Colonial Beauty. Towering Volcanoes. Mayan Ruins.

Mayan Capital of Central America

Guatemala is a place that will mesmerize you with its colonial architecture, volcano-specked landscapes, delicious coffee and a culture influenced by the Mayan empire. Join us on our inaugural chapter in Antigua, Guatemala – a Central American destination we have little doubt will become a fast favorite of our Tribe. 

Surrounded by Volcanoes

Guatemala is home to over 20 volcanoes, giving this country a unique enlivened energy that's palpable the moment you arrive. Our home in Antigua is placed right at the foot of several of these magnificent volcanoes, giving you the chance to marvel at their power on a daily basis. 

Tikal Mayan Ruins

Step back thousands of years and let yourself become awe-inspired at the ancient limestone Tikal ruins, which were home to the largest indigenous population after Bolivia in all the Americas. The 6-square mile UNESCO site contains more than 3,000 buildings built by the ancient Mayan people, and is situated in the stunning Tikal National Park. Immersing in the ancient culture and architecture of the Mayan people is a stunning experience that many travel the world to see – it's all in your backyard during your month living in the cultural capital of Antigua, Guatemala. 

A Dynamic Biosphere

Guatemala is home to the Maya Biosphere Reserve – the largest protected tropical forest in North America. This country abounds with jaw-dropping flora and fauna, surrounding you with the stunning colours and creatures of the natural world. Dive into turquoise crystal waters at the jaw-dropping Semuc Champey, an oasis of lagoons and waterfalls unlike anywhere else on the planet. 

Savor The World's Finest Coffee

If you're a coffee fanatic (and what nomad isn't?!), you're in the perfect place to explore some of the world's most delicious java. Spend your days working from local cafes while savoring some of the best coffee on the planet, then visit a coffee plantation to learn how Guatemala's coffee is made. One thing is for sure: your caffeine buzz in Guatemala is going to be one of the highest quality ones you've had! 

Explore Local Cuisine

And of course - no trip to Latin America is complete without awakening your taste buds to the local street food culture, freshly caught seafood, and locally-inspired dishes! ! 

Antigua: Postcard Perfect Cultural Capital

We couldn't create a more perfectly colonial-style haven in Central America if we tried! Most visitors to Antigua leave absolutely charmed by this colorful, colonial city surrounded by volcanoes – and you'll get to call it home for a month.  

Immerse in culture

You could spend entire afternoons wandering the charming alleys and exploring the shops, cafes, and architecture of this gorgeous city. Browse the local markets to pick up handmade crafts, immerse in the local food market scene, and just soak in the vibes of an authentic Latin American cultural capital like no other. It's the perfect place to learn Spanish, as you can sign up for classes in your free time!

Yoga and Hiking Galore 

You'll hardly find a better destination than Guatemala for adventure, movement, and connecting back to your flow. 

Lake Atitlan

The sacred shores of Lake Atitlan have attracted adventurous souls and spiritual seekers for decades. Immerse in the healing powers of nature, practice yoga in the hippy-style town of San Marcos, and watch the sun set over the lake as you relax with friends. This is truly a place to escape the grind and connect back to yourself! 

Our Home in Antigua

We'll have space for 15 adventurers, staying all together in a cozy condominium complex walking distance from the center of Antigua. Your rooms will come equipped with good internet, plenty of space for work and play, and a setup that will make you feel comfortable and productive.

If you’d like to find out more about what it’s like to live in Antigua as a ‘digital nomad’, including internet speeds, cost of living, and coworking spaces, have a look at Nomad List’s guide. Internet  speeds and stability is generally lower and less reliable for this region. But we always have MiFi devices with mobile data as backups in all homes to make sure that we can keep working productively if there are any stability issues.

Ready to Join our Tribe in Guatemala?

Feb 14 - March 13, 2020

If you're interested in our Guatemala chapter, please apply here first. If you're already a WiFi Tribe member, please just send us an email and we can book your place in Guatemala!

Guatemala is a Tier 1  chapter. Monthly prices start from:

Private Room: $1​500
Shared Room: $900

Note: the rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. All shared rooms are between 2 people.

What to Expect?

Adventure / Mountains / Culture / Relaxed / Nature / Jungle / Ruins / Volcanoes

  • Accommodation: Five apartments within one complex
  • Work Space: Each apartment comes equipped with a spacious work table
  • The Tribe: 15+ members led by Karol
  • Internet: Typical city internet speeds of 3mpbs | Apartment speeds 5mbps+
  • Pace: Relaxed! Cultural destination, with access to nature and lots of opportunities for adventure and cultural immersion! 

I'm New To This... How Does It Work?

WiFi Tribe has an annual chapter plan model: Successful applicants choose how often they want to travel with the tribe within a year and decide what chapter plan they would like. You can find out more about chapter plan prices here.