General faqs

General FAQs

How can I travel the world with WiFi Tribe?

What's the member demographic like? How global is the community?

What's expected of me as a member of WiFi Tribe's community?

How do I apply to join WiFi Tribe?

What fees or payments should I be aware of when joining WiFi Tribe?

Do I already need to be working remotely to join WiFi Tribe?

Does WiFi Tribe provide members with remote jobs?

How can I find a remote job?

Annual Membership FAQs

How does the annual membership work?

What's covered in the annual membership?

For how long is the annual membership valid?

If I don't have an active membership, can I still travel with WiFi Tribe?

Can I cancel my annual membership?

Chapter FAQs

Who from WiFi Tribe stays with the group while on a Chapter?

What's included in a Chapter booking?

How do I book a Chapter?

How far in advance can I book a Chapter?

Where do people work from while on a Chapter?

How does the group plan activities and trips while on a Chapter?

Does WiFi Tribe help with visas?

What vaccines should I get before booking a Chapter?

Is it possible to travel with children on a Chapter?