Where Are We Now?: WiFi Tribe Travels to Lima!

As the tribe continues to dominate each country we visit, we finally made it to Lima, Peru this past week and are psyched to indulge in Peruvian culture!

Lima is known as the "Banner of the City of Kings of Peru"

Lima is the capital of the Republic of Peru and also its largest city, inhabiting over 7 million people to date. And despite the recent events of flooding in this particular city, locals really came together in their time of need. Additionally, the aid that they city was able to utilize following this disaster showed that this was not the first time something like this had happened, but they were prepared and have prevailed. 

Over the course of these next few weeks, the tribe definitely wants to explore all the crevices of Peru as a whole, including some adventures like:

So far, check out what we've been up to:

Trips to la Playa Aqua Dulce

Sunset dune buggy adventures

"Discovering" ancient Ruins

Shredding waves at Playa Aqua Dulce

Enjoying the Oasis in Huacachina

Visiting Sea Lions on Isla Ballesta

Now, meet the tribe!:

Denis (from Moscow), is a Software Engineer at Locomote, currently working on a travel platform for corporate business use.

Jessica (from Texas), is a freelance copywriter and aspiring author, currently writing her first novel and blogging for WiFi Tribe.

Nolan is a Marketing Consultant for Microsoft. He is also in the beginning stages of creating a travel blog and travel focused social media presence as a side business.

Tanner is an online professional poker player, real estate investor and beginner blogger. Even better, his first time in South America is with the tribe!

Leah (from NY) is an integration manager at icuc social, a social media management agency that helps protect brand's online rep.

Michael (from NY) is the founder of Rollinglobe, helping aspiring traveling professionals & entrepreneurs build their own travel business.

Lauren (from New Orleans) is a Pinterest Marketeer, and owns her own health & fitness blog/YouTube channel with Dale & Alex.

Julia (from Spain), is a Software Developer with Harvest, an online time tracking app perfect for the remote worker.

Alex (from Texas) is also a Pinterest Marketeer and co-owner of a health & fitness blog/YouTube channel with Lauren & Dale.

Julia (from Germany), is the Co-Founder of WiFi Tribe and the brains behind this operation, as well as a freelance consultant.

Luke (from Michigan), is an independent contractor remotely working in the realms of sales, marketing and content writing.

Dale (from New Orleans), is a film maker and Co-Creator of "The Health Nerd" YouTube channel along with Lauren and Alex. He is also a professional skydiver/basejumper so action sports and videos are kinda his thing.

Andrea (from Italy), is a software developer focused on mobile apps, while also running his business Pixelinlove.

Diego (from Bolivia), is the Co-Founder of WiFi Tribe, and the person that makes sure we are set up right in each country (his Spanish skills also help us navigate better).

Kevin (from Texas), is a digital nomad and owner of Tex Admissions, which gives aid to students all over who are applying to college!

Filipa (from Portugal), is currently working with WiFi Tribe, handling email marketing and admin duties to keep everyone on track!

Jason is a personal finance blogger and web developer, currently juggling several projects as once before her moves to Spain after Peru!

Beatriz (from Spain), is a software quality analyst for an American start-up, while also helping the tribe out with our Spanish skills :)

Heidi (from Canada), is a freelance personality psychology writer, currently launching her first independent psychology blog this month!

Will (from Berlin), is an expert for Amazon SEO and advises companies how they can increase their sales and conversion rate for Amazon.de. I am also creating a jewelry brand for amber stone and doing some freelance project management.

Check back with us soon to see a complete rundown of our time in Peru. And if it interests you, see where we're going next and join the tribe!