Podcaster Britany shares how she juggles travelling and talking for a living

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We have featured a fair few remote careers on this blog and the majority of them tend to be in the categories of marketing and tech, for two reasons:

  1. People always need marketing services and people will now always need a tech whizzkid, either to create new stuff or manage and maintain the stuff that is already here.

Technology has completely exploded across the world and has dramatically changed well...everything! For millenials who 'want it all', technology has been utilised to completely disrupt typical work patterns and typical office building type structures, and as people continue to innovate, this has easily opened up thousands upon thousands of job and entrepreneurial opportunities, which has given many people a chance to "live your best life."

    2. Jobs in tech and marketing are ideal occupations for the remote lifestyle.

While some companies are trying to get with the times and offer incentives of being able to work part-time from home, being a part of a company that is 100% remote is completely different. The freedom you're awarded to be anywhere in the world as long as you're logged in and working during agreed upon hours is hard to beat! If you don't want to work for just one specific company, there's always a part-time and project-by-project based freelance opportunity available to fill your roster.

Britany WiFi Tribe

It makes sense of course, tech and marketing are two HUGE fields, with many different facets, so it's always good fun to feature specific roles and give you a bit of insight into the kind of work people are doing. So to that end, we've interviewed the lovely Britany, a native of Colorado, who has caught the entrepreneurial bug and successfully runs her own Podcast business (Podcasting for Coaches). She's also a well seasoned WiFi Triber so read on to find out what Britany spends her time doing!


In her words, Britany is a Podcast Launch Consultant and Editor, where she helps coaches and consultants start podcasts to build brand awareness and generate leads for their businesses. She's been able to take her experience and expertise, and turn that into an entrepreneurial endeavour that has benefitted her in more ways than one. 


I left the corporate world for good in May of 2016. I started a travel podcast while I was still in corporate and was able to turn the skills I gained from that project into a full-time business editing podcasts for other people. Now, I'm helping coaches and consultants launch and utilize podcasts for their businesses. I only actually need WiFi occasionally to do the majority of the work so it's perfect for allowing me to travel wherever, and whenever, I want. 


This Microsoft Wireless Mouse - it’s much smaller and more compact than most other ones.

These Sony Large Diaphragm Headphones - They’re studio quality and they fold in on themselves so they take up less space.

This pack from Elephant Stripes - Amazing woman owned company that features quality products.


I chose WiFi Tribe for a number of reasons:

·      The flexibility to join chapters whenever it worked best for me.
·      The emphasis on community.
·      The extensive application process that helps ensure the people you’re living with aren’t awful.
·      The emphasis placed on actually working. I have a business to run and it was important that I didn’t have people constantly trying to distract me when it was time to work.


I’ve always known since I was a little kid that I wasn’t meant to live a conventional life. Travel has always excited me, and I get bored with places and routines after a fairly short period of time. I need constant changes and new experiences. When the opportunity presented itself to leave my corporate life to be my own boss full-time, I took it and haven't looked back.

Britany WiFi Tribe


That I’m not alone. Most of my friends and family are supportive but they don’t actually understand me. I’ve felt like an outcast my whole life b/c I’ve never wanted the traditional things. Travelling, especially with the WiFi Tribe, has shown me that there is a place I belong and people who I don’t need to explain myself to because they feel the same way. It's very reassuring to be around like-minded people, specifically people who have experienced working remotely. 


I would be lost without the tools I use for my business to help it run as efficiently as possible; allowing me more time to explore new places. Some of my favorite tools are:

·      Dropbox for file storage and transfer
·      Asana, Airtable, and Todoist for project/task management
·      Acuity Scheduling for allowing current and potential clients to easily schedule calls with me automatically and without having to worry about differences in time zones.


Find the method that works best for you. Just because someone else is changing locations every other week, doesn’t mean you have to. Maybe you need to spend a few months in a location before moving on. Maybe you need spend a few months at “home” between locations. There is no "one size fits all" way to be a remote worker. Just figure out what works best for you and then don’t let anyone stop you from doing it.

You can follow Britany's travels via her Instagram

Want to see what all the hype is about with WiFi Tribe? Check out where we are now, and if looks like a fit, don't hesitate to apply and join us sometime in 2018!