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how to double your rates in the next 30 days

It's a fact - expert freelancers attract better clients, and can charge premium rates. 

But, it doesn't have to take years to reach that level!

In this free, on-demand workshop, WiFi Tribe's freelance specialist is going to walk you through 6 steps that will build years of experience, in just 30-days - ethically, and effectively.

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    This workshop is a collaboration between freelance coach, Alexis Humphrey,  and WiFi Tribe. WiFi Tribe has been featured in:


    Alexis humphrey


    Alexis spent 3 years struggling to figure out how to make freelancing work. And then, by making one small, but powerful change to her business - everything clicked. She now owns an agency with a team of 35, which she runs in less than 10hrs a week, while travelling the world full-time.

    What was the change? Well, that's what she'll be walking you through in this workshop - exactly what she did to go from sleepless nights, worrying about making rent at the end of the month, to a successful freelance business, that gave her the freedom to explore the world.

    In this 60-minute workshop we'll cover...

    Alexis & Marissa Cropped
    • The two types of freelance client you can attract - economy & premium
    • What premium clients are looking for when they hire freelancers
    • 6-steps to ethically "hack" your way to expert-level rates - in 30-days!
    Alexis & Marissa Cropped

    It’s incredible how much Alexis knows about freelancing, and how passionate she is about helping people avoid the mistakes she made… if you get a chance to join one of her workshops, don't miss out!

    Julia Kallweit, WiFi Tribe Co-Founder

    This workshop is for you if...

    • You recently started freelancing, and want to know how to level the playing field with more experienced freelancers
    • You've been freelancing for a while now, but you're struggling to find clients who will pay a decent rate
    • You've established a good network of clients, but you want to find more projects that you feel passionate about