How to Make $1,500 Freelancing in 30 Days

In this value-packed episode, our resident freelance expert discusses the future of freelancing, and how she plans to help 200 freelancers build their business in a weekend with her live Masterclass -  Fast-Track Freelancing. 

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Alexis is a force of nature. It’s incredible how much she knows about freelancing, and how eager she is to pass on her knowledge… if you get a chance to work with her, jump in and get ready to learn!

Julia Kallweit, WiFi Tribe Co-Founder

Do you dream of working for yourself, but don't know where to begin?

Alexis & Marisa

Well, Alexis is a girl on  a mission! She believes that anyone with a sellable skill can make $1,500 in their first 30 days freelancing - and she's out to prove it!

In this value-packed episode, you will learn:

[8.45] The mistakes all new freelancers make
[18.00] Why you should avoid freelance gig sites
[18.30] The two types of clients you can attract
[21.30] What to do when your just starting out
[24.35] Is now the right time to start freelancing?

And to put her mission into action, she's launching an ambitious project designed to help you build a profitable business in the next 30-days! The Masterclass is 7-years of experience condensed into 8 action-packed hours of training. Plus, she's giving away everything she used to build her own successful freelance business - templates, checklists, & step-by-step guides - everything you need to plan, launch and grow a successful freelance business!