How does it work?

We slow-travel the world together as a group of 12-20 people while we work online. Every 4 weeks, we go to a different country and invite our community to join us. Each member goes through an application process, and once accepted, she can join us wherever she wants.

We find quality accommodation in an exciting city. From there, we (co)work and (co)live together for the next 4 weeks. Everyone who joins works on their own thing while they’re there – their own company, freelance clients, their remote job, a startup project, etc.

With so many talented professionals and creatives in one space, there are countless opportunities to collaborate, learn from each other, and grow together.

When we’re not working, we explore the country together. Most weekends, we’re out chasing adventure (rafting, surfing, road trips, hiking, sailing, diving, sunsets and campfires…) or visiting the most spectacular places of this beautiful country.

Is the chapter fee a required payment every month?

No, you only pay while on a given Chapter. For example, in the case of a two chapter membership, you would only pay twice – once for your first chapter, and again for your second chapter.

Is it possible to travel alongside the Tribe with children?

We are definitely exploring the possibility of a Tribe for parents who’d like to join with their kids, but unfortunately, we don’t currently have the infrastructure to accommodate children.

Do I already need to be working remotely before joining the Tribe?

Yes, each member is required to be involved in a professional outlet, whether that be independent business (freelance, contractor), or as a part of working relationship (employer, employee).

How do I apply to join the Tribe?

Getting the application process started is quick, all you need to do is fill out our application form here:

If the dates of a given chapter are confirmed, can I go ahead and book my flight?

We provide members with all the details the need in order to be able to plan out their travel. Once you’ve received a confirmation from us about your Chapter booking, you’ll be all set to go ahead and book your flight.

How much luggage should I bring with me if I’ll be travelling from one country to another? Do you have clothing recommendations?

This really depends on what you’d like to bring with you, where you’ll be going, and how long you’ll be travelling. Some climates may require a wide variety of clothing, while others may not. Once we have the opportunity to speak with you about your travel plans, we’ll have a better idea of how make more accurate recommendations.

How much cash should I bring with me?

While each location is different, it’s highly recommended to bring enough cash for a local taxi from the airport to our accommodation, as well as enough for a meal or snack. Often times, you’ll see a quick discussion posted in the related slack channels to help you prepare.

Does WiFi Tribe provide members with a job?

People interested in joining the Tribe are required to be working remotely prior to submitting their application. Members work on their own projects while they’re with the group. These projects range from their own company, freelance clients, remote job, a startup project, and many more.

Fields that are most common: software development, programming, graphic design, engineering, blogging, content development, and many other disciplines and industries that can be completed from a laptop.

Where is the best place for me to look for remote work?

There are a number of well-established remote job platforms that we recommend as resources to help in your pursuit of remote work, here are a few: We Work Remotely Remote Ok FlexJobs Angel List

Does WiFi Tribe take care of Visas?

While we do our best to assist our members with the Visa process, it’s always recommended that members research Visa requirements based on where they’d like to travel. We’re happy to provide guidance and even a sponsor letter if needed though, so no member is left without support during a Visa process.

What does WiFi Tribe provide its members, and what’s included in the cost of membership?

The first priority to all our members is providing a sustainable lifestyle and access to a global, growth-oriented community. so you won’t find such a scheduled/hand-held program with the Tribe as with other ‘retreat’-type programs. There’s always something going on, whether on weekends or afternoons, but it’s usually community-organised. This brings the community together but also allows us to keep the prices more reasonable. To break it down, our contribution to the community (what’s included) is: - quality accommodation in a good area - with comfortable working areas - good WiFi (we do upgrades and tests ahead of time + have backups in place in case there would ever be a power cut) - and of course, the community itself (a stringent application process for every potential member) -Members are responsible for their own flights, food, and any activities they’d like to take part in while on location.

How do I reserve a spot in a chapter?

Currently, the best way to book and reserve a spot for a chapter is to email our team at and simply let us know which chapter you’d like to jump into. We’ll walk you through the process and make sure you’re all set.

How early do I need to request a spot for a chapter?

The earlier you can inform us that you’d like to join a chapter, the better! We request at least 6 weeks in order to guarantee your reservation, but if you’d like to join a chapter that’s starting sooner than that, let us know and we’ll do our best to secure you a spot.

Will there be multiple places for me to work?

Yes! Depending on the layout of our accommodation, multiple workspaces will often be setup. For example, during our time in Ecuador, we had a work space in our courtyard, kitchen, rooftop terrace, and kitchen. Of course, members often times find great local hotspots like coffee shops, shopping squares, and other public places.

How exactly does the group plan activities during the week and weekends?

We’re a very fluid, dynamic, and organic group. What may be of high interest to one person, may not be for someone else. When we all arrive on location, we spend some time getting to know one another, and sharing our interests. We then start exploring local activities, locations, and areas of interest to find out what most people want to check out! The group discusses these areas of interest, as well as budgets, time constraints, and other factors, to decide when, where, and how they’ll visit a location or take part in an activity.

Who will be on location with me during the chapter?

Every chapter is accompanied by a Co-Triber(s). Currently, Diego is on location in Central/South America, Kumar is on location in Asia, Andrea and Amanda are on location in Europe, and Julia is on location in Europe.

Which Vaccines should I get before joining the Tribe?

Vaccines vary from country to country so we always recommend you do some research before joining us for a chapter. The best way to get the right information is to visit a local travel clinic in your home country. While there may not be certain requirements for one chapter, the next may require several vaccinations. For example, certain countries may forbid entry unless you can prove that you’ve received Yellow Fever vaccination. Always be sure to check with your home country for current suggestions on vaccines to consider. Here’s a useful resource to assist with your planning:

What’s the member demographic like?

The majority of our members are between 25 – 35, with several outliers that are above and below this age range. Ageism doesn’t exist within the Tribe, as we’re more focused on finding people who share the values, principles, and qualities that we feel help make a community strong and sustainable.

What values does the Tribe stand by?

While there are a number of values that make up who we are, you can find our most cherished qualities on our website. Check us out here:

What do you mean by Global Community? Where are other members from?

Our community is an international power house. The Tribe represents nations from all over the world, with members from Italy, France, Germany, Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Bolivia, Spain, and so many more. Even our internal team is comprised of people from all over the world – none of us are from the same place! This helps foster an amazing feeling of diversity amongst the Tribe, one that we’re really proud to share with each and every member.