Guest Post: Cape Town Restaurant Guide 2019

We are loving life in one of our favourite cities on earth in Cape Town! Everyone has the time of their lives here; there’s so much to see, so much to do and above all…

…there are so many places to eat!

Michelle Wintersteen, Branding Queen, Beyonce fan, and fierce entrepreneur, fell in love with Cape Town and has been kind enough to put together some of her favourite eats! Big thanks to Michelle for putting this together and as we