Who We Are & How It Works

We Are Our Values

We come from all corners of the world, but our values connect us together. From day one, these beliefs have guided our decisions to invite the WiFi Tribe kind of traveller to join us.


There is never a good enough reason to treat others without it


The Tribe is an ego-free zone. There's just no space for big egos here


We look out for each other, grow together, and cheer for each other's successes


We crave to learn, create, and discover the new. Curious people make life exciting


We don't cruise through life, we live it fully and cherish every day


We celebrate each other's differences because they make the world colourful

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn

How to Apply to WiFi Tribe

If you already live by our values, the next step is applying to join our community. It'll be like catching up with friends, so no need to show up as anyone else but yourself.

1. Submit an application

Take your time answering why you're motivated to join us, what kind of work you do, and the curious things that are uniquely you. It can take up to 4 weeks to review and respond to each applicant.

2. A video interview call

If your application is successful, we'll have a 30-40 minute video call to go deeper and get to know each other. Interviews typically happen within 1-2 weeks of receiving your application.

3. Tell us more about your personality

We ask every applicant to complete the MBTI personality test, it takes about 30 minutes. There are no wrong answers, just another opportunity to be the real you.

4. Decision time

Taking your application, interview, and personality test into consideration, we'll let you know if our community, culture, and travel style is the right fit within 24 hours of completing your personality test. 

Why does WiFi Tribe have a thorough application process?

A community like ours doesn't happen by accident, it's intentional. Through curation, an attention to group dynamics, and a steadfast belief in who we are, we've created a space where genuine friendships are made.

We'd love to meet each applicant in person to gauge if our community is the right fit, but that's logistically tough. Instead, our application process is designed to get to know the real you through written answers, a video interview, and a personality test. Though it requires time and effort to apply, it's important that applicants take a moment to decide if our community-focused, collaborative approach to traveling and working remotely is what they're really looking for.

What our members say:
"I think other nomad programs accept most or all applicants willing to give them dollars. But WiFi Tribe ensures that the community members all share the same values. Their efforts in maintaining the program's vision are impressive." - AnnaMarie H., member since 2019

"I don't even have to think about the sort of people that I'll meet walking into a new Chapter. I just know, without hesitation or doubt, that as soon as we all meet, we'll be instant friends. Personalities range, introverts extraverts, etc., but we all have this similar core and it connects us." - Heather B., member since 2019

Do I need to have a remote job before applying to join WiFi Tribe?

Yes, each member is required to be involved in a professional outlet, whether that be independent business (freelance, contractor), or as a part of working relationship (employer, employee), or managing their own company.

We've also had several members join us to work on specific projects, such as a PhD, writing a book and starting a business. What matters to us is that everyone is on the same page and planning to be working, instead of coming for a holiday.

Who are WiFi Tribe's members? What are they like?

Entrepreneurs, designers, musicians, developers, photographers, bloggers, filmmakers, marketers, writers, project managers. Even lawyers, neuroscientists, 3D dental designers, and architects. But those are just some of their professions.

About 75% of our members are between the ages of 25-35, a gender balance with more females than males, as well as a growing portion of non-binary individuals. We represent 62 nationalities including Italy, France, Germany, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Bolivia, Spain, and so many more.

Though, they're more than just their age, profession, and nationality. They love freedom more than most people, they’re contagiously energetic, and they’re passionate about what they put their time into. They need adventure to keep them going and they all joined the Tribe to find fellow unconventional, curious, brilliant, warm-hearted, and simply inspirational people.

What our members say:
"The members I've met have consistently been open-minded, warm and welcoming. There is something inherently wonderful about knowing that they'll understand one of the things even long-term friends don't understand - that you're working remotely. But from there, the bonds you share are just instantaneous and deeper than you could find anywhere else. We've got to share in this unique experience and that's something we can hold onto wherever we end up next." - Tiff N., member since 2019

How We Work Remotely & Travel

When our community travels together, we don't call it a "trip"–it's more than going to a new place and returning home. Instead, we found "Chapter" to be a better name because the periods of time we spend together become integral parts of our stories. As a collaborative, unconventional style of travel, what to expect is a little different.

Create your own adventure on Chapters

Month-to-month flexibility

Choose between 4, 6, and 8 week Chapters based on what fits your schedules best. 

No preset routes to follow

Pick any location on our Chapter Calendar. Without a set route, the journey is up to you.

Mix and match preferences

Book a private room on one Chapter and a shared room on the next, choose the option that fits your budget and comfort level.

Co-creating the experience

Chapters never have a set itinerary so each experience is unique. The weekend trips, impromptu weekday dinners, and everything in between are planned as a community.

Stay productive on Chapters

Work first, then play

Not sacrificing our professional growth is what makes this nomad lifestyle sustainable. We work hard during the week and live every moment to the fullest in our free time.

Always say yes (but sometimes no)

We say yes to the countless adventures that push us out of our comfort zone. But we don't feel bad saying no when we need time for ourselves or our work.

