Gran canaria

October 30th - November 27th

4 weeks coworking & coliving  on the Canary Islands..

Situated off the northwest coast of Africa, the island of Gran Canaria is often known as a "mini continent" all its own, due to its diversity of landscapes – from beaches and mountains to volcanoes, forests, and plenty of culture to explore! Just a stone's throw from Tenerife and the African coast, it's perfectly situated for exciting weekend trips to balance out the relaxing atmosphere of life on chapter in this gorgeous island paradise.

Explore Endless Coastlines

Clear turquoise waters and fine sandy beaches are hallmark of this Canary Island - so plan to spend much of your time soaking it all in! From remote beaches like Gui Gui to the calm waters of Playa de Ingles and Caribbean-like waters of Puerto Rico beach... there's a beach for every preference! In the evenings, wander the lively beachside promenades and enjoy fresh seafood at one of the many restaurants to dine with spectacular sunset view. 

Las Palmas

The lively capital of Gran Canaria is the perfect "city break" from beach life, with tons of cafes, markets, and shops to explore. Stroll through the picturesque streets, parks, and plazas admiring the architecture, or pop into the Science and Technology Museum or one of the city's many other fascinating museums! This young city has great live music as well.

Volcanic Black Sand Beaches

Explore the volcanic black sand beaches for a stark contrast to the many pristine (and often more crowded) white sand beaches. The craggy volcanic landscapes  are filled with excellent hiking areas, and the cobalt waters contrasting with black sand and mountainous background make for unbeatable photo opportunities. 

Discover mountain villages

Tejeda, is the central highlands of Gran Canaria, an almond town; it's famous for traditional desserts all contain this healthy nut. In the shade of Roque Nublo and surrounded by valleys, the town is tranquil and charming and the perfect place for a rural retreat far from bustle and stress. Let the beauty of the mountains and the natural beauty of the area soothe your troubles away.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Visiting the Canary islands by land is one thing, but it's entirely another experience to view them by air! And there's no better way than to float right up in a hot air balloon. You can balloon either from Gran Canaria or from Tenerife – both will give you exhilarating mountain and coastline views, an astonishing perspective you can't get anywhere else. 

Stroll Through Firgas

To discover the "real" Gran Canaria (beyond the tourist areas in the south), head north to visit Firgas, a picturesque town known for its charming street called Paseo de Canarias. Get lost in quaint streets, exploring local shops, cafes, and the authentic flair of the island. 

Explore the Maspalomas Sand Dunes

Maspalomas, the second longest beach in Gran Canaria, spreads into vast sand dunes that often serve as an iconic visual symbol for the island. Walking through the dunes truly transports you to what feels like another world, though the desert-like atmosphere is not far from reality.

Play With Dolphins

If you've ever dreamed to interact with wild dolphins, Gran Canaria is the place! Hop on a boat for a day on the water, taking in the breathtaking coastline from the sea and witnessing dolphins playing in their natural habitat. The biosphere teems wtih wildlife here, so you're bound to spot more creatures in your time at sea. 

Adventure Through the Mountains

If you're a mountain lover, the naturally volcanic Gran Canaria has plenty to offer for adventures – including camping, hiking, and motorbiking through awe-inspiring scenic roads off the beaten path. 

Our Coliving Space on Gran Canaria

We'll be calling 2 near identical villas our home on Gran Canaria. There are a number of ensuites available and the villas come with their own outdoor dining area. We've selected these villas specifically with COVID front of mind – the ideal set-up during times when we don't want to be around lots of people in busy cities. The villas are a short 5min walk from each other. 

We'll be located in the center of Las Palmas, but in the quiet area, 5 min walking from Alcaravaneras beach. Up for a morning run on the beach? Or an evening swim with the sunset?

