18 of the Coolest Coworking Spaces Around the World

One of the main components of succeeding as a remote worker is of course, your work space. Atmosphere is everything! It can change your ability to be productive, and even worse, it can hinder the actual work you're able to do (i.e. horrible or NO WiFi at all).  While at times you'll have to make due with what you have to create some kind of work sanctuary, for the most part in 2018 you can find a solid coworking space to let your creative juices go wild.

Coworking spaces in general are becoming more of a thing every day, and WiFi Tribe has had a lot of experience scoping out some of the best spaces around the world. Check out some of the coolest spots around the globe that are a mix of amazing decor, tranquil energy, good eats and an all around productive experience getting through the work day, so you can play!

1. Crew Collective Cafe - Montreal, Canada


So first, let's just stare at the ceiling for a bit. It definitely gives that royal, historic feel that you only get when visiting the New York Public Library or like, some historical landmark in Europe. Stemming off that vibe, the basis of Crew Collective is the cafe, open 7 days a week with open seating, lots of plugs, locally roasted coffee and goodies, as well as quiet bunks when necessary. They pride themselves in redefining what a cafe can be - also a workspace. Options for securing meeting rooms, individual desks and memberships also available when you need that alone time to really grind out a project. 

2. Hubud - Bali

Hubud Bali WiFi Tribe

Hubud is a super popular coworking space in Bali, and for good reason. Between the majority bamboo material architecture, to the micro environments put in place specifically for socializing (with the scenery to do so willingly) , and a restaurant in house providing delicious healthy foods and juices, you have no reason to ever leave! Not to mention, Hubud is open 24 hours a day on weekdays, so you've really go everything you need in one place to knock out some serious work in an environment that caters to your needs. Extra perks include Skype booths for those really important calls and the option to have your mail sent to them directly, since the postal system can be quite tricky when you're a remote worker, always on the run.  

3. Betahaus - Barcelona, Spain

betahaus barcelona

How quickly can you be sold on a space? Betahaus is 4 utterly unique floors of co-working space to get shit done, wind down, get those creative juices flowing and relax at sunset, all in one. The higher you go up, the quieter things get, and this is intentional with the way the space is set up. The icing on the cake are the beautiful terraces that will change any mood and surely keep those creative wheels spinning. Or utilize the “brain rooms,” meant to satisfy your innovative needs and flush out that idea you’ve been sitting on for weeks. The Skype booths are ideal for those crucial online meetings that can make or break an opportunity. Basically, if you want productivity and a sick view of Barcelona, go to Betahaus. 

4. NeueHouse - Hollywood, California

neuehouse los angeles wifi tribe

This LA based co-working space definitely gives a swanky, down to business vibe that is truly appreciated. The membership options cater to entrepreneurs of any level and basically the entire atmosphere is beautifully decorated, while still being very comfortable and practical. They offer noise canceling headphones upon request, as well as bikes and charging packs for your electronics. Even better, they have a highly rated restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and early dinner, a screening room, in-house art exhibitions, cultural events and after a long day of work work work, HAPPY HOUR. I'm not sure this place could get any better. *sets up cot in the corner*

5. Punspace - Chiang Mai

Punspace Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is home to three different coworking spaces, all under the Punspace brand, and all within minutes (by motorbike) of each other. Whether you want a more city life atmosphere close to pubs, banks and convenience stores, a historic soda bottle factory vibe or an old city feel surrounding many cultural landmarks, Punspace has the energy you’re looking for and the comfortable amenities necessary to get the job done.

6. The Work Project - Hong Kong

the work project hong kong wifi tribe

The overall vibe this co-working space presents is a space where you can truly concentrate, seeing as this building is located in the knowledge hub of Hong Kong, neighbouring Google, Facebook, Alibaba and Manulife (it's like the mecca of success and you're planted smack dab in the middle, talk about inspiration). The pastel coloured decorations bring a tranquil atmosphere that is necessary when you're on your grind. And to top it off, The Work Project offers partnership access to over 20 restaurants, 4 gyms, hotels and lifestyle services. 

7. The Farm SoHo - New York City

the farm soho

In the heart of SoHo you’ll find it’s home to three locations of The Farm, each dependent on tier (hot desk, dedicated desk, private office with pricing directly correlated to dimensions and location). Each space is built by hand, and by hand I mean the hands of the owners themselves from a Missouri barn that was dismantled and and rebuilt in NYC. With a solid mix of nature and organic design, these pet friendly (an underrated perk), boss mentality offices are equal parts chic, productive and so NEW YORK.

8. Patchwork - Paris

Patchwork Co working Paris wifi tribe

As if Paris isn’t beautifully amazing all on its own, Patchwork coworking provides three top tier spaces in three parts of the city to accommodate between 50-200 professionals on any given day. Vibrantly coloured atmospheres, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, large open spaces at the trail location, a more modern vibe in a 19030’s building at the big army location, and finally, a comfortable, homey-style feel in a gorgeous 19th century mansion feel at the Iena location. Whatever your vibe is, Paris has it.

9. The Working Capitol - Singapore

the working capital singapore

The Working Capital offers way more than just space to “work.” Aside from their high, open ceilings and soft white color scheme (because why not), their cafe and extensive magazine library adds a few extra perks. Not to mention the way their cater to their members with a relaxing space for you to freshen up before your dinner meeting/drinks with friends on their outdoor terrace. Sounds all around accommodating to me.