Find your people on Chapters

Give everyone a chance

We're an international group with different upbringings and backgrounds. We always try to grow and learn from each other, be inclusive, and approach every situation with empathy.

We left home for a reason

Home is the most comfortable place, but we left it for a reason. We get comfortable with the uncomfortable and appreciate what's different, without any expectations.

What Chapters are coming up? In which destinations?

Check out Chapter Calendar for the latest information on where our community is headed next. 

How many people attend each Chapter?

Between 12 and 25 people attend each Chapter. We’re very careful not to have groups that are too large, because large groups quickly become impersonal and break down into small cliques. Our favourite thing about our Tribe, is that... it’s a Tribe. We’re each other's families away from home.

What's the work culture like on Chapters?

For many of us, this is a permanent lifestyle, so we simply need to get sh*t done! Our ‘average’ member probably works a 40-hour week. Some people have managed to cut their working hours down further, while others – typically those working on their own businesses – often work even longer hours.

We have a few coworking tips to stay productive while being mindful of others:

  1. Take calls in areas that don't disturb other members. That could be your bedroom, an empty common area, or outside by the pool.
  2. Keep our coworking spaces clutter free and clean so everyone has room to be productive.
  3. Respect other people's focus. If someone is wearing their headphones, that's a clear sign they're in work mode.
  4. Put work first when it's time to work. We all need to get stuff done, and the more productive we are, the more we're able to enjoy our time off together.

What our members say:

"Everyone works hard so that they can play hard. I was worried when I first joined that it would be difficult to get my work done, but it has proven the opposite - during the day people do pop in and out on little adventures but everyone is both very focused and very respectful of others." - Morgan M., member since 2019

"The weekends are full of adventures, but during the week, there is just so much work! People want to work, they want to grow their business and due to the huge diversity of people, you can learn a lot from each other." - Wilhelm R., member since 2019

How is the internet connection on Chapters?

We take every precaution to make sure that there's workable internet on every Chapter. It's the reason why most of us can live this lifestyle. For each Chapter we:  

  1.  ask the landlord for speed tests
  2. upgrade the speed if possible
  3. purchase mobile data as backups (usually 4G speeds

Disclaimer: Don’t expect the kind of speeds you're used to from home. Every country has different maximum speeds and internet speeds may even vary from one street to the next. If you require very fast internet to do your work, please mention this in your application, or when you request to join a location, so we can tell you what speeds to expect.

What kind of activities or trips do we do during Chapters?

We’re an active group, but the kind of activities that we do varies from Chapter to Chapter and from group to group. Some of our favourite weekend trips have included island escapes, road trips, hiking, or other adventurous experiences.

During the weekdays, we're exploring the city, participating in cultural events or experiences, and eating our way through local dishes.

What our members say:

"I'd say that regardless of age, career, country, personality or gender, we were always on a "collaborate mode". If someone found a place to eat: let's try it! A great place to co-work? : let's go! In the end, is that kind of attitude that encourages everyone to try new things and make the most of the experience." - Pam. S., member since 2019

"Honestly this Chapter was so full of adventures and experiences, but some of my favorite moments were when we were all just hanging out together. Playing games or having a bonfire or singing at the top of our lungs while Quinn played the piano. The adventures were great (and scary) but the most memorable parts for me were just enjoying each others company." - Collette W., member since 2019

What's a typical day like?

Defining a "typical" day is tough when the Chapter experience is created in the moment. Here's a general outline of what to expect, but know unexpected adventures can pop up at anytime!

8am: Wake up and head to the kitchen to make coffee. Julio is already up, and he's the guy who never travels without a french press. He offers to brew an extra cup for you to enjoy on the terrace together while everyone else is getting up.

10am: There's a big table in the common area so you set up a work space with 4 other members around you. Your normal morning work routine follows, checking emails, Slack, and chitchatting with everyone about the empanada making class the night before.

2pm: Jess sent out a message on the Chapter's Slack channel about going to cowork at a cafe nearby. You have a call at 2:30pm so you decide to join her after that. A small group is interested so they head over and save you a seat.

5pm: Last email sent and your to-do list is complete, just in time for the daily sunset happy hour. Your coworking group leaves the cafe for the beach, meeting everyone else for a few beers, pick up volleyball games, late day swims, and hanging out. Marisa tells you about when she was a farmhand in New Zealand for a summer, apparently sheep have great memories!

8pm: Wilhelm made a reservation a few nights ago at a pop-up restaurant in nearby. Everyone is getting ready for a dinner out and chatting on the terrace. A few people have to finish last-minute work emails and can't join, so they're cooking a family-style meal together instead. 

11pm: Dinner was a success, the group starting making plans for the upcoming weekend trip. It sounds like some are excited to go diving, others want to do a zip-line tour, and a few people saw a day-hike to a hidden beach that has you interested. The group working at home finally called it quits and wants to hear all about the latest plans when you guys get home. 

