Best Cafés for Nomads in Colombia

Colombia, widely known for having amazing weather all year around (at least on its coast, being so close to the equator), but also known for the DELISHHHHH coffee.

If you go to Colombia, you’re pretty much guaranteed to go on a coffee tour at some point. And while both Salento and Bogota are the most popular cities to try coffee in, you can get a hot cup of locally sourced joe to sooth your taste buds just about anywhere in the country.

But along with that perfect cup of coffee comes the search for the perfect cafe to tend to the rest of your needs, that mainly being a productive place to not only sip, but focus on your work OR plan your next excursion. If you happen to be in these areas, here are some cool spots to check out, and stay awhile.


Pergamino Medellin - Best Cafe's for Nomads

It’s a chain, smaller than Starbucks, but a chain nonetheless. The quality of coffee though, is on another level. It’s grown, harvested and roasted in-house, with the option of purchasing in bulk to take home with you (or order online, which is also a popular choice). But inside gives a woodsy, outdoor feel with its modern cabin layout. WiFi is good and overall worth the trip.

Cafe Velvet - Best Cafe's to Visit in Colombia

Café Velvet was created and inspired by the entrepreneurial vibe of the city, one that’s been gradually expanding over the last few years, with an influx in remote workers setting up shop for a month or two to get a good feel of the city. They specialize in slow coffee preparation, but also offer more traditional drinks, along with both breakfast and lunch options. Tours and events are pretty popular in house, with a welcoming energy mixed with comfortable seating.

Cafe Aroma de Barrio

Located in Café Aroma is mixed into an area of town with A LOT of history, now a growing tourism area decorated with bright colors, beautiful graffiti and efficient, newly built escalators that make navigating through the neighborhood easier. It’s actually located in the middle of the stairs, not to mention the view from that level.

Cafe Cliche - Best Cafés for Nomads in Colombia

Laureles features a cute, french-styled cafe that is appropriate for any occasion. You want to go for a quick cup of coffee and a small bite? Perfect. First date location? Absolutely. Looking for a cafe open late to get some nocturnal work done? You’re in the right place. Looking for something to do on a random Tuesday night? Café Cliché shows movies, invites guest dj’s and teaches French lessons to bring people together.


Amor Perfecto Bogota - Best Cafés for Nomads in Colombia

This company is super popular in Colombia, with a long history of roasting the best coffee in he country (dating back 20 years at least). Basically, they really know what they’re doing, even going as far as spreading their knowledge of coffee with you, hosting monthly classes and events so we can all be fancy coffee connoisseurs.

Cafe Cultor

Café Cultor is like a breath of organic fresh air, being that it is one of the most environmentally sustainable companies in Colombia. They’ve got 10 brands under their belt, locally sourced using programs meant to generate economic stability. If nothing else, check this place out for being true, through and through. #fubu

Catacion publica

This cafe is serious about their beans! They’re super picky what kind of coffee they serve, but with reason. One of their highest priorities and values of the company is education, paying special attention to the different classes they offer each month and who teaches them. Plus, if you purchase a bag of coffee from them, the bag is 100% recyclable, and if you transfer them into a container at home and return the bag, they’ll refill for a discounted price. I don’t know, I’m a sucker for a discount so I’m definitely into that.

Cafe Quindio

This cafe is 23 years in the game, originally founded in El Quidío, with 17+ locations currently. Their values are set to promote the coffee culture in order to generate employment locally, which ultimately adds value to the region itself. Giving back is also a big thing, and you can too, because a percentage of proceeds always goes to organizations in need at that time.


Cafe del Mural - Nomad Cafe Colombia

Cartagena is known for being pretty warm all year around, but you can still pot in for a delicious cup (and a break from the heat). This spot is in Old Town, next to a bunch of other shops and restaurants, so an easy quick stop between destinations, or stick around for a coffee tasting!

Folklore Cartagena - Nomad Cafe Colombia

Another solid cafe in the center of Cartagena, Folklore serves coffee from various regions in Colombia, highlighting the best of the best and offering breakfast and lunch options. The staff makes you feel right at home and with strong WiFi, you’ve got a good mix of atmosphere for a day of productivity.

Abaco Libros y Cafe

This spot is a bookstore and a café mixed, so the best of both worlds. Stay for a quick browse, or get comfortable for an afternoon read. The ambiance is soothing, just being surrounded by literature. This also sets a nice mood to get things done, have a chat or just people watch (my favorite sport).


Located in the epitome of homestyle comfort, Gato Negro lives inside a 300 year old colonial home in Getsemani. They offer way more than just a cup of coffee, including tourism aide (Spanish classes, sailing, beach, etc.) in this historical district and beyond, as well as delicious home cooked meals throughout the day.

All throughout Colombia lies delicious coffee to be consumed, so take advantage! Whether you truly are just exploring the town for an afternoon, or really need a change of scenery to hit your deadline.. or even plan the next leg of your trip, these places are all great to sit back and soak in the atmosphere, community and people. For further reading, check out Culture Trip’s review as well.

We are going to be in Colombia several times in 2019 - check out the dates so you can meet the Tribe if you’re around!


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