How To: Be a Remote Luxury Travel Agent

The same questions always arise as professionals look for a way out of working in an office space and working in an open space - that is, wherever their hearts desire at that moment. If you're looking for a change in your profession and/or atmosphere, check out a role that will allow you to make $$, travel and see some amazing places!


Remote Travel Advisor | Remote professional that aids travelers in planning their trips to some of the most beautiful places around the world.

Ambassador | Online influencer specializing in finding and following up on leads for prospective clients (works with a Senior Advisor).

Technical Support Air Specialist | Books airfare and troubleshoots all things pertaining to transportation for travelers (utilizes programs like Sabre)

Functional Role

This is very much a Sales role to an extent. A key component of this position is building your book of business (clientele); finding people who are willing to pay for access and convenience.

Our expert, Michael Nobiletti (founder of Rollinglobe, a career coaching service for aspiring travel agents and entrepreneurs) explained more in depth the difference in working budget travel vs. luxury travel. Depending on the salary you are desiring, focusing on the luxury aspect of travel is more promising for you to make those 6 figures. Specializing in a specific type of travel and/or geography is the best way to have you stand out from your competition.

Lastly, networking is necessary. Building relationships and trust with hotels, cruise liners and the like is equally as important as building the same with your clientele. The best perk about having a good relationship with hotels and cruise liners is a lot of times, they will send you on these luxury trips so you have a first hand look at what you would be selling to others, making it easier for you to vouch for the experience and make you look way cooler in front of new potential business. 

Hours | Pay Scale | Benefits

Thriving as a remote Travel Advisor, you are considered an independent contractor. Having said that, you should be available to an extent, but you're also your own boss so no standard hours. Catering to your paying consumers and their time zones is a good place to start. This is a worldwide job, so be aware of where you clients are staying and what their itinerary is at the time. And always know that you need to be on-call in case any last minute troubleshooting is necessary. 

This is a commission only role, so the amount of work you put into your book of business will reflect your compensation. Please note that different agencies have different commission splits based on sales, so weigh your options before signing on. Check out this article for a full break down

As an independent contractor you're on your own in terms of health benefits, but some agencies will have group plans that may save you some dollars, but it'll still be out of pocket. Look into some travel insurance companies like Allianz while you're touring the world for some good prices and great coverage :) 

Attributes for Success

A hustle mentality is key. Having an entrepreneurial spirit will aid in the determination needed to make this kind of position work. Adding in those natural salesman personality traits is also helpful. Go above and beyond so that your client has an unforgettable experience (you have to be a closer... not to be confused with being pushy). Finally, if not most important, customer service is a main focus. You are providing a concierge service to discerning consumers so be patient and cater to their needs (humility is always a good thing). 

Training/Education Needed

There are certification programs available, but not required. Training programs differ from agency to agency (some offer formal training and mentorship programs, others are more casual). Regardless, your first year is all about education; learning the industry, destinations and suppliers. Online courses also help to keep you abreast on new tactics, locations, properties, etc. 


Still curious about how you can travel the world, make destination dreams come true and collect cash in your pocket? Check out Rollinglobe's site to find out more info on how to get started! (Rollinglobe is a preferred vendor of Virtuoso, the world's leading luxury travel network). And who knows, maybe in the near future you'll be able to meet up with the tribe where we are and add some stamps to your passport.