The accommodation comes equipped with good internet, open common areas for work, an outdoor area... and even a BBQ. A coliving setup that will make is easy for us all to be productive, feel comfortable, and have the freedom to explore this amazing Spanish island! Here you can see a collection of photos of our coliving house in Las Palmas:

If you’d like to find out more about what it’s like to live in Gran Canaria, Spain as a ‘digital nomad’, including internet speeds, cost of living, and coworking spaces, have a look at Nomad List’s guide.  We always have MiFi devices with mobile data as backups in all homes to make sure that we can keep working productively if there are any stability issues.

If there is enough demand we will open up a second property (max 6 extra people).

Ready to Join our Tribe in Gran Canaria?

Oct 30 - Nov 27, 2020

If you're interested in our Gran Canaria chapter, please apply here first. If you're already a WiFi Tribe member, please fill out this quick booking request form to request a place in Gran Canaria!

Gran Canaria is a Tier 2 chapter. Prices start from:

Private Room: $1800
Shared Room: $1100

What to Expect?

Beaches / Nature / Island/ Sunsets / Adventure / Food / Culture

  • Accommodation: 2 villas within 5 minutes walking distance from each other 
  • The Tribe: Up to 10 members from locations accepted by Gran Canaria per villa 
  • Work space: The villa comes equipped with enough space to work in the common areas
  • Internet: Typical island internet speeds of 20mpbs | Each villa has a fibre optic cable with up to 600mbps
  • Pace: Island life - beaches, nature, Mediterranean vibe, laid back, easy-going

I'm New to this... How does it Work?

WiFi Tribe has an annual chapter plan model: Successful applicants choose how often they want to travel with the tribe within a year and decide what chapter plan they would like. You can find out more about chapter plan prices here.

Are there changes to Chapters due to COVID?

With borders starting to open up again, we collaborated with our community to decide what our first chapters should look like – both in terms of the fun, and the necessary adaptations. With over 100 responses, we've had a lot of feedback and great ideas to work with, so you'll see a few changes to adapt to the current global pandemic.

Most importantly, we all have a responsibility to the local communities that host us in their countries to keep them safe. Of course, we are also introducing new guidelines and policies to keep one another safe and healthy while we live here together.

As you read through our guidelines below, you will see a combination of all the local government guidelines, as well as additional measures to ensure safety for everyone as we travel and live together. In addition, there will be measures specific to each chapter that will be shared with the people attending that chapter during the 2-week online meet-and-greet.

Every Tribe member has been welcomed into WiFi Tribe because we felt that there was an alignment with our 6 values: Respect, Humility, Camaraderie, Curiosity, Passion, and Inclusion. Now, it is more important than ever that we choose to live by them every day. We will enforce the following protocols as necessary, but we are confident that every member on this Chapter will respect fellow Tribe members and the local community.

Why did we choose this location?

In addition to all of our usual considerations, we are focusing on the following:

  • Lower rates of Covid-19 infections

  • Places with greater travel accessibility (e.g., no quarantine requirements upon arrival)

  • Larger properties a little bit further outside of main cities

  • Having enough space for everyone to be comfortable

  • Accessible local medical services

  • Beautiful surrounding nature for walks and adventures where it is easier to social distance

  • We will NOT be looking at high density locations with a focus on nightclubs, a lot restaurants and cafes, or crowds. 

  • Properties that will allow us to be independent and, if necessary, limit our contact with the local community.

This means that chapter locations will now take on a more retreat style feel, similar to our iconic Bolivia chapter. 

Who is eligible on this chapter?

Following local government restrictions, as of July 16th 2020, this chapter is only available to residents of countries in the Schengen area, or from another country which has a reciprocal agreement with Spain for accepting travellers.

 This last group comprises Australia, Canada, China, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay.

Certain countries have established restrictions or quarantine periods on people arriving from Spain. These countries are: Germany, Austria (unless arriving from Canary Islands), Australia, Canada, South Korea, China, Denmark, Slovenia, Finland, Georgia,Greece, Italy, Norway, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom,  Switzerland (unless arriving from Canary Islands), Uruguay, and Tunisia.

