WiFi Tribe Gift Cards

Buy a gift card for our trips

With our gift cards, you can give the world to your loved ones. 

You choose the amount, they choose the destination.

Why WiFi Tribe gift cards make the best present?

Easy to buy

Decide the amount you want to give and pay online.

Easy to give

Add a personal message and receive the gift card instantly via email

Easy to use

The gift card can be used as full or partial payment for all WiFi Tribe trips or towards the membership.

Feeling the pinch? No problem

Gift cards can be spent on loads of WiFi Tribe experiences like Chapters, Colives, 

Unplugged Adventures, Upgrades, and the Membership.  So even if you opt to give a lower amount,

 rest assured that your gift will be used to good use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gift cards physical or digital?

WiFi Tribe Gift Cards are completely digital.

How can I buy a WiFi Tribe gift card?

To purchase a WiFi Tribe Gift Card, follow this link. Then, select the amount (in USD) you want to gift, enter the sender and recipient details, choose a Gift Card style, and add a custom message (optional). This message will appear along with the Gift Card in the email that the recipient will receive. Afterward, you have the chance to schedule the date when you want the gift card to be sent. 

How can I redeem a WiFi Tribe gift card?

If you receive a WiFi Tribe gift card as an active member the gifted amount will be added to your account automatically and available for future bookings. As long as you have an active membership the amount won't expire.

If you are an inactive member the gifted amount will be valid for one year and can be used to reactivate your membership. 

If you are an applicant the gifted amount will be valid for one year. In case your application process hasn't been successful, you'll receive a refund of the gifted amount. 

What can gift cards be used for?

You can use WiFi Tribe gift cards for future WiFi Tribe bookings (Chapters/ Colives/ Unplugged Adventures/ Room upgrades), deposits, or your WiFi Tribe Membership.


How can I check my gift card balance?

To check your WiFi Tribe gift card balance please send an email to hello@wifitribe.co