Nomad Guide: 7 Best Coworking Spaces in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Great weather all year long. Delicious food on every corner. Affordable cost of living. Sounds like heaven, right?

Many digital nomads agree, which is why Playa del Carmen has become a popular destination for remote workers who like it sunny, yummy and cheap. Plus, the party scene in Playa del Carmen will keep you entertained for many nights, no matter how long you stay.

A few things to know: The internet, while better than in neighbouring countries, isn’t the speediest in Mexico yet. On a good day, average connection speeds reach 10 mbps - and this is outside rainy season, where sudden hard downpours regularly slow down or even completely cut off connectivity until the rain stops.

So if you need reliable internet connections - and let’s face it, digital nomads usually do - the coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen are your best bet. There are quite a number of them in the city, many with ocean views and close enough to the beaches to take a break by going for a swim in those warm, turquoise Caribbean waters.

Photo courtesy of Enlaces Corporativos

Photo courtesy of Enlaces Corporativos

Enlaces Corporativos

Hourly rate: 10 USD

Weekly Pass: Available upon request

Monthly Pass: Available upon request

Member Access: Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm

If you need total peace and quite to work, Enlaces Corporativos is the coworking space for you. Rather than offering an open office plan with hot desks, this space focuses on office rooms, which can be rented either privately or shared. Located in Playa’s business area and therefore without a beach view, Enlaces Corporativos is nevertheless ideal for making calls, recording videos or meeting clients in private in this office-style work environment.

While there’s no food on the premises, you only walk a block or two to reach tasty and inexpensive food options - can you say taco trucks? - since Enlaces Corporativos is a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of Quinta Avenida.

Selina Cowork Playa del Carmen

Day Pass: 10 USD

Weekly Pass: 55 USD

Monthly Pass: 150 USD

Member Access: 24/7

Selina is a big, successful hostel chain with beautiful hostels across Latin America and even one in Portugal. Selina has recently started adding coworking places in their existing locations - and Playa del Carmen is one of them.

Photo courtesy of Selina

Photo courtesy of Selina

Selina Cowork offers the typical basics of high-speed wifi and air conditioning, as well as free water, tea and coffee, as well as both a kitchen and an onsite cafe. They offer are Skype-rooms, standing desks and ergonomic chairs, an outdoor terrace and chill-out area. Special bonuses are the library and the swimming pool on the premises.

If you’re looking for a cheap coworking space with coliving close at hand, Selina might just be the place for you.

Altus Business and Coworking

Photo courtesy of Altus

Photo courtesy of Altus

Hourly Rate: 5 USD

Day Pass: 15 USD

Biweekly Pass: 150 USD

Monthly Pass: 235 USD

Member Access: 24/7

If you’re looking for a super professional office space close to the beach, where working trumps community and you can meet clients in quiet, well-stocked meeting rooms, you’ve come to the right place at Altus Business and Coworking. Part of the packages are also free coffee and cookie service as well as free copies and, depending on the package you choose, even a free telephone line.

While Altus is half a block away from the beach and located next to a hip vegan restaurant, it’s also in the area with the weakest internet connection. Altus has two data lines to ensure consistent internet service, but experience shows that the speed won’t go beyond 5 Mbps on a normal day. But if bandwidth isn’t your main priority and you’d rather be working from an office super close to a beautiful beach, you should definitely consider Altus.

Work Zone Coworking

Day Pass: 200 pesos

Weekly Pass: 1,000 pesos

Monthly Pass: 2,500 pesos

Member Access: 24/7

Unlike most of the other coworking spaces, Work Zone is located in the Northern part of the city, about half an hour away from the beaches and Quinta Avenida, where all the action is - which has several benefits.

The first is that Work Zone is about half the price of the others, both for the actual coworking pricing as well as the nearby food options.

Furthermore, local remote workers take advantage of the cheaper prices and flock here. So if you’re interested in really diving into Mexican life and culture and improving your Spanish, this is the perfect place for it.

Work Zone offers

  • scanners and printers,

  • two meeting rooms for up to eight people for rent on an hourly basis of 150 pesos/hour,

  • a patio with hammocks to chill for a while,

  • an actual chill-room where you can play video games or watch Netflix (and Chill, hehe),

  • bikes to borrow for free

  • another terrace to chill some more

  • an onsite kitchenette with free coffee, tea and cookies.

  • regular social events and

  • great community vibe.

Photos courtesy of Work Zone

Photos courtesy of Work Zone

Work Zone 1.jpg
Work Zone 2.jpg

Cowork In

Day Pass: 249 pesos

Weekly Pass: 1,249 pesos

Monthly Pass: 4,499 pesos

Member Access: Monday to Sunday, 7am to midnight

Located in a less-central and somewhat grim area, Cowork In nevertheless boasts something most digital nomads will appreciate: one of the fastest internet connections in town, reaching between 50-90 Mbps on a regular basis. A nice little extra speed boost.

Other than that, the space has a fairly serious work vibe and the functional space to fit it. On the smaller side, as coworking spaces go, it nevertheless offers great features that make it easy to settle and knuckle down here, starting with the air conditioning and kitchen, free tea and coffee, as well as printers, a projector, conference rooms, and an exterior living room.

The prices stated above are for the shared hot-desk space, but there are also private offices to be had for not even double the prices.

Photos courtesy of Cowork In

Photos courtesy of Cowork In

Cowork In 1.jpg

BUNKER Coworking

Photo courtesy of Bunker Coworking

Photo courtesy of Bunker Coworking

Day Pass: 250 pesos

Weekly Pass: 1,099 pesos

Monthly Pass: 2,900 pesos

Member Access: 24/7

2 blocks away from the beach, this cozy, brand new coworking space packs a punch - a speedy internet punch reaching a consistent 120 Mb.

The prices stated above are for the shared space, but there are also private and virtual offices for rent. All of them come with printer and scanner options, the possibility to rent meeting or virtual conference rooms for four hours per week, as well as free tea, coffee and snacks.

The space itself boasts a rest and chillout area, lockers and parking spaces, and even offers to receive packages for you if you can’t have them sent somewhere else. Regular workshops are also held.

Because it’s so brand-spanking new, the community is still growing, making this a a more intimate coworking space, where people put productivity first.

Photo courtesy of Nest

Photo courtesy of Nest

Nest Coworking

Day Pass: 15 USD

Weekly Pass: 75 USD

Monthly Pass: 250 USD

Member Access: 24/7

The most popular coworking space in Playa del Carmen, Nest Coworking offers multiple areas to work or hang out in. The downstairs is relaxed with open office plan and hot desks, including standing desks and plenty of outlets. There’s also an outdoor courtyard with tables, comfortable chairs and a hammock. Perfect for some outdoor working and chillaxing.

The upstairs is all about the werk werk werk. A designated quiet space, you’re not allowed to make phone calls or talk up here. And it it’s still too loud for you, just hop into one of the private cubicles or rent a private office space.

In addition, Nest offers air conditioning, a parking lot, bicycles for rent, a kitchen, and a host of different courses, workshops and conferences throughout the year.

An extra feature for eco-conscious digital nomads: more than 50% of Nest’s electricity comes from Solar Energy, the products they use are biodegradable or with low environmental impact, and they support the local economy through their alliances.

Found your favorite coworking space in Playa? WiFi Tribe will surely be hitting up some of these coworking hotspots on our next chapter in Mexico, happening right now. Maybe we’ll see you there? And if you want to join, check out our next amazing locations or apply here with one click.

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