FAQs for booking a chapter

Here's a different list of frequently asked questions, specifically for members who are about to book a chapter and set up their annual chapter subscription. We hope it's helpful!



Do I need to decide on the locations and dates I want to join now?

No. There’s no need to make a decision now for all the chapters you may want to join in the future. For the chapter subscription, you just need to have an idea of how many you want to do within 12 months. We do recommend to book chapters at least 6 weeks in advance to make sure that there’s still a spot available, and if you want first choice on rooms, you may want to book even earlier (to keep things fair, we give room choice priority in booking order).

I've set up my chapter subscription, but I can't join right now. Can I get my membership extended?

Yes. To make sure you maximise the time to book all your chapters, your membership is automatically extended up until a maximum of 6 months after you’ve set the chapter subscription if you don’t join a chapter before that time. If you join before that time, your membership period starts from the first day of your first chapter.

Do I have to join or just book all my chapters within my 365 days?

Join. In order for the chapter deposits to be applied, you have to join all chapters of your subscription within the 365 days. For your last chapter, it’s ok if it runs over the 365 day period, as long as that starting date of the chapter is before that time. Remember, to make sure you get the most out of your membership time, you also have the automatic membership extension for a maximum of 6 months if you don’t join your first chapter immediately after setting up your subscription.

What happens if I get the 6+ subscription, but only do 5 chapters?

The last deposit is lost. All chapters must be booked and joined within the 365 days of your membership.

Can I change between shared and private rooms?

Yes. We don’t lock anyone in to a shared or private room membership, so you can always choose what type of room you want at the time of booking it. Just bear in mind that once your room is booked for a specific chapter, we will only be able to change the room for that chapter if there’s another room available.

Can I join for half a chapter?

Yes, but with a few conditions. It’s possible, but it depends on if there is another member who would like to take the other half of that chapter. If there is, then we calculate partial stays like this: For 4-week chapters, the price of a half-chapter is 70% of the 4-week price. For 6-week chapters, the 3-week price is 60% of the 6-week price. For last-minute bookings (less than 2 weeks until the start of the chapter), if a spot is still available, it’s possible to book a partial chapter at a prorated rate and without needing to have someone else to take the other half. We decided to do this, because if there’s still a spot available, we want to make it as frictionless as possible for someone to join spontaneously.

How far in advance can I secure my spot?

12 months. We also try to release information about next year’s chapters about 12 months in advance. If you’d like to book further in advance, please email us about the chapter you’re interested in, and we’ll put your name first on the list of enquiries.

What's included?

Accommodation, bills, basic cleaning, WiFi, internet backups, space to work, and of course, awesome people. We do our best to fix internet issues quickly, but for the cases when the internet drops the ball, we always have backup devices ready for people to hop on to be able to keep working unobstructed. Occasionally, like in our Bolivia chapters, there may also be the optional add-on of having cooked meals prepared for us for an additional fee.

What's not included?

Flights, food, transportation, and activities. We organise all trips and activities together as a group. This means that everyone has the freedom to choose what they would like to be part of and to shape their own experience, as well as that of the other members. We ask every member to come in with the intention to contribute in whatever way they feel inspired. Whether bringing the Tribe together to try a highly-rated restaurant, or collaborating with other members to make a dreamy weekend trip happen.


Where's the Tribe going next?

Next Locations. You can also sign up to the newsletter to receive monthly updates and we will send you personal/direct emails based on the countries you told us you are interested in and your availability (your responses to the last form)

Can I get a sneak-peek into next year’s new locations?

In 2019, we plan to add a few more African countries, as well as more chapters in Europe and Asia (Japan and Iceland are on the list!). South and Central America will be split, so that members can choose to be in either place at any time. All in all, we’re planning 52 chapters, in 36 different locations, across 5 continents. We will also announce our first semi-permanent locations, starting with Medellin, Colombia (from mid-January to mid-April), then South Africa, Bali, and Lisbon throughout the year.

Where can I find exact chapter dates and locations?

