Where are We Now? Jamaica, Jamaicaaaa (ya, mon!)

What better way than to spend the Christmas Holiday season by the beach? The tribe has ventured to Jamaica, where the water is clear, the people are super friendly and the food is phenomenal. based in Montego Bay, we've made sure to venture out to the surrounding areas of Negril and Ocho Rios, and even have a hiking adventure in Kingston under our belt as well! If you've never visited Jamaica, put it on your bucket list for 2018 and GET HERE!

An island country off the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is full of lush greenery, adventure, white sand beaches and crystal clear water. While you may know that Kingston is the capital, did you know that Jamaica is a commonwealth realm, with Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch and head of state (crazy right)? But, to be more specific on how the country is run on a day-to-day basis, her representative is the Governor-General of Jamaica, Sir Patrick Allen. There's a large diaspora around the world as well, with most Jamaicans currently residing in Canada, the UK and the US. (so those jamaican patties you're indulging in from your local NYC bodega are as authentic as they can get besides straight from the island itself).

Now let the FOMO set in with a glimpse of what this work hard, play hard tribe has been indulging in since arriving earlier this month:

Enjoying crystal clear waters in Ocho Rios

Waterfallin' at Dunns Falls

Party Boats complete with rainbows!

Basically, wherever there was water, that's where you'd find the tribe. Especially if it included indulging in water tricks! Take a gander at the tribe that's been milking Jamaica for all it's worth!

Julia (from Spain) is a Software Developer with Harvest, an online time tracking app perfect for the remote worker.

Diego (from Bolivia) is the Co-Founder of WiFi Tribe, and the person that makes sure we are set up right in each country (his Spanish skills also help us navigate better).

Tomas (from Lithuania) is a lifestyle entrepreneur and blogger. He writes about habits, lifestyle design and entrepreneurship. Right now, he is traveling the world with a mission to empower 1 million people to change their lifestyle for good.

Heidi (from Canada) is a freelance personality psychology writer, currently launching her first independent psychology blog.

Tiago (from Portugal) is an eCommerce manager and Facebook advertiser. He’s into personal development, wealth management and motorized outdoor adventures.

Robert (from Sweden) is an app developer. Currently, he’s working on a freelance project and cofounding a startup. He likes exploring the world and prefers slow traveling to get a more local experience and have time for daily routines.

Laurie (from the US) is a nerd for online communities, and at Khan Academy gets to work with one of the internet's finest. When she's not geeking out over the amazing ways that humans interact online, she can be found exploring some part of the world trying to collect good stories.

Jessica (from Texas) is a freelance copywriter and aspiring author, currently writing her first novel and blogging for WiFi Tribe.

Ruta (from Lithuania) is an entrepreneur & owner at inbound tour operator specializing in trips to the Baltic States. She loves traveling, learning languages, playing volleyball, good music and open-minded people.

Pavle (from Serbia) is a software developer working as a freelancer. He loves outdoor activities, reading fantasy novels, and many other things.

Leah (from NY) is Strategic Projects Manager at icuc social, a social media management agency that helps protect brand's online rep.

Viktor (from Iceland) is working independently running a peer-to-peer car rental and a storage facility in Iceland. He loves ski touring, fly fishing and a good massage. He’s looking forward to seeing what kind of people he’ll be living with getting to know them, see what they are working on and how their life is.

Tanner (from NY/MIA) is a professional poker player and looking to become a UK citizen over the upcoming years. He was in Panama, Peru and Bolivia earlier this year with the tribe and loved the experience so he’s excited to meet even more new and interesting people!

Daniel (from Sweden) is a UI & UX designer. He loves to meet new people, see new places and eat great food. He hopes Jamaica can bring the spicy food game up a level.

Robyn (from Chicago) is a content marketing strategist and overall pretty great. She enjoys dad jokes, George RR Martin, early 90's college rock, and a nice sandwich.

As 2017 comes to an end, be sure to stay up-to-date with where the tribe is going next! The roster for 2018 is UP and ready for you to join! WiFi Tribe is the perfect place for any kind of digital nomad, and we hope that as you've been following our travels this year, you'll be a part of the tribe sometime in 2018! Subscribe to a new way of living and meet some crazy amazing people on the way :)