Other countries have established restrictions or quarantines only for travellers arriving from certain areas of Spain. This is the case for Belgium.

You can also consult this map published by Spain’s Ministry of the Exterior (available in Spanish).

Irrespective of your nationality, If you have not been staying in an EU+ country for at least 14 days immediately prior to the beginning of the chapter, unfortunately you cannot be part of this chapter (unless previously cleared in writing by our team). 

IMPORTANT: As travel regulations are changing rapidly, please make sure you double check your eligibility to enter the country by contacting your local Spanish embassy, regardless of your nationality or origin of travel, to confirm your continued eligibility.

How many Tribers are going to join?

Our chapters will have a maximum of 12-16 people, including chapter hosts. We will still be offering shared rooms at a reduced cost - you can take advantage of those if you feel comfortable doing so.

Will I need a health insurance?

Your safety is our main priority which is why travel health insurance is required to participate in this chapter. While not required, we strongly recommend that you obtain an insurance policy that will cover the event of contracting COVID-19. Our partner Safety Wings has a very comprehensive insurance.

Please note that it is your responsibility to double check your health coverage.

Who is going to love this chapter?

Our focus has and always will be, the building of a solid, amazing community made up of brilliant, kind, conscientious people. These new chapters moving forward are going to be great for those of you that really want to build amazing relationships and be somewhere beautiful, spacious and rich in natural beauty.  

If you feel like you need something more stimulating with a lot of events and people everywhere then it may be better for you to wait it out a little longer for chapters later this year or next year. 

What about social distancing?

It’s going to be a little harder to social distance while living with others, so we need to be extra mindful to ensure everyone's safety and comfort. We require the following:

  • Don’t go in each other’s bedrooms if you don’t need to.
  • Reduce physical contact with other members as much as possible.
  • If you go out, please ensure that you wash your hands when coming back into the house. Routinely disinfect your hands with alcohol gels and antibacterial wipes etc.
  • After using communal spaces please make the extra effort to keep them tidy and disinfect the surfaces. Your chapter host will make sure that there is a healthy supply of high quality cleaning products to do this.
  • While on chapter, members cannot attend gatherings with 50+ people.

Please consider where you are going - if you individually decide to do an activity like go to a gathering, or crowded place, you could put your fellow Tribers and the local community at risk. Please think about going on adventures that keep you together with the Tribe and involve big open spaces with plenty of light and ventilation.

Will I need to wear a face mask?

  • Everyone should bring a supply of masks with them. Preferably masks that are washable and reusable so that it’s sustainable.
  • At home, you don’t need to wear masks unless you are cooking for others. 
  • All Tribers must wear their masks when outside the property, particularly in places like supermarkets, local shops or any public spaces where adequate social distancing cannot be maintained at all times.
  • While in restaurants and cafes, please wear a mask other than while eating.

Will the accommodation be cleaned regularly?

  • The properties will be professionally cleaned and disinfected once a week, including linens changed. In between cleans, please be extra mindful and considerate.
  • Be sure to be considerate. Cover your mouth when you cough and then remember to disinfect your hands afterwards. We will make sure there is alcohol gel stationed in as many areas of the accommodation as appropriate.
  • For people sharing a room - please be extra considerate of one another and keep things tidy as much as possible.
  • When you’ve finished working and you pack up for the day, if you’ve worked on a table, please give the table a wipe down ready for the next person.

Specific Measures

  • Beaches, pools and other nature areas - Masks must be worn on entry to the beach or pool area, when moving around or when taking a walk. The only time they are not compulsory is when you are swimming, or when you are sitting or lying in a certain place, without moving from it and at the recommended safety distance from other people.

  • Nature areas - In nature areas outside towns and villages, masks do not need to be worn if the interpersonal safety distance is respected. 

  • Nightlife - You can only drink at tables (not at the bar), and dance floors are not yet allowed to open.

  • Active tourism -  Open-air active tourism activities entail little risk and are usually run for small groups. Nonetheless, individual sports materials cannot be shared and specific cleaning and disinfection protocols are in place.

