A Day in the Life: It's Pia!

Pia is one of our OG Tribers; she's done quite a few chapters with us now and is very much a part of the WiFI Tribe family. We caught up with her in Croatia to find out a little bit more about how she manages Tribe Travel and work all at the same time.


Picture courtesy of Pia Newman

Picture courtesy of Pia Newman

Chapter - Croatia

Occupation - Copywriter, Virtual Assistant, Novelist, Translator

Triber Status - Old schooler


Wake up time : 7:30-9am

I normally wake up between 7am and 9am. I set an alarm for 7am but that’s mostly to tell me “hey, FYI, it’s 7am”; if I feel I need more sleep, I’ll go back to sleep for another hour or so. When I feel like I’ve slept enough, I get up and make breakfast. I like to eat a cooked breakfast with a combination of vegetables and eggs etc, so it normally takes me about half an hour to prepare it, eat it and then clean up afterwards. On a good day, by 8:00 I can be ready to start my working day.

Work Begins : From when breakfast is finished (8-9am) - Midday

I sometimes want to work from home or sometimes I want to go to a nice cafe to work; it all depends on how I feel. I’ll work for about 3 hours on client projects once I’m settled.

Lunchbreak: Midday - 2pm-ish

I like to work out generally around midday so I’ll do a workout of some description and then I’ll eat something for lunch. At this point, if I feel I need to, I’ll take a 20-30 minute nap which I do set an alarm for. Otherwise I’ll end up sleeping for 3 hours which is not a good idea!

Back to work: 2pm - ish to 6ish

After a good break and maybe a nap, I’ll get straight back into working on client projects for another 3-4 hours.

Invest in yourself: 6pm ish - dinner time or late evening

I always try to do a least a little bit of work on my own projects everyday. I’ve got my own blog and I’m writing a novel at the moment so I always try to devote some time to working on those things. Sometimes I’ll make dinner plans with the Tribe so I’ll only get an hour or two and other times I’ll work right through until around 10pm if I’m on a roll.


On the whole I always leave space for some flexibility in my day because I do get bored really easily and I like to change it up. One thing that is important to me is taking a good break as and when I need it; the whole point of choosing to live this way is to give myself more flexibility and less of a rigid structure!

*SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT* - have a look at Pia's novella here or click the picture to find out more!