Nomad Bucketlist: Thailand

The adventure continues as we get ready to enjoy all of the Thai delights Chiang Mai has to offer. One of the best parts of travelling, is planning the awesome stuff we’re gonna do when we arrive. As a group, we normally decide together what we do, but it’s always a great idea to create a mood board of sorts. A list of brilliant ideas ranging from restaurant choices right through to excursions into the surrounding landscape…if you needed a little more persuasion to visit Chiang Mai, this list has got what you’re looking for ;-)

Outdoor Excursions

Sticky Waterfalls

The makeup of the rocks means that you can climb this gorgeous waterfall and not slip over! It’s not to be missed!

Pictures courtesy of: Karl Marty Balingit

Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium

This zoo is a lot of fun because you can actually hang out with the animals and feed them. It’s brilliant for groups.

Pictures Courtesy of: Karl Marty Balingit, WiFi Tribe

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

When we were here last year we had the pleasure of hanging out with these beautiful, gentle creatures. We’ll never get tired of visiting!

Pictures Courtesy of: WiFi Tribe, Pia Newman, Justin Chan

Jungle Flight Chiang Mai

This ziplining experience was a fantastic time on our last trip. Definitely one to do again!

Pictures Courtesy of: Karl Marty Balingit and Justin Chan


Alice’s Restaurant

A wonderful eatery serving great seafood and a whole range of vegan and raw vegan options. Check out all the reviews on Tripadvisor but our mouths are watering!

Tikky Cafe

It’s cheap, cheerful and the food looks amazing. I don’t have to say too much. Check out their Tripadvisor reviews here!

Eat Is Life

Don’t you just love when restaurant names totally sum up your existence? Eat Is Life is giving us the heebie-jeebies as we think about trying some of their delicious food. Check out the great food they’re making here on Tripadvisor.


These guys look prepped and ready to deliver the health kick we need to work at our best. Fresh smoothies, big salads and great customer service according to reviews…I want to go here!

Nimman Social

We can definitely see ourselves doing some work and grabbing a bite to eat at this Thai fusion cafe/bar/restaurant. Check out their Instagram for amazing pictures of the food…

Asia Scenic Cooking Classes

You can’t eat Thai food for a month and not come away with at least a little bit of knowledge of how to recreate it in your own kitchen! Here’s us last year enjoying our existence…we can definitely say it’s an experience worth taking part in.

Pictures Courtesy of: Karl Marty Balingit

These are just some of the things we’re considering doing together in our next chapter in Chiang Mai.

We have a limited number of spaces left, so if you’d like to get your last minute place, apply here now. For more ideas around getting to know the area and all the various sightseeing opportunities, have a look at our nomad guide to Chiang Mai as well!