10. Beachub - Kuh Phangan, Thailand

Beachub Thailand

Beachub is pretty spot on with the name, it’s a beachfront coworking space that sets such a relaxing and calm atmosphere, it’s almost like that’s what motivates you to stay productive. While the highlight of the space, or at least the most popular spot to work, are the beachfront communal tables, they also offer private rooms for more individual space. Social events are regular at this coworking space (outside of normal business hours), and their restaurant offers delicious homemade, healthy meals all day long. But if for some reason you just don’t want to go home at the end of the work day, Beachub is here for you with a coliving space available for rent as well. Um, beachfront bungalows with amazing air conditioning AND rain showers? Obviously this is my new home.

11. B. Building Business - Amsterdam

B Amsterdam coworking

Amsterdam’s breathtaking views are showcased from B. Building Business’ rooftop restaurant. Coincidentally, the rooftop restaurant is provided fresh greens and eggs from their rooftop garden and henhouse (and is also open to the public), so bring your friends! You can even pick your own herbs to be used in their signature cocktails. The perks offered in addition to an amazing, vintage and accommodating workspace is what sets them a apart from the others, so we appreciate the boxing and HIIT class gym, as well as the coffee lounge offering locally sourced beans.

12. Love Child - Toronto, Canada

Love Child Toronto

So we could start with the look and feel of the coworking space, which is cute, cute and more cute (as well as comfortable, airy and bright for optimal productivity). Then we could get into the partner discounts they offer with a list of businesses nearby (everyone loves a good discount). But let’s be sure to highlight the social events and workshops provided in house at their social club (Caribbean beach vibes on the weekends), game lounge and of course, their studio for mindfulness, meditation & yoga exercise classes. 10/10 would recommend.

13. Dojo - Bali

Dojo Bali

Normally our go-to coworking space when the tribe is in Bali, Dojo is a beautiful 2-story venue near Echo Beach, perfect for when you’ve had a long day of conference calls and need to get in a quick surf session. Or, maybe a dip in the pool will suffice? Either way, Dojo is full of tropical gardens and large breezy spaces to accommodate a variety of moods. The cherry on top is their super convenient coliving space just up the road.

14. Make Lemonade - Toronto, Canada

Make Lemonade Toronto

Celebrating true #girlpower, Make Lemonade is a workplace for women, with a simple mission to create a community of driven women who get shit done. And when you’ve gotten all your shit completed for the day, indulge in the relaxing lounge to wind down and de-stress. The penthouse views are nice, but the best part is the conscious effort to be an inclusive community, so no bad vibes allowed.

15. WeWork - Shanghai, China

WeWork Shanghai

WeWork coworking spaces are literally all over the world, and there’s actually 18 locations in Shanghai alone. Every WeWork space is full of modern decor, large open spaces with high ceilings and amazing natural light, with their Weihai Lu location nestled in the central business area Jing-An district. Super cozy, living room style common areas fill the venue, and a hidden back bar is perfect to grab a craft on draft at the end of the day (or in the middle). Taking advantage of the social events is also necessary, where you’re able to experience an amazing panel discussion one day and a wine & cheese tasting the next. If anything, capture a photo with the infamous green spiral staircase for the gram, because why not?

16. Duke Studios - Leeds, UK

Duke United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a great hold on all things creative. Duke Studios can easily be said to be a space where, from start to finish, you can create just about anything your heart desires, and even find some quality talent in their network to get the things done you can’t execute yourself. Their facility offers a laser cutter, vinyl services and all around design (lightboxes, artwork, exhibition stands, furniture, lighting, interior design and the like). And then just casually throw in meeting & event space to seal the deal, and free bike use, just because.

17. East Room - Toronto, Canada

East Room Toronto

The East Room is so cute and ideal for merging talents. Picture smooth, cement flooring, large, open windows, beautiful deep brown leather sofas and chairs, and modern art decorating the walls. And with an equal number of quiet spaces to collaborative spaces, you can navigate throughout the building as easily as your moods change.

18. The Wing - New York City

The Wing New York

Honestly, The Wing looks like a badass coworking space filled with women with a purpose who did not come to play, honey. Their entire basis for creating this space is to create a network of women through community and ultimately create new opportunities for everyone, collectively. If the mission statement doesn’t get you at first, then maybe the deep rooted history of a women’s club movement starting in the 19th century and evolving all across the spectrum to where we are today, in the heart of SoHo living our best lives. Still not sold, okay then let’s just look at the beautifully blush shaded, wide open space that is The Wing. It’s an atmosphere that makes its own because of the people it attracts, with amenities that go well above and beyond, “coffee, tea and wifi included.” Let’s casually add a beauty room, showers, library (in partnership with The Strand), and lactation room for the utmost convenience, no matter the day. I’m already planning my move to NYC solely for this little slice of heaven. #girlpower #girlboss

Jessica Buck


Jessica is a freelance copywriter and OG member of WiFi Tribe. While she is based in Los Angeles, she has been traveling throughout Latin America for over a year, with plans to tackle SE Asia this coming fall after some US explorations set for summer 2k18. She is the principle blogger for WiFi Tribe, but also writes for a few ecommerce companies and non profit organisations based in the US. Aside from work, Jessica has awesome hair (obvi) and is a future NY Times Bestselling Author... as soon as she finishes writing her first novel (it'll be worth the wait, I promise). You can keep up with her via her Instagram if you want to see some cool pix and funny memes :)