Experience "Firenze" with the Tribe

Join us as we explore this stunning city steeped in history, boasting more gelaterias than you could possibly try in one month, and set in the gorgeous Tuscan landscape an easy train ride from many other Italian favorites - making for more adventures and special Tribe moments than you could possibly imagine.

1. Climb the Duomo

On the outside, for the stunning views of Florence. And on the inside for Giorgio Vasari’s fresco of the Last Judgment.

2. Marvel at Florence's History

Every cobble stone in the historic city center - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is steeped in history and culture. 

3. Have a Picnic with a View

Pack a picnic  and climb the steps up to Piazzale Michelangelo for a panoramic view of the city.

4. Rent a Villa on a Tuscan Vineyard

Stay at a gorgeous villa and sip some of the best wine in the world while looking out over a green-gold Tuscan vineyard.

5.  Go on a Weekend Trip to Rome

Take the train to explore one of the most historically, religiously, and culturally relevant cities in all of Europe. 

6. Hike Between Towns in Cinque Terre

Hike the paths or rent a boat to journey between these five villages built into the rugged, steep Ligurian coastline. 

7. Gorge Yourself on Italian Food

Your notion of "Italian food" might be turned on its head as soon as you taste the first bite of a true Italian meal.

8. Take a Day Trip to Pisa or Siena

Both cities are an easy rental car's drive away, perfect for a day trip to explore and enjoy with your fellow WiFi Tribers. 

Meet the Chapter Host


Originally from the Dominican Republic. She’s an environmental lawyer, and currently works at a non-profit with projects in the nexus of gender and climate change. She likes reading (a lot), volleyball, biking, dancing, and writing. She describes herself as curious, open-minded, active and full of energy.

Our Home in Florence

Santa Croce

6 apartments in 3 buildings

21 members

50 mbps

Apartments in Building 1

Apartment in Building 2

Apartments in Building 3


The Historic Centre of Florence, with its narrow alleys, cobbled streets and medieval and Renaissance buildings, has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1982.

We are staying in beautiful traditional Santa Croce, home of the Basilica di Santa Croce, which houses the tombs of some of the most prominent figures in Italian history, including Michelangelo and Galileo Galilei. 

The neighbourhood is known for its vibrant square filled with restaurants, cafes and artisan workshops making it an ideal place to relax and people-watch. With its central location, the Santa Croce neighbourhood provides easy access to other popular attractions in Florence, including the Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery.

We have six stunning Renaissance-style apartments (17 bedrooms in total) distributed across three properties. Some of them are between 400-500 years old and within 10min walking distance from each other.

Each apartment has a unique look and feel with super high ceilings and partially covered in fresco art. One of them is on the top floor with a beautiful terrace overlooking Florence which will be perfect for our Tribal Tuesdays. 

You will have access to multiple living rooms with dining tables for varied coworking setups. 

Check below for room upgrades

Good to Know

Florence's local airport is small and serves only a limited number of flights. Check the nearby Pisa International Airport for better, cheaper flights into the area, and then hop on a train or shuttle bus to Florence. It's only about an hour's ride away. 

The beautiful architectural renaissance buildings are by design different and generally have smaller bathrooms, windows, narrower hallways, often lack lifts, have thicker walls and make it difficult to undertake infrastructural upgrades (especially due to its Unesco World Heritage status). 

With each apartment having its own unique look and feel, expect the decor, furniture and layout to be significantly different from one another. 

Please, come with an eco-friendly mindset especially during a time when Europe is grappling with an energy crisis as well climate change challenges. Despite us going to Florence during peak season and summer, we ask you to be very mindful of the AC use on this chapter and not leave it on once you left the house. 

If you're planning on visiting any of the major museums (like the Uffizi Gallery or the Galleria dell’Accademia), do yourself a favor and pre-book your tickets. Otherwise, you'll spend ages standing in long, slow, hot lines rather than enjoying once-in-a-lifetime masterpieces.

Florence has an epic amount of history and culture packed into an extremely walkable center area. You won't need a car or even public transport to get around the city itself, though if you want to explore the surrounding region of Tuscany, renting a car is likely your best option. If you're looking into day or weekend trips to other major Italian cities, trains will get you there easily, reliably, and for a good price. 

Available Upgrades

Add an upgrade to your booking request when filling out the form below. Pictures are representative only due to multiple upgrades being available across different apartments.

Private Room with a double bed , AC and an Ensuite (4 upgrades available)


Private Room with a double bed, AC, and a private bathroom outside the room  (4 upgrades available)


Large Private Room with a double bed, AC and a small private balcony with a table and two chairs (1 upgrade available)


Saving Opportunity

Add a saving opportunity to your booking request when filling out the form below.

 Smaller room with 2 twin beds, AC, and clothing storage.

$250 saving over shared price, per booking

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Aug 4 - Sep 1, 2023

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Florence Chapter FAQs

Find all general booking FAQs here and Chapter-specific information below.

Payment & cancellation deadlines

Chapter Payments (please be aware of the changes for all 2023 Chapters):

  • Booking requests will receive a link to finalize your booking to pay the full Chapter price payment
  • The final full payment is due 8 weeks prior to the Chapter starting. (Note: this means you’ll have from the time of booking until 8 weeks out to submit the full Chapter payment)
  • If your full payment is not received 8 weeks before the Chapter start date, your deposit will be forfeited and spot will be given to the next person on the waitlist
  • Bookings made less than 8 weeks before the Chapter start date will pay the full Chapter price at booking

Cancellations (please be aware of the new policy for 2023 trips):

The following cancellation policy applies:

  • Once the final price and accommodation details are announced, early bookers have 3 days to confirm their booking. Otherwise, the deposit is released for a future booking. 
  • You have a 48-hour grace period to cancel a trip booking and not forfeit your deposit. If a booking is cancelled within 48 hours, the deposit will be released for a future trip.
  • Cancelling 6+ weeks before arrival: 100% refund of the final payment. Your deposit is forfeited if you reconfirmed an early booking or if you didn’t cancel within the 48-hour grace period. Otherwise, the deposit is released for a future booking.
  • Cancelling 4-6 weeks before arrival: 50% refund of the final payment. Your deposit is forfeited if you reconfirmed an early booking or if you didn’t cancel within the 48-hour grace period. Otherwise, the deposit is released for a future booking.
  • Cancelling less than 4 weeks before arrival: No refund. Your deposit is forfeited if you reconfirmed an early booking or if you didn’t cancel within the 48-hour grace period. Otherwise, the deposit is released for a future booking.

Closest airport and transportation information

Closest airport: Florence Airport Peretola (FLR) or alternatively Pisa international airport (PSA)

The address of our coliving home will be shared about 4 weeks before we arrive.

COVID related FAQs and Policies

See our COVID guidelines and procedures here.

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