Dating whilst Traveling

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Working remotely is so awesome and everyone raves about it and your friends are jealous that you can work from anywhere and therefore travel more than the average "adult". But what a lot of remote workers don't rave about is the dating pool (or lack thereof) while traveling to new places and spaces. 

It's rough out here for single people (in general). When you add in constant travel, not being stagnant in one place for too long and ever changing time zones, things can get real complicated, and your love life can become as dry as the Sahara Desert before you know it. While traveling and working is legit a dream come true for so many individuals, at some point you get tired of being by yourself (and having to take your own pix), or meeting all the #relationshipgoals couples (who ask you to take photos of them), or being in strictly platonic new friend groups as you all try to navigate in a new city just for a beer and good music to dance to. 

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Is that too much to ask?

Of course not! We are human, and as much as those butterflies in our tummy scare us, they also bring excitement to the situation and yearning for the escalation of said butterflies (where that leads, only you know). 

I've taken it upon myself to bring you a comprehensive look at various dating apps that cater to the remote worker, the free spirit, the traveler, the culture connoisseur, the cool kid with only a backpack and a laptop, the adventurer; basically, you! 

Tinder + Bumble:

These two apps are by far the most well known of dating apps, weren't created specifically for the traveler, but obviously work all around the globe, so we had to mention. They take your geographic location and find others that are in the vicinity and demographic of your liking. When you match, a chat opens so you can get to know each other before meeting, or simply ignore if you accidentally swiped right (or the uber embarrassing & accidental super like). While both of these apps are super popular (and Bumble is more geared towards women, making it impossible for a guy to message you first), the pool of talent can sometimes be hit or miss, people flake on set dates, or come to the table with inaccurate expectations that were or weren't discussed beforehand. That being said, if it aint broke, don't fix it, you get what you put out and it's usually best to think or Tinder and Bumble as your old faithful to go back to every once and awhile to see what you might be missing (or dodging). 

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Date a Nomad

So this app is pretty cool, although they don't share a lot of the "how to" on their website, I got the gist of what was going on. You create a profile, including your sexual preference, your current country/city, as well as the next country and city you plan to travel to. After answering two creative prompts used as icebreakers, they match you with people who have answered along the same lines as you. While you both may not be in the same country currently, it matches the next country as well, so you can start conversation to narrow down your travel dates and such with your prospective match! I really thought that was interesting so you can narrow down matches that fit with your current travel schedule instead of seeing the super cute person on your feed that will of course be where you are, after you've already left. Not everyone has the open ended freedom of switching countries at the top of a hat, so it's pretty hospitable to go the extra mile and find someone who has already planned the same way did, instead of disrupting current travel schedules. What I would love to see though is a bit more in depth screening of interests, which can narrow down your search significantly. While you may be in the same country at the same time, that doesn't specifically mean y'all even have something in common, you feel me?

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Meet Me Outside

This app is perfect for the active traveler. It matches you with people who have similar interests in health and wellness. It will send you a handful of matches per day, with activity suggestions for your first date. It's pretty ideal for someone who is tired of dates flaking last minute, since it's such a pin pointed date that is planned out and catered to what you both love doing. This app sets you up on your date and they simply meet you outside of the confirmed location. Their algorithm shows you local activities that you both might be interested in, as well as exciting "once in a lifetime" and super unique options that can boost the mood of the awkward first date and go straight to, "this is going to be awesome regardless."

Nomad Soulmates

Nomad Soulmates name suggests just that, soulmates that are nomads! This app is specific to those who frequently travel but are looking for love. They have a cool map feature that you can check out to see who is available now or in two weeks when you plan to travel to that country/city (it makes planning beforehand with like-minded nomads easy!) With millions of location independent workers around the world, it's time to really see who's out there for you. Even better, Nomad Soulmates curates singles retreats & events  (like this one headed to Bulgaria), perfect for when your long overdue "full-time vacay" comes up, plus an active Facebook group where more updates are listed to keep you informed at all times. 

Miss Travel

This might be the most unique dating app I've come across so far. Miss Travel is free for females to create a profile and interact, but there is a fee for males to do the same. It is geared towards the female traveler, and offers different ways to create the ideal trip for you and a potential suitor. You propose a travel type (Travel with me, come to me or show me your town), as well as your ideal type of payment (I'll pay for you, you pay for me, or a 50/50 split). You can add additional information to narrow down your search, but basically after you finalize the type of trip you're looking for, the app will match you with people that agree to your terms. It's pretty sick actually, you outline exactly what you're looking for so there is no miscommunication on what's going to go down on said trip, and even offer travel tips to keep things clear and safe before meeting someone online. This opens up another avenue of choosing a mate to travel with, where you can see beforehand if there is any potential in this continuing past one trip, but always ends when you say it does. 

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Ideal for the traveler that's "not looking for anything serious," PartyWith connects you not only to locals in your area, but other expats and travelers that just wanna go out for a night of dancing or a more serious rager, open to whatever may come of the evening. It's not geared toward the romantic that wants a candle lit dinner and walk on the beach, but for the energy building traveler that wants good music, a local experience and potentially some eye candy to link with for the night, or two. Their network is in over 150+ countries, so there's a good chance something is happening tonight, in whatever city you're in; it's ready when you are!


Tourbar has several features that are super intriguing, it's like they took a few of the above apps and added it all together into their in depth dating application. You can search separately to only meet locals wherever you're going to show you around their city, or you can search for a travel buddy that wants to be best friends and take #bestiegoals photos in the trenches of the jungle, or find that special someone that you can take cute photos with at the Eiffel Tower and eat croissants to fulfill all your hearts desires. Making your intentions known up front is always the way to go, but it seems this is a great app to find whoever you're looking for at the moment. Their website offers a pretty comprehensive FAQ section for all your inquiries, as well as an updated blog that shares their most visited destinations and even the specific want to start an international dating situation.

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Travel Meet Date

From what I've researched, it looks like Travel Meet Date is more of a quick date sort of app. The search feature has you inputing flight information and dates so you can find someone who will potentially be on the same flight as you, or in the same airport during the same layover. They advertise that their app is perfect so you don't have to travel alone (assuming you match with someone on the same flight as you) or finding someone available during your short work trip overseas.

From the above options, it's evident that there are all kinds of travelers looking for all kinds of different things when it comes to dating. Regardless of your preference, always keep hope alive that there is someone perfect for you, no matter how much you travel or what your interests are, etc. Luckily, it's 2018 and dating apps are all too normal, and these apps take a special interest in making sure their users are real and green lit to not be complete creepers. All in all, we want you to get the most out of your travels. It's not always about working, and it's not always about playing. There's a solid balance there, with room for something more if you'd like. WiFi Tribe wishes you the best of luck in your future platonic and romantic endeavors. 



Jessica is a freelance copywriter and OG member of WiFi Tribe. Based in Los Angeles, with plans to tackle SE Asia this coming fall, she is the principle blogger for WiFi Tribe, but also writes for a few ecommerce companies and non profit organisations based in the US. Aside from work, Jessica has awesome hair (obvi) and is a future NY Times Bestselling Author... as soon as she finishes writing her first novel (it'll be worth the wait, I promise). You can keep up with her via her Instagram if you want to see some cool pix and funny memes :)