Nomad Guide: Best Cafés to visit in Buenos Aires

The cafe culture in Palermo, Buenos Aires is probably the most alluring, colourful and charming in Latin America. And while that's inspiring and invigorating, we all have those dry-spell days when we'd rather clean the entire house than do any kind of work.

We know the drill. You need to get out of the house, get things done and experience a bit of the local culture while you're at it. You want reliable WiFi, good coffee, decent prices and people around you working on their laptops. You look at the list on Tripadvisor and cry because there are so many to choose from...what are the best cafes in buenos aires to work from? Which cafes in Buenos Aires are good for studying even?

These are our dearest spots to work from - the places we kept coming back to, rain or shine. We'll give you a head start until you get to explore the city and discover your own personal favourites.

Padre Coffee Roasters

Perfect for: a mellow afternoon

Nomad Profile: It was going to be a productive day, but it's not really happening. You're feeling lazy and all you want is a laid-back day. Luckily at Padre they take their coffee seriously, so you'll have a huge range of wake-up options. Order their big honey lemonade on the side, and you're set for a few solid hours of work.

Other perks:

● Smiley and friendly staff (they'll talk to you in English, should you wish so)

● Big, uncluttered space, and plenty of seats to choose from. You can also find sockets under some of them.

● Cool & laid-back industrial decor

● Huge selection of craft beers, which makes this the perfect place to switch smoothly from coffee to beer as the workday reaches its end ;)

Le Pain Quotidien

Perfect for: a rough Monday

Nomad Profile: So you might have had one too many glasses of Malbec last night (you're in Argentina, it's hard not to). We feel your pain. Why don't you head to Le Pain Quotidien for some comforting treats? Get their green detox smoothie and a big, creamy cappuccino and settle amongst hip youths working on their Macs and old gentlemen reading the newspaper.

Other perks:

● Vintage vibes in a gorgeous repurposed building

● Leafy green backyard for catching the sunshine

● Plenty of other people working - you'll find sockets and plugs to keep you going

Heads-up: It gets quite busy during lunchtime. It’s also pretty noisy overall, so not the best place for your daily calls.


Perfect for: when you’re feeling stuck & uninspired

Nomad Profile: The creative flair has abandoned you today. You need a boost of inspiration, or just a change of scenery to get you back in the flow. No worries, we know just the place.

Pani El Salvador is overindulgent in all the best ways - color, decor & desserts.

Other perks:

● Fancy little lunch feasts

● Sweet treats for a sugar rush that will bolster all the brain power you need

● Side wooden desks with sockets (and lamps!)

● A lovely patio for extra sunshine

Libros del Pasaje

Perfect for: I-have-a-deadline-I-really-need-to-focus days.

Nomad Profile: You’ll take any help you can get to be efficient and have an extra productive day. We got your back. How does a bookshop full of diligent students sound? It's quiet, charming and full of people reading books or doing work on their laptops. AND you have a great selection of teas, coffees and cakes at your disposal. You're welcome.

Other perks:

● It gets a lot of light for a bookshop

● Great selection of English book

● If you need to improve your Spanish head to the children's section and enjoy a very colourful respite from your screen

Buenos Aires Verde

Perfect for: Whenever you need to stock up on veggies

Nomad Profile: You're feeling drained and burned out, and this time you might need something more than a coffee to feel like a productive member of the society. Buenos Aires Verde will get you back on your feet with the best selection of green juices, healthy vegetarian meals and raw desserts. And if you ever thought vegetarian food is boring or bland, this place will change your mind.

Picture Courtesy of Aura Cotofan

Picture Courtesy of Aura Cotofan

Other perks:

● Awesome lunch deals

● Lovely decor & calm atmosphere

Heads up: the service is not the best, so don't head here if you're already irritable or in a rush. And try to avoid the 13:00 - 15:00 interval, it gets pretty packed and suffocating.


Perfect for: productive evenings

Nomad profile: You know those early evenings when you're totally in the flow but everyone else has already left, and the staff is getting the place ready for happy hour? Right, that's when you need to get yourself to Brandon's. This place is big enough that early diners won't disturb you - it even has an upper floor and a terrace (with sockets!). Catch an early dinner here and keep going with a glass of wine next to you.

Other perks:

● The best appetisers

● Friendly & super helpful staff

● Comfy seats & quirky decor

Heads up: this is slightly pricier than the other places on the list, but totally worth it.

Honorable mention - Cafe Flor

Perfect for: friendly smiles and a sense of community

Nomad Profile: Flor is a coworking space where you pay by the hour - drinks, snacks & lunch included. Head over here when you want to surround yourself with peers working tirelessly at their laptops, and more of an office vibe than you find in most cafes. It's also great for taking meeting calls as there's less traffic, and you can find separate rooms for that.

Other perks:

● Tasty croissants (unlimited)

● The owners are running the place, and they're incredibly warm and friendly

So there you have it, our list of the best cafes to work from as a digital nomad in Palermo, Buenos Aires. Now it's your turn - go explore, and do share with us any other amazing places you might find in the city! :)

Madalina Nastase - Buenos Aires

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