11:30pm: With an early meeting tomorrow, it's time for bed.

Our Annual Membership & Chapter Costs

It's important that our community's financial commitments don't exclude incredible people from joining. To avoid ever going corporate, our annual membership and Chapter prices help sustain our community so we can continue evolving it.

Annual membership - $500

Each year, it's an intentional commitment to remain an active part of the community. We ask ourselves if we're still eager to grow and travel together, and still feel engaged and curious. 

Chapter costs - $1,200 - $2,800 each

Our Chapter prices are based on the destination, season, and quality of our accommodations. 60% of our Chapters have a starting price at or below $1,400 for a shared room and $2,300 for a private room. Learn how to save $200 - $600 on Chapters with Member savings here.

How does the annual membership work?

It's a yearly financial commitment to remain an active member of the WiFi Tribe community. It's valid for 12 months from the purchase date and automatically renews unless you wish to cancel.

To book Chapters and travel with WiFi Tribe and continue accessing our private Slack community, you will need to have an active membership.

How can I save money by committing to multiple Chapters upfront?

To reserve a spot on a Chapter, our members put down a $300 deposit. Members can pay for a deposit each time they book a Chapter, one-by-one, or they can purchase Chapter deposits in bulk. 

We offer members the ability to pre-purchase 3, 5 or 7 Chapter deposits upfront to unlock lower Chapter prices.  It gives new members instant access the prices that seasoned members get (saving between $200 - $300 per Chapter). It's a popular way to save money in the long run and book more Chapters.

You can read all about our deposits bundles and Chapter savings here. Or just asking during your interview for more information.

What's covered in the Chapter costs? What are members expected to cover? 

A Chapter will always include:

  • Accommodation
  • Water, electricity, and any other bills
  • Basic cleaning
  • WiFi
  • Internet backups
  • Space to work within our accommodations
  • Awesome Tribe of people

Occasionally, like on our Bolivia Chapter, there may be an option to purchase chef-cooked meals for an additional fee. 

Members are responsible for their own flights, foods, and any activities they'd like to take part in while on Chapter. 

What if I can't join a Chapter right away?

If you're unable to join a Chapter immediately after becoming a member, there are other ways to meet the community until you can. 

With access to Slack, you can virtually get to know the other people you'll be travelling with by bonding over shared interests in the #club-books or #club-cooking channels. Or make plans to meet in person if your current home base has a hub of members, like New York City, Playa del Carmen, or Barcelona. 

Becoming Part of our Community

An invitation to join us doesn't just include a warm welcome into the community. It's the beginning of connecting with others who want to show up and contribute to something bigger than themselves. Though we already subscribe to the same values, following these principles helps create the family-like bonds that our community is known for.

Treat this like your home

Treat fellow members with the same dignity, respect, and kindness that you would treat your own family with. 

Lend a helping hand

We've all got each other's backs here. Keep an eye out for moments where you can help someone who might need it.

Show up & get involved

A community only works if everyone contributes. Ask yourself: "how can make the community a better place?"

Leave your ego

Throw in your knowledge, talents, and passions. Lean into the uncomfortable until it feels good.

Treat this like your home

Treat fellow members with the same dignity, respect, and kindness that you would treat your own family with. 

Lend a helping hand

We've all got each other's backs here. Keep an eye out for moments where you can help someone who might need it.

Show up & get involved

A community only works if everyone contributes. Remember to ask yourself often: "how can I make this community even better?"

Leave your ego

Throw in your knowledge, talents, and passions. Lean into the uncomfortable until it feels good. We want to get to know you.

What can I expect in my first weeks as a WiFi Tribe member?

Your first weeks in the community will be a whirlwind of new friends, going on adventures, and living out your dreams. It'll also include a new Slack login and the ability to book your first Chapter.

Slack is our primary communication tool to stay in touch. You'll join our Slack workspace to virtually meet members, share ideas, offering a helping hand, and ask for support. New members are encouraged to:

  • Introduce themselves in the #__welcome channel so everyone can say hi
  • Ask questions in the #_member_ask_me_anything channel for answers about how to join a Chapter, what it's like to travel with the Tribe, and remote work tips
  • Post a picture in the #_fomowars channel of your latest adventure for lots of 😍 reactions

New experiences are just around the corner, all you have to do is decide which one speaks to you. New members can:

  • Book a Chapter to meet more members in person and experience a new kind of community-focused travel
  • Meet up with others in your city by checking out the location-specific Slack channels like #hub-usa_newyorkcity or #hub-mexico_oaxaca

How does the community connect online?

Much like roads, street lights, and mobile networks are the infrastructure of a country, Slack keeps our community connected online.

It's the communication tool that makes it easy for us to meet new people and reconnect with old friends, wherever we are in the world. It's also a space where we share ideas, offer a helping hand and ask for support–a way to stay plugged into our community when we can't be there in-person.