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Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

  • You’d like the FREEDOM to travel the world while working remotely, but you’re not sure how you’d make that your reality
  • You’ve thought about getting a remote job, but you’re not sure what remote opportunities really exist
  • You feel trapped in your current job, but you’re not sure what type of remote job would best suit you
  • You worry that you don’t have any skills that would translate to remote job opportunities
  • You often feel like the only people who really work remotely and travel are Instagram influencers & super successful entrepreneurs
  • You worry that even if you found a remote job it would be impossible to advance career-wise while working remotely and traveling

What if we told you that you could...

  • Know all of the most common remote jobs that regular people get paid to do
  • Help YOU figure out the best remote job that would suit you personally (even if you feel like you don’t have any skills that would translate to a remote job)
  • Stand out on applications so you have the best chances of getting the perfect remote job
  • Understand how you can keep moving forward in your career while traveling the world and working remotely
  • Have direct support from two people who have been working remotely while traveling the world for a combined total of 9 years


The 4 WEEK INTENSIVE GO REMOTE program is the best way to set yourself up to get a remote job that you can do while traveling the world.

By the end of the 4 weeks, you will:

  • Know the exact type of remote job that’s best for YOU
  • The best places to find companies who are hiring for remote jobs
  • Our secret method to get your foot in the door with remote companies
  • Everything you need to know to logistically do your work abroad with ease (wifi connectivity, phone service abroad, travel insurance, productivity, balancing work/travel, staying healthy, and more)
  • How to ace the remote interview

The Agenda



The most common jobs & opportunities of people who work remotely while traveling

How to figure out which type of remote job is right for you 


Best practices & negotiation tips for asking your current employer if you can go remote

How to create a strong resume & where to find remote opportunities


How to network (in a way that feels good!) to increase your chances of getting your foot in the door

How to ace your interviews


How to overcome the fears & obstacles holding you back from living this lifestyle

The ins and outs of making this lifestyle logistically possible 

*BONUS - WEEK 6: Group check in to overcome any surprise obstacles holding you back


Meet your two AWESOME coaches...

Diego is the CEO and co-founder of WiFi Tribe, a community of 800 remote professionals from 62 countries who slow-travel the world together while working. He has personally interviewed over 1,000 remote workers who applied to be a part of WiFi Tribe.

This lifestyle and this community aren’t just his job - he’s passionately living it every day. Diego spent the last 4 years living and working (side-by-side) with more than 300 members of the WiFi Tribe community, as they traveled together - every month in a new city.

He’s seen all types of remote work, and heard all the stories of how different people from different backgrounds have turned their work-and-travel dreams into reality.

Marisa is a certified career coach, international speaker, world traveler & remote worker! Marisa’s career coaching focuses on helping individuals who are stuck in jobs that they don’t love, discover how to make a full-time income while traveling the world.

Prior to coaching, Marisa worked at PepsiCo, co-managing the $1.5 billion dollar Diet Pepsi brand. Six years ago, she negotiated with her employer to let her go remote, and has never looked back. 

She now travels the world full-time (60+ countries) while running her coaching business, and finds the greatest joy in helping others achieve the remote lifestyle as well. 

How will the 4 WEEK INTENSE GO REMOTE program work?

  • DATES: Jul 13th - Aug 9th

  • LIVE SESSIONS: 2 x 1 ½  hour sessions each week, held over Zoom, led by either Marisa or Diego covering a main topic

  • PERSONAL QUESTIONS: Prioritized time to answer YOUR individual questions within group setting (plus learn from other people’s questions too!)

  • GROUP SUPPORT: Private Slack community where you’ll get support from your hosts and your peers...you won’t go through this alone

  • WATCH ANY TIME: All live sessions will be recorded, in case you have a conflict at the time 

  • SUCCESS CHECK-IN: Check-in with Marisa & Diego two weeks after the program to ensure your success

Additional bonuses included in the program...

  • 4 Coworking sprints each week

  • 1 Mastermind session per week

  • Personalized video responses via Slack if you’re feeling stuck

  • Resume templates

  • Negotiation templates

  • Best resources to find remote job opportunities

  • Script to reach out to potential employer


  • $200 off of your first WiFi Tribe chapter if you choose to join in the future :)

  • $100 off of future 1:1 coaching session with Marisa


**Early bird pricing for those who apply by 23:59 Pacific Time, July 2**

$330 x 4 months

$330 x 3 months

*SAVE $330!*

If you apply by the deadline!

How to apply?

  • STEP 1: CLICK HERE to fill out application
  • STEP 2: Submit application by 23:59 Pacific Time on Thursday, July 2nd
  • STEP 3: We will notify you by July 1st if you’ve been selected for the program
  • STEP 4: Submit payment by July 2nd

Is the 4 Week INTENSIVE GO REMOTE program right for you?

     This program is for you if...

  • You no longer want to feel TRAPPED by your job

  • You want the FREEDOM to travel the world...and getting a remote job is THE way you want to do that 

  • You’re COMMITTED to this program (ready to learn, take action, & do what it takes to get results)

  • You recognize the value of having a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY that understands your vision & your goals, and will keep you accountable along the way (even if you have no idea where to start just yet)

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You’re not fully committed to this program, and are not yet ready to do whatever it takes to land a remote job for yourself

  • You’d rather go it alone, and figure out how to do this yourself without a supportive community to help or guide you


What days/times will the group sessions be held? What if I can’t make it with work or with my time zone?

What if I’m not sure my profession or skills can be done remotely?

What if I have kids or a spouse/family?

Is it possible to get hired by a company in another country so I can make a better income?

Can I live and work in a foreign country? Don’t I need a Visa?

Isn’t it expensive to travel all the time? How can I afford to work remotely and travel?


To get the $330 off the price, make sure to submit your application by 23:59 Pacific Time on Thursday  July 2nd