10 Conversations to expect when Digital Nomads live Together

Living and working with fellow digital nomads is an experience unlike any other. From the outside it’s easy to think that we just live the high life, where the beach is the office and every adventure involves beautiful landscapes. It’s easy to think that the mundane, the ridiculous, and the downright humourous don’t form a part of our everyday conversations. But I’m here to tell you, that even digital nomads, the people with their beautiful faces and beautiful pictures, have some great conversations that are just so...well, human. Here’s some of the chats you’ll definitely have if you decide to colive with these munchkins!

1. The “Where are we going to eat?” Conversation

"When are we eating?" Photo by  Lily Banse

All the digital nomads I’ve met absolutely love good food. The whole day tends to revolve around what we’re going to be eating, making this conversation one you’ll have most days of the week. Someone will ask a question about getting food. A suggestion normally follows...quickly. The next phrase you're likely to hear is “The pictures look good and it’s a 4.(insert a number not below 2)” This phrase acts as a seal of approval that your fellow nomad knows how to pick a good eatery. If you're with people who cook at home more, the question changes to “What are you eating?” which is code for “Can I have some?”

2. The “There’s this app” Conversation

Digital Nomads are some of the most clued up people ever when it comes to apps. There’s an app for everything and sharing is caring. When you colive with these guys, you can be sure they’ll share their most useful apps with you and revolutionise the way you travel and work.

3. The “Oh, are we dressing up” Conversation

Digital nomads are not like backpackers, so it’s always wise to bring some smart casual outfits just in case. But the appropriate time to wear said outfits is a little hazy, especially for coliving nomads. What normally happens is, 10 minutes before you are due to leave the apartment, your fellow nomad comes out of their room dressed like they’re going to a wedding or a swanky date. After taking stock of what you’re wearing (it’s normally activewear) you ask the following “Oh...are we dressing up?”. The replies generally include phrases like “No, I just haven’t done my laundry and this is all I’ve got left,” and “Don’t worry about it”. The added joy about coliving in larger groups is that if you are the one asking, someone will always back you up and say “I’m just going like this!” which is code for, “I’ve been in these clothes all day and I’m going out in it because if I change again, it will be into my pyjamas.” These alleviators of fear reduce laundry loads and are good for the environment.


4. The “I’ll just come out for one drink” Conversation

This is code for “I’m going to be out until at least 2am aren’t I?” The answer to your question is, yes. Yes you will be.

5. The “Are we going out or Out-Out” Conversation

You’ll hear this a lot amongst coliving digital nomads. It’s a conversation that helps you decide what to wear and also if you can really be bothered to go out at all. If you’re feeling a little tired you might say yes to “Out” but no to “Out-out”. Get what I’m saying?

6. The “Is your internet working?” Conversation

Our lives revolve around the internet and all the various different speeds there are. In a coliving group, you will discuss this. This is normal for us.

7. The “Does anyone have deodorant?” Conversation

Common amongst girls living together. Odds are 50/50 whether or not someone will have some.

8. The “I’m going to poo and it will be loud” Conversation

At some point in any coliving situation, you need to clear the air and set the ‘Pooping Parameters’. The alternative is constipation. One needs to be relaxed to poop.

"Soooooo so cute! Who's a good puppy?" Photo by  alan King

"Soooooo so cute! Who's a good puppy?" Photo by alan King

9. The “The dogs here are so cute” Conversation

It just seems that wherever you travel, the pets both owned and stray, are the most adorable creatures you have ever seen. We will talk about this as we live and work together.

10. The “Where have YOU been?” Conversation

Now don’t take this the wrong way, we’re not here to gossip about one another and make each other feel sheepish about our dating adventures. But on the whole, you end up loving the people that you live with. This means that if you’re on an exciting date, and we all live together, WE WANT TO KNOW. This conversation will include raised eyebrows. Do not be alarmed. Do not feel obliged to share details. But we will ask.

So there you have it. For those of you that have been thinking about coliving and wondering a few things, we’re here to lift the lid off this wonderful experience. If you want to see how true and accurate these points are, apply here to find out.

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