Valentine Spotlight : Lindsey and Wilhelm

 Photo credit: Julia Kallweit

Photo credit: Julia Kallweit

Look at these two... Where do you think this picture of relaxed, romantic bliss comes from? Pixabay? Shutterstock

Think again my friends. I'd like to formally introduce you to Wilhelm and Lindsey! These two cuties found love whilst on location with WiFi Tribe last year in Bali and as it's Valentine's Day, they've kindly offered to share their love story with you and also a few tips for all of you nomads out there looking for love! This is going to be the start of a mini-series that will debunk the mystery around dating for digital nomads, so please look out for more articles around this topic. But without further ado, lets catch up with the lovebirds!

Hey Guys! Could you let us know a bit about who you are and what you do?

My name is Lindsey and I’m a copywriter, editor and lifestyle coach. My boyfriend is Wilhelm Reich (Will or Willi for short!) and he is an Amazon SEO Consultant and Expert. We are both members of the WiFi Tribe and met during the Bali chapter in Fall of 2017. I’m from San Diego and he’s from Berlin, so it was pretty serendipitous that we met in Bali!

Some of the top questions that digital nomads and remote workers are asking with regards to dating, are around maintaining a relationship when you're always on the move. How do you guys manage spending time with each other whilst traveling from place to place and being part of WiFi Tribe?

 Will and Lindsey in Coronado, California

Will and Lindsey in Coronado, California

Although the Cape Town chapter is only our third chapter as a couple (first two were in Bali when we started dating) we have never really struggled to spend time together while traveling. We truly enjoy each other’s company, so we happily do things as a couple (whether that’s working, going for a walk, grabbing a coffee, etc.) or join the Tribe for an adventure or day at a co-working space.

I think the reason we balance “together time” and time with the group successfully is because we have similar personalities when it comes to socializing. We seem to be the same amount of “outgoing introvert!” However, we always communicate where we’re at with socializing and that’s super important. If one of us wants to stay in and the other go out, that’s totally fine! We happily go our separate ways. If one of us wants to have a “date night” or spend time together, we communicate that and work it into our schedule for that week.

Have you got any top tips for the the digital nomads out there that don’t want to sacrifice travel and meaningful relationships?

 In Encinitas, CA

In Encinitas, CA

Hmm, great question...

There are two categories, I believe. Either you meet someone who is also location independent and wants to travel, or work it into your relationship with someone that has a 9-5/location Dependent job.

My thoughts on the latter option are:

1. Work short trips and adventures into your relationship. Even if you only have a weekend (or long weekend) to travel, make a point of going somewhere together every so often. Go for a road trip, take advantage of an airline’s flash sale, etc. Short adventures together are better than none.

2. If you’re a digital nomad and can go on a trip somewhere for a month or two, work out the boundaries of a long distance relationship with your significant other. If they support you and your lifestyle, they’ll support you in your decision to travel without them (even if they are sad to have you gone ) And work it out that they possibly take some of their vacation time to come and be with you at some point of your trip. That will make them feel like they’ve been a part of your adventure and travel experience and give you time to explore together as a couple!

If travel is something you’re passionate about and KNOW you want to do, keep doing it. A positive, respectful and loving partner will support you in doing what you love…whether they are a digital nomad themselves or a 9-5’er.

So guys there you have it! We really hope you enjoyed this little pocket of love and positivity on the blog today. Many thanks and much love to Lindsey and Wilhelm for sharing their story with us and renewing our faith in beautiful nomad love stories. If you've got any questions or comments of congratulations please leave them below. Any of your top tips are also welcome! If you want to know more about The Tribe or you want to choose the location where you could potentially find the love of your life please click here (shameless plug!)

Happy Valentine's to you and yours !


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