Where Are We Now? Back to BALI!!!

For those who have been following WiFi Tribe over the last year at least, know that once upon a time, we had an epic time in Bali, Indonesia. Well, to come full circle, we are BACK and in full effect! Same country, new set of tribers to experience the amazingness that is Bali, Bali, Bali! We are so stoked to be back and visit some familiar places, as well as seek out new experiences, adventures and people to show up the best way to enjoy this island.

Bali, just one of Indonesia's 17,000 islands, is a tropical paradise of beaches, dense jungles and deeply spiritual and unique cultures. While most of it's culture hails from neighbouring Java, there are still isolated villages throughout where Bali Aga ("original Balinese") reside. 

This island is full of unforgettable experiences just waiting to be had! Also known as the Island of Gods, Bali is one of the world's top island attractions to date. Beyond active adventures like jungle hikes, surfing or diving, the archeological attractions and Hindi temples (with respect), are beautiful sights to see as well.

Besides checking out every one of a kind sunset, here is what the tribe has been doing so far:

Relaxin' poolside, because, why not?

Motorcycle rides on the beach.

Tribe bonding in the jungle.

Initiating tribers via water rafting.

Teaching monkeys the art of the "selfie."

Blessing our eyes with some crazy beautiful beach views.

Ugh, don't let jealousy take over, but this group of tribers is not only our largest group to date, but also has proven to be a bunch of very unique individuals, and when put together, weird and amazing things happen:

Alex (from Romania), is a Contract Software Developer currently working on DAZN, the Netflix of sports.

Eglis (from the small and proud nation Latvia) is a marketing enthusiast. He is currently stepping out of his role as CEO in his company to become a full time owner!

Beatriz (from Spain), is a software quality analyst for an American start-up, while also helping the tribe out with our Spanish skills.

Nolan is a Marketing Consultant for Microsoft. He is also in the beginning stages of creating a travel blog and travel focused social media presence as a side business.

Lindsey (from San Diego) is a copywriter, editor and storyteller. She helps entrepreneurs and visionaries share their story, business and brand in a big-way online through engaging written content and authentic marketing practices.

Luis owns his own a business in Costa Rica, geared toward creating business alliances for companies, proposing a business plan, and getting a small percentage of the generated income.

Britany (from Colorado) is the host of the travel podcast, Living Unconventionally, and a podcast launch consultant, editor, and producer.

Andrea (from Italy), is a software developer focused on mobile apps, while also running his business Pixelinlove.

Cristin (from Ecuador) works for Pact, Inc (an international NGO) as an officer for a project preventing conflict minerals in the Great Lakes Region of Africa to enter supply chains.

Nia (from San Diego) is an editor currently working for an editing service as well as providing freelance services for creative writing projects.

Morla (from Indonesia) is a freelance graphic designer who is also a coffee owner of moflocoffee.

Diego (from Bolivia), is the Co-Founder of WiFi Tribe, and the person that makes sure we are set up right in each country (his Spanish skills also help us navigate better).

Filipa (from Portugal), is currently working with WiFi Tribe, handling email marketing and admin duties to keep everyone on track!

Dan (from Australia) runs an IT business focusing on consulting and general IT services. While travelling with the Tribe he will also be working on his first fiction novel!

Katherine (from Illinois) works in finance and is currently focused on several artistic and educational side projects.

Julia (from Germany), is the Co-Founder of WiFi Tribe and the brains behind this operation, as well as a freelance consultant.

Karol (from Poland) is an ex tech consultant now tour manager. He's been living a nomad lifestyle for the past 6 years and joined WiFi Tribe for its family and community.

James (from Alabama), is a Software Developer working with Automattic.

Will (from Berlin), is an expert for Amazon SEO and advises companies how they can increase their sales and conversion rate.

Tina (from Romania), worked as web content specialist and UX professional for Canon and currently looking to specialize in SEO.

Phil (from Philadelphia) is a freelance Software Developer and blogger. He is traveling for an indefinite amount of time, documenting his time via Instagram.

 Gerardo (from Canada) is a Music Marketing Specialist with  Stereotronic .

Gerardo (from Canada) is a Music Marketing Specialist with Stereotronic.

Pia (from Germany) is a freelance copywriter, translator and virtual assistant. She's currently writing a book for and about a Swiss charitable association and the school in rural Kimilili, Kenya.

Andres (from Dallas, Tx) is an internet entrepreneur who markets products and services online. He has a pretty active lifestyle traveling the world and enjoys learning from other cultures.

This full tribe is in effect and ready to take over Bali. By the looks of things, you're probably interesting in meeting up with us sooner, rather than later, right? Perfect, head on over to here to see how WiFi Tribe works as a whole, and then tune in to where we're going next so you can join us!