, location. The hotel is situated on the edge of El Poblado. Close enough to walk to restaurants and cafes but removed enough to maintain our little bubble when we want to. This is the spot to be whether it’s your first or 400th time in Medellin.

You'll share your new home with a maximum of 21 inspiring people consisting of entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers. 

What Does the Tribe Say?

We asked a few of our most long-term Tribers to tell us about Medellín and Colombia. Lauren has traveled with WiFi Tribe for 11 chapters over the last 3 years, and Jess has done 3 of her 6 chapters in Medellín!

I’m New to This – How Does It Work?

WiFi Tribe has an annual chapter plan model: Successful applicants choose how often they want to travel with the tribe within a year and decide what chapter plan they would like. You can find out more about chapter plan prices here.