Where are we now? Hello, Portugal!

WiFi Tribe never stops and never sleeps (okay, sometimes we sleep). But while we are juggling our lives as digital nomads, a change of scenery can easily revamp and revitalize our energy for more adventures. For the next month, we are exploring the wonderful country of Portugal!

This beautiful country is part of the Eurozone, ranked 19th with the best quality of life, and considered a globalized peaceful nation. Additionally, it's the 8th largest tourist destination and coincidentally hosting an epic Digital Nomad Meetup in Lisbon!

With our first stop being Lisbon (Portugal's capital), the tribers have currently been taking in some amazing landscapes, art installations, sunsets, graffitied streets and crazy beautiful architecture!:

This month, we have a lot of new faces and some OG tribers in the mix, check out who has taken on the challenge of turning Portugal upside down over the next few weeks:

Morla (from Indonesia) is a freelance graphic designer who is also a coffee owner of moflocoffee.

Mircea is a passionate software developer working Open Source gigs as a freelancer and consultant with a special knack for freedom and changing landscapes.

Lauren (from New Orleans) is a Pinterest Marketeer, and owns her own health & fitness blog/YouTube channel with Dale & Alex.

Nomera (from the UK) is a Fashion/Jewelry Designer. Currently she's focusing on building a jewelry brand online, as well as freelancing with Fashion and Tech companies.

Filipa (from Portugal), is currently working with WiFi Tribe, handling email marketing and admin duties to keep everyone on track!

Alex (from Texas) is a Pinterest Marketeer and co-owner of a health & fitness blog/YouTube channel.

Ian (from St. Petersburg, FL) is a Chief Mate and operator of a ship assist and escort tug in Los Angeles!

Nolan is a Marketing Consultant for Microsoft. He is also in the beginning stages of creating a travel blog and travel focused social media presence as a side business.

Bekir is a software developer and has been working remotely for more than 4 years now.

Matt (from Florida & DC) is an international clinical research pharmacy operations manager for the US National Institutes of Health and has spent the past 2.5 years focused on vaccines and treatments for Ebola.

Rob (from London) is a Copywriter and Marketer for a group of international businesses.

Gerardo (from Canada) is a Music Marketing Specialist with Stereotronic.

Dale (from New Orleans), is a filmmaker and Co-Creator of "The Health Nerd"YouTube channel. He is also a professional skydiver/basejumper!

Diego (from Bolivia), is the Co-Founder of WiFi Tribe, and the person that makes sure we are set up right in each country (his Spanish skills also help us navigate better).

Sam (from NYC) is an owner of a truck driver forum and has been traveling for the past 2 years.

Julia (from Germany), is the Co-Founder of WiFi Tribe and the brains behind this operation, as well as a freelance consultant.

We have a large group of personalities this month and cannot wait to continue living our best lives together in Portugal. be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates on what we're doing... and if it interests you, see where we're going next and join the tribe!