PUerto Viejo

Costa Rica

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Covered in lush jungle, surrounded by breathtaking beaches, Puerto Viejo is where the Tribe will embrace our most down-to-earth selves. This town is for those who need a reset: rediscover passions for scuba diving and surfing, reenergize biking the coastal roads, and reconnect with nature as monkeys and sloths perch in the trees. It's a pura vida way of life, a chance to come together with the community and savor life's simple pleasures.

Experience Puerto Viejo with the Tribe

Take on Puerto Viejo with the Tribe and discover a new side to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Open your mind to the cocreated community experiences, adventures, and classic WiFi Tribe moments that'll make our time here one of a kind.

Be immersed in a melting pot of cultures

The mix of Latinx, Afro-Caribbean, and BriBri indigenous cultures influences the cuisine and laidback attitudes on the Caribbean coast. We'll stay productive for sure, but be far removed from a go-go-go way of life.

Discover first-class diving & surf spots

From February-April the sea is calm and clear, perfect for discovering the marine life at Punta Uva and Parque Nacional Cahuita. We'll also grab our boards and head to Salsa Brava to find the biggest breaks in Costa Rica.

Embrace the cuteness while meeting Costa Rica's famed fauna

On top of warming our hearts, we'll learn more about the wildlife locals as they're rehabilitated at the Jaguar Rescue Center. Predatory animal tourism can step aside, here they nurse sloths, monkeys, birds, wild cats, and reptiles back to health while housed in terrariums that mimic their natural habitats. It's a chance to get closer to some majestic animals than we ever have before.

Bop over to Bocas del Toro for the weekend

Skip from one beach town to the next, Bocas del Toro is  easy to access by bus and boat to check Panama off our lists. Compare the dreamy beaches and laidback lifestyles, there's no better way to relax.

Brave the rapids of the Pacuare River

We'll have white knuckles as we white water raft down the Pacuare River. Paddling 32 kilometers, through 2 steep canyons, alongside 2 waterfalls, and over 52 rapids, it's the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Our Home in Puerto Viejo

Here's where the Tribe stayed the last time we colived, coworked, and adventured through Puerto Viejo.

10 min walk to Playa Negra

6 casitas

20 members

40 mbps


Our coliving homes are 6 two-story casitas, all located on the same property. We're less than a 10 minute tuktuk ride from the main part of town.

Each casita has 3 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a ceiling fan, and an open-air kitchen with stove and toaster, plus a large dining table perfect for coworking together.

The property has lots of communal space with a saltwater lap pool with a tiki bar, a covered yoga deck, and an open-air kitchen with a brick wood-fire pizza oven for delish family meals. 

We can rent the property's bikes while there, it's about a 20 minute ride to the main part of town.

Good to Know

Make sure not to leave food out in our open-air kitchens to avoid enticing uninvited guests to the Tribe.

Costa Rica is eco-conscious, so we'll recycle cans, bottles, and can compost our organic waste.

Similar to the setup in Playa del Carmen, we'll share the property's communal spaces from time to time with the owners of the remaining 3 casitas during our stay.

The property doesn't allow food or drinks at the pool, and it closes at 9pm.  

Not a Travel Program, a Community

We live, explore, and build our community together.

Embracing openness and curiosity, as a Tribe, we explore new places and ideas.

Do Life Together

We build relationships to last...the rest of our lives. Retirement-Tribe anyone?

Cocreate the Adventure

Discover how different travel feels when the experience is cocreated and shared as a Tribe.

Reignite Your Work

Realize your goals and dreams knowing you have the world's best cheerleaders in your corner.

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