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What most people join nomad programs in search of – community, friendship, coworking/coliving – they will find with the Tribe.” - Leah B

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Imagine a community filled with like-minded, curious, inspiring, and adventurous people. They’re your friends, mentors, and travel partners and the bonds you’ve formed evolve to last a lifetime. And the best part is, the community isn’t in just one city but it follows you all over the world.  

We’re on a mission to combine that sense of belonging with the magic of travel. WiFi Tribe is a global community for those ready to subscribe to a new way of living. We work, live, explore, and support each other to get the most out of this journey through life. You may be coming to WiFi Tribe for the travels but we guarantee you’ll stay for the community.

How to Travel the World with WiFi Tribe

Members travel around the world with WiFi Tribe by joining our Chapters. Here's how it works:

1. Activate a Membership

Every year, you'll pay $500 to remain an active member of the community. You need an active membership to join Chapters and be plugged into the community through our member-only Slack workspace. 

$200 Chapter Credit for New Members

New members who activate their membership within 7 days of being accepted into the Tribe, get a credit of $200 towards the price of their 1st Chapter!

2. Purchase a Chapter Plan

After activating your membership and officially becoming part of the community, it's time to think about how many Chapters you'd like to experience with WiFi Tribe! 

Our Chapter Plans were designed with freedom and flexibility in mind. A Plan is made up of deposits, where the total number of deposits equals the number of Chapters you want to join. The Chapter deposits never expire if you have an active membership so they fit with any travel schedule. 

Our Chapter Plans allow you to unlock lower Chapter prices when you're ready to book (see pricing table below). You can also choose to pay as you go if you prefer.  

New Member Experience Guarantee

New members who purchase a 3 or 5 Chapter Plan can downgrade their plan after attending their first Chapter. See our Booking FAQs for more information.

3. Book a Chapter & Meet Your Tribe

After buying a Chapter Plan, the most exciting decision begins: figuring out where you want to go!

You can choose between 4, 6 and 8-week Chapters in locations all over the world. Our Chapter Plan flexibility means you can join Chapters one after another or spread them out.  When an exciting destination is added to our Chapter Calendar, members have the ultimate freedom to choose their own adventure.

Chapter prices depend on your Chapter Plan and what type of room you prefer (shared or private). We also use Tiers to align our Chapter prices with the level of accommodation or local housing costs in each destination.

Chapter Prices

(Prices below are for 4-week Chapters)

Save Money with a Chapter Plan

Choosing the 5 Chapter Plan will save you a minimum of $1,500 and up to $2,500 over paying as you go. That's a free Chapter! 

A Quick Recap of How it Works 

There is an annual membership fee of $500 and a membership is active for 12 months

You need an active membership to join any Chapter

You can choose any Chapter location you want

You can attend Chapters back-to-back or spread them out

Chapter Plans don't expire as long as you have an active membership

Frequently Asked Questions

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