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It's the most fulfilling lifestyle we could possibly imagine, full of human connection, adventure, and the wonderful magic of travel. From the moment we open our eyes, we're surrounded by like-minded, curious, and quietly successful citizens of the world. Every month is a new 'Chapter' in the book of our journey; the Tribe chooses a new city to call home, we live and work there together, and – whenever we're not working – we go out and explore...

The Live-Around-The-World Membership

How does it work? Members choose how many chapters they want to do within 12 months – one, two, three to five, or six or more. Once accepted as a member, we can join wherever we want, stay for several chapters in a row, or pick and choose chapters across the year. We can also hop between continents and switch rooms (private vs. shared) anytime. All prices below are per 4 weeks:






Shared Room (T1)





Shared Room (T2)





Private Room (T1)





Private Room (T2)





T1 (tier 1) = most Latin American and Asian chapters

T2 (tier 2) = most European chapters and South Africa

The 'Rules'

You can choose any location you want

You can decide your first location when you join, or later

You can take all your chapters together, or spread them across the year

You only pay the monthly fee when you're traveling with the tribe

There is also a one-time join-fee of $300 upon signing up

Your membership is valid for 365 days

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