"I was more excited when I got into WiFi Tribe than when I got into college" - Esty B

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We want to work and explore the world at the same time. But instead of doing it alone, we do it with like-minded people and experience this journey more intensely together; the adventures and the inspiration, the happiness and the challenges, the work and the play. Whether entrepreneur, consultant, freelancer, or creative, everyone who wants to join, needs to come with one shared intention:

To become a valuable part of a thriving global community.

What does that mean? We look for people who want to give as much as (or more than) they take. People who join to find friendships for life, not just business transactions. People who aren't looking for an all-inclusive holiday, but a lifestyle that they can help shape and add new ideas to. And, energetic, inspiring people who are passionate about life and about what they do.

If you just got up in the middle of that cafe you're working from and shouted "BOOM! This is my tribe!"then please apply. We've been waiting for you. You have no idea how excited we are to get to know you.



We (the people writing this) are members of the community, just like everyone else who joins. What we offer to contribute to the tribe is:

Awesome People

We put a lot of effort into selecting the right people. They are smart, humble, fun, respectful, creative, and ethical, and want to contribute to each other's success


We choose spacious, well-located villas or apartments with large communal areas that inspire us to work productively and to enjoy our time off



We ask for speed tests of each place, and get there before everyone else to double check. Where possible we upgrade the internet connection


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90% of the members of the Tribe are between 23 and 38, but we also look for members outside of that range, as long as their lifestyle and expectations are aligned with what we've seen in the community.
Ours is: wifitribe.co
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We try to keep a good gender balance

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