See our month-by-month travel calendar. We set this up to make your life a bit easier if you know you want to travel for a specific month, but need some inspiration to choose where you’ll go.

Do you help with visas?

No. The visa process is entirely the responsibility of the person traveling, and we suggest to always look at visa requirements in advance.

Can chapters or dates change?

Yes, but rarely. We try to make all chapters that we announce happen, but occasionally, we may have to cancel chapters. In most cases, this will be due to political or natural disaster situations that make it dangerous to travel to that destination. In the rare case that we have to cancel a chapter that has already been booked, of course, we will fully refund the booking.

What do people do with the gap week in-between?

A lot! Tribers have been really creative with the gap weeks. Some decide to stay in the same place for an extra week, others travel to a different part of the country to really tick it off as ‘completed’, but most members have joined up to do little (or sometimes bigger) extra trips, including a week on the Galapagos Islands, a sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands, and a Yacht Week boat takeover with other members of the Tribe. We recommend to have an idea of what you might want to do, but not to book it all until you’ve had a chance to talk to other members – you might miss an opportunity to join on a really cool trip!

How far in advance should I book?

At least 6 weeks. It depends on how popular the chapter is. So far, the most popular ones have been Colombia, South Africa and Bali. The more popular chapters also have a waiting list, so it’s difficult to hop on last-minute. For most other chapters, we advise to book at least 6 weeks in advance to be sure that you’ll get a spot.

Can I book last-minute?

Sometimes. Occasionally, there’s a last-minute spot available due to travel cancellations, so don’t hesitate to ask! If you book last-minute on to a chapter that’s already started, it’s still possible to join, and we’ll prorate the days. Please note: standard prorating is only possible for last-minute bookings.


What's the price per 4-week chapter?

It depends on your chapter subscription. You can have a look at the How It Works page, where you’ll always find updated prices. The pricing is split into different tiers according to the costs of accommodation in different cities. To find out the price of a specific chapter, check which pricing tier it’s in and then decide which chapter subscription you would like to do.

What's the price per 6-week chapter?

1.5 times the 4-week chapter price. We simply prorate the extra two weeks for these chapters.

Do I have to pay everything upfront?

No. For your chapter subscription, we only ask for a $300 deposit per chapter. So if you choose a 3+ chapter subscription, we would ask for $900 at the point of setting it up. Chapters also don’t need to be paid in full in advance. We apply one of the $300 deposits from your subscription to a chapter as and when you request to book it, and then the final sum isn’t due until 6 weeks before the chapter begins. In this way, you can reserve your spot far in advance, without having to put down the full payment for it.

When do I pay the rest of the chapter fee?

6 weeks before the start of the chapter. We will send you a second payment link to complete this payment. Please note: if chapter payments aren’t received on time, we may cancel the booking and offer the spot to someone else.

How much should I budget? What should I think about?

It depends. Think about your spending habits and the general cost of living in that country. If you’re looking to budget, you might spend as little as $800 for a month, but people who decided to do several bigger weekend trips and taste their way through lots of nice restaurants have often spent twice that amount. Of course, none of the activities or weekend trips that the group organises are mandatory, so you can control your budget as suits you. Regardless of your budget, you will have more things to do than you have time for, and in general, the group is conscious and considerate of the fact that there are different budgets.

Do I pay less if I do more chapters?

Yes. You can have a look at the How It Works page, where you’ll find the different prices based on how many chapters you decide to do within a 12-month period. Please bear in mind that we don’t do upgrades half-way through a subscription. Instead, in those cases, members simply set up a new subscription and decide how many chapters they want to do from that point on.

Can I cancel after I’ve booked a chapter? What’s the refund policy?

Yes, but make sure to cancel on time. Here is our cancellation policy:

  • If canceled 4+ weeks in advance of the start of the chapter: Full refund. The deposit is also released, so it can be applied to a future chapter
  • 14-27 days in advance: 50% refund (if the full payment hasn't been made, the applied deposit of $300 is lost)
  • Less than 14 days: No refund

  • Still have a few questions? You can check out our How it Works page for details on the membership options and other answers: