26 Ways to Earn a Good Living While Traveling

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We know, this is exactly the blog you've been waiting for your whole life! With a generation that prioritizes self-care and a passion for an EXPERIENCE, we are always looking for a way to have our cake and eat it too. Sometimes things work out in our favour and we're able to take our work on the road, and although many newer companies are on board with the whole "work remotely" thing, it's not yet as normalized as it will be in the coming years. So, in the meantime, what can we do in order to make a decent living while traveling to our heart's content at the same time? 


I will preface that not all of these opportunities are super traditional or 100% promising in ROI. That's mainly because some of these professions require a lot of hard work, maybe even a degree to really thrive. But I will say that if you decide you want to do this work while traveling thing, explore all different cultures and places and spaces and energies, and meet amazing people along the way while maintaining a solid work-life balance, have a gander at some options below that you may not have thought of before, or even thought of as a possibility.

Spoiler alert: If you REALLY want to make this work, you'll do the work required in order to MAKE IT WORK. 


1. Cruise ship/yacht work

You'll get over sea sickness soon enough, but working on a cruise ship/yacht can bring you the best of the best of traveling. You have the opportunity to see the world's most beautiful places, keep a great tan all year around and learn the ins and outs of the business in general. I have a friend who worked on ships for four years who just started her OWN business in the yacht industry. The pay is super ideal as well, and there's a special bond you create with others when being stuck on a ship for extended periods of time. 

2. Flight attendant

Besides receiving the perk of flying for free (or almost free) virtually anywhere your airline flies to, entering into the aviation industry allows you to visit a different place every few days, with some off days in-between for you to explore! In the beginning, it's a lot of work and training, but definitely pays off when you get to go to sleep in Paris and wake up in Tokyo for free99.

3. Technical writer/editor

If you have any extensive knowledge in one particular industry, technical writing can pay REALLY well. Of course, it's a meticulous position and very specific (hence the technical part), and is always in high demand, so an awesome opportunity that can range from contract work to a full-time salaried position as some companies will want to keep you around for the long haul as their resident technical writer. 

4. Peace Corps volunteer

It's a bit harder to get a job as a Peace Corp volunteer, but it's pretty worth it. There's a long application period and you have to really serious about committing for a long period of time, but you get to experience so much in your time and they cover health insurance, student loan deferrals and even bonuses following completion.

5. Online poker player

If this is your cup of tea and you're actually really good at it, you can easily rake in all the coins playing poker online. I personally know a fellow remote worker who is a professional online poker player and frequently goes through spurts of high-volume money making, and then takes a few weeks off at a time to unplug and travel comfortably all over the world. Obviously, this may take time to really get into the swing of managing your personal time and work time, but it's definitely a profession that pays WELL depending on your skill level. 

6. Freelance massage therapist

This is the type of profession that you can take anywhere! It does require certification, but as long as you travel with that and are able to network beforehand or during your travel, it's fairly easy to find opportunities wherever you are to continue to support your passion for seeing and experiencing new places!

7. Photographer

Travel photos will always sell, and if you're into compiling a portfolio for stock photos, you can really take off! Take your camera on the road with you and capture every moment, then sell some of the pictures...and repeat. 

8. Travel agent

We covered how to be a remote travel agent a few months ago, but once you've had some training on the specific destination you are trying to sell, you can virtually work from anywhere, and even add some more locations on your roster of places you know best!

9. Au pair

Being a professional au pair requires you to stick to one city for an extended period of time, but room and board are generally covered along with a salary, so it's not a bad setup. If you like children or have been a babysitter in the past, why not try it on the other side of the world so you can broaden your views of the world?

10. Geologist

Requiring a college degree, this entire profession is surrounded by travel. From working in the oil industry, to mining and climate change, Geologists entire job is to explore and discover what else is out there.

11. Internet affiliate marketer

There are numerous online courses that can teach you the in and outs of both online marketing, and more specifically, affiliate marketing. This is one of those professions that you don't have to have prior education in that field, just know that it will take a lot of time spent mastering before you see any substantial coins out of it. But, once you've figured it out, a good chunk can turn into passive income, which means less work and more adventure. 

12. Software developer

While you don't specifically need a Bachelor's degree to thrive in this industry, a certain level of skill and certification is necessary to place you in the best light with potential clients. Especially if you're trying to work fully remotely, you'll need formal training ad an impressive portfolio to land those long term, high paying gigs. 

13. Web/graphic designer

These jobs can range from super short term, creating a logo or re-designing a landing page, or they can turn into longer-term opportunities depending on your level of experience. The more you know, they more you are able to offer to a potential client. Plus, you make your own rates, and there is a wide range of salaries when it comes to web and graphic designers. These types of jobs are the easiest to do remotely, but also require you to stay up to date with new design trends and technology that may elevate your skills.

14. Drop shipping

Basically you are snagging items where you're currently located that aren't readily available in other areas, and reselling them online. It's somewhat of a tedious job and like a few other jobs I mentioned before, it takes time and dedication to really build your business before you're seeing any substantial spike in income. 

15. Airbnb Host

Renting out your place while you travel is such a great side hustle that, for the most part, pays for itself. If you've got a super cute place, approval from your landlord and a lockbox, you're pretty much good to go to start utilizing Airbnb. The only other thing you have to expense is a maid to come in-between guests, but you'll easily be able to cover your rent (hopefully) with only renting out your place a portion of the time; anything else is extra income so you can do more exploring!

16. Marketing professional

Marketing is an industry that is ever-changing, so staying up-to-date on marketing tactics and tools is super important. However, some companies will require a degree in marketing at least as a prerequisite. 

17. Travel nurse

As long as you have the credentials necessary, becoming a travel nurse seems like the perfect way to see the world! Taking your love for healing people mixed with your passion to experience new things and BAM! You're living a dream come true. Depending on the company/agency you're working through, you may need to be stationed in one place for an extended period of time, but that just gives you more time to learn about the city you're in for when your friends and family come to visit :) 

18. Professional consultant

Are you a expert at what you do? Building a career as a professional consultant can be difficult at first, as you have to find clients willing to take a chance on you in order for you to get the necessary experience to then call yourself an expert. But once you have a solid book of business, you can make your own rates and hours, spending a set amount of time with each client and using the rest of your free time to hop on a plan across the ocean, just in time for happy hour. 

19. Fitness instructor

Social media marketing helps a lot with fitness professionals. Getting the word out on your services and using your connections to secure a temporary residency at a studio in another country is super ideal and based on your personal preference! So if you want to always be by the beach teaching your yoga classes or teaching Krav Maga in he Netherlands, it brings a lot of freedom where you can be stationed.

20. Social media manager

Who doesn't NEED social media in this day and age? Exactly. So moving into a position where you can utilize your creativity with content creation and social media strategy for various companies is super ideal to do while traveling. If you're able to turn your specific traveling INTO income, I say go for it! Even better, there's an endless amount of resources online where you can constantly grow your social media skills. Don't you love the internet?

21. Diplomat

This is an ideal government job that can have you stationed across the world for 1-3 years each. The essential functions your perform as a diplomat can vary as well, from processing visas at the embassy to managing exchange programs.

22. Virtual assistant

These positions are always in high demand, but you should really have a passion for administrative work, or else this will forever feel like you're in this never ending cycle of tedious tasks that will eventually annoy you.

23. ESL teacher

This is another position that is frequently in high demand. Traveling to another country to teach english as a second language offers an endless opportunity of experiences. And while these gigs generally last a few months to a year, you can plan enough ahead to visit several different places and cultures in the span of a few years, while also helping people gain the gift of a foreign language. 

24. Online tutor

Websites like Chegg Tutors allows you to log in when you're available and asses which topics you're most knowledgeable in to be able to help a student in need of assistance. You can work as much as you want, and take breaks when you see fit, making this an easy opportunity to make some extra cash while exploring. 

25. Translator

The term "fake it 'till you make it" doesn't quite apply to positions like this, LOL. You have to be pretty fluent in another language in order to properly translate for other individuals and companies. BUT, they pay handsomely, especially if you're able to land a gig in the government sector. 

26. House sitter

As long as you don't burn their house down, house sitting is one of the easiest jobs out there in my opinion. It won't bring you a six figure salary, but it at least covers your accommodation for a period of time. There's various websites online that connect you with a community of house sitters and home owners looking for house sitting at any given point in time. Plan your trip around your house sitting gigs and you're good to g o. 


Take a chance, make a plan and pack a bag, the world is waiting for you to claim it.



Jessica is a freelance copywriter and OG member of WiFi Tribe. While she is based in Los Angeles, she has been traveling throughout Latin America for over a year, with plans to tackle SE Asia this coming fall after some US explorations set for summer 2k18. She is the principle blogger for WiFi Tribe, but also writes for a few ecommerce companies and non profit organisations based in the US. Aside from work, Jessica has awesome hair (obvi) and is a future NY Times Bestselling Author... as soon as she finishes writing her first novel (it'll be worth the wait, I promise). You can keep up with her via her Instagram if you want to see some cool pix and funny memes :)