One of the great advantages of visiting Canary Islands is that you can discover several islands on the same trip. Movement between the islands is fully reinstated at the moment, with daily connections that allow you to easily get from one island to any other, either by plane or by boat. Binter and Canaryfly are the airlines that will fly you between islands and Fred Olsen and Armas are the shipping companies.

What is the guest policy?

For the time being, outside visitors are not allowed to come into or stay on WiFi Tribe premises. If you still want to stay with them, you’ll have to get a separate accommodation. Please be aware that if you decide to sleep outside of WiFi Tribe approved premises, we reserve the right to ask you to self isolate in separate accommodations at your own expense.

Is Bonus Tribing available?

To further ensure everyone’s safety, Bonus Tribing will not be available on this chapter.


What if you feel unwell?

If you start feeling unwell, the first thing you need to do is:

  • Contact your chapter host immediately. You should send a message on Slack and explain your symptoms. Please note that depending on your symptoms we might be required to follow the local health protocols. 

  • Regardless of the symptoms, please limit your contact with other people and wear your mask.

  • Your chapter host will assist you if you need to go to the hospital or we need to send for a doctor.

  • You will need to follow up with your insurance policy to deal with any costs but the host will be there to support and keep checking in to make sure you’re doing okay.

We are a family, so be considerate and kind. If you can help with preparing healthy food or doing a little extra grocery shopping to help and keep your fellow Triber well fed and feeling loved, then let's do that and get through it together.

What is Spain's policy when it comes to COVID-19?

As of September 3rd 2020 all travellers will be required to fill out a Health Control Form and sign it electronically before travelling to Spain. You can access the form and sign it via the Spain Travel Health website or apps for Android or iOS devices. For the most updated travel policies on Spain and the Canary Islands please check their government websites:

We strongly recommend you revisit their site periodically and 72-48 hrs before your departure.

What happens if I or someone in the house gets infected with Covid-19?

In case of an infection, all those who have had contact with that member in the past 14 days will need to quarantine 2 weeks. The person in question will be isolated as best possible, and we reserve the right to relocate that person and separate other members. WiFi Tribe will assist in complying with any local legal regulations and finding an alternative accommodation for the person at the individual’s expense. 


What to do if you feel people are putting others at risk?

If you feel that a member is doing something that puts you at risk, you have the following options:

  • Fill out the anonymous reporting form

  • Speak directly to your chapter host

  • Speak to the people involved and ask them to be more considerate. This approach is very much dependent on the situation and the people involved so this is not an expectation but an option.

We would ask everybody to remember that when living in a collective situation, you have to be mindful of people around you. We reserve the right to ask people to leave if they are taking unnecessary risks and putting others in danger. So we ask that you don’t take these things lightly regardless of your personal views on the matter.

This system also applies to any other grievances that pertain to any instances of things like harassment, bullying or other forms of abuse. Please see our Terms and Condition for more details.

General Travel

What happens if I can’t travel due to covid-related travel restrictions or cancellations?

Due to the constantly changing nature of travel WiFi Tribe is not liable for specific travel restrictions or cancellations. Please make sure you have adequate travel insurance and buy flexible tickets. For further information please our Terms and Conditions.


What happens if Spain experiences a surge in cases?

We are constantly monitoring the number of cases and local governmental response. We will be evaluating the situation as things change and keep you informed of any changes to our current plans. For further information please our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if Spain experiences a sudden surge in cases and lockdown is enforced once more while we are on chapter?

We are in a privileged position where, if needed, we can comfortably be quarantined in our location. If a quarantine was necessary, the properties are equipped to help us spend an extended period of time in lockdown agreeably. 


In addition, we will be monitoring the country’s security measures and keeping Tribers informed. Any lockdown that Spain has imposed in the past has limited people from coming into the country, but has not limited people from returning to their home countries. So, if people decide to leave, they should be able to do so.