Advice from a techy: Denis spills the beans!

Because everyone deserves a little bit of shine and spotlight on what they do, we've chosen an OG triber to feature this month and picked his brain on what it means to be a digital nomad. 

Meet Denis, a Software Engineer from Russia who has joined the tribe several times in the past year, bringing a witty humor that melts our hearts every time. He's been a full-time digital nomad for about a year now, and is still on this crazy ride we like to call life, traveling through Europe and grabbing more first-hand experiences like the rest of us. I caught up with Denis recently and did some digging of my own to see what it's like for him to be a remote worker.


I’m web software engineer for Locomote, it's a travel platform for corporate business use. I develop saas products, implement the ideas into MVP and improve, improve, improve. I'm very much a part of the SCRUM process (planning, retrospectives, etc.) and I make conduct code reviews as well. I love what I do because I literally can implement any of my ideas into a working product.



The most obvious thing I can't leave home without is my Macbook, because work. I've been using Macbooks for the longest time so I don't know or can recommend another type or laptop, but my Mac has never failed me yet!

I randomly found this Witzman Canvas Duffel on Amazon and bought it off a whim, but it's actually really amazing with all the different pockets and holds A LOT of stuff

Dry-fit socks are a must wherever I go. It works out more often than not that I'm on some adventure in a more humid climate and I'm the smart one to pack the dry fit socks :)


I was looking for a cool community in South America because was very curious about that destination. I did my research and thought WiFi Tribe would be closest to what I was looking for in terms of like-minded people. Turns out, I was right, so I decided to extend past Peru and join for Bolivia as well which didn't disappoint. 


Hmmm…it’s completely different from how I was living before. It’s cool to be with the tribe and much easier: housing is set for the month so you don't have to worry about that, and people are welcoming and cool. Travelling alone is much harder but it brings a different outcome. With the tribe, you get a longer amount of time to get to know people, versus meeting different people every day while staying in a hostel or meeting no one at all while staying in an AirBnB. The independence and free-ness of being a digital nomad is awesome, and it helps to have other people on                                                                                    the same page as you to enjoy the ride with. 


Tomato One maybe…it’s pomodoro timer. With my work, everything is about timing and pacing yourself. I'm constantly working throughout the day on such tedious things sometimes, so timing myself keeps me motivated and on track vs. distracted with other things. It's a really good tool for getting sh*t done when it needs to be done!



Be productive, work less. Delegate things others can do. Prioritize your work so you're not always freaking out about something being due. Even short, preliminary plans are fine, as long as it works.

You can follow Denis and his continued adventures on Instagram here! While his experience may be different than yours, don't forget that we're all in this together as workers of this generation. What works for him, may not work for you and vice versa. At the end of the day, DO YOUR THING! And if you feel up for it, go ahead and apply for our next chapter of WiFi Tribe and see firsthand what this digital nomadic life is all about, we're patiently waiting to meet you!

Happy Travels :-)