Where Are We Now? WiFi Tribe Takes Argentina!

Greetings! WiFi Tribe here, checking in from our newest location, Buenos Aires!

We’ve just arrived this past weekend, added some new faces to the tribe and have already begun to fall in love with this giant city! As the capital of the Argentine Republic and one of the 20 largest cities in the world, Buenos Aires is a major tourist destination known for its architecture, dancing and food. This city encompasses an eclectic style, mixing Spanish, Italian and French architectural design. And with a new group of digital nomads residing in the heart of the city, we are able to fully indulge in the, “Paris of South America.”

Over the last couple of days, we have taken advantage of the Argentinian culture, sightseeing some of the most beautiful spots, participating in the local dance of Tango and satisfying our taste buds with savory steak. Check out what we have seen so far:

Famous Floralis Generic de Buenos Aires

Colorful neighborhoods all around

La Boca

Ecological Reserve of Buenos Aires

Sightseeing at Big Ben on a group bike ride

A city full of flavor!

Central Market Sundays

Panoramic shot of the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires

Now meet our Argentine tribe:

Allison, a Marketing Consultant & Copywriter from San Francisco, Ca currently working with various health entrepreneurs in the eCommcerce industry.

James, a Software Developer from Alabama working with Automattic. Most recently, he was the release lead for WordPress 4.7.3 which just recently launched!

Fanny, a Freelance Production & Tour Manager from France (based in London), is currently working for the Barbican Centre and a huge VR/ technology and dance project called Zero Point.

Diego, Co-founder of WiFi Tribe from Germany, currently holding down the fort here and coordinating a sick digital nomad experience that you could be a part of :)

Elisa, an SEO Consultant for Animoo originally from Spain, she doubles as the Co-founder of Remoters; she's a busy one on the move for success.

Sarah, a Web Marketing Coordinator in the hospitality industry, is originally from Montreal, Canada and brings a great sense of humor and traveling spirit to the tribe :)

Jessica, a Freelance Copywriter from Los Angeles who is busy creating marketing strategies and blogging for Allegra Consulting, geared toward private and public sector organizations.

Xavier, native of France, is an Entrepreneur and Founder of an open source company. His flexibility in locations to work from makes for lots of interesting stories and great conversation!

Julia, Co-founder of WiFi Tribe, is from Germany as well and is the glue that keeps the tribe alive, moving and experiencing great things within each location.


With so much more to explore and participate in, we’re super stoked for the remaining weeks here in Buenos Aires; hopefully we are Tango masters by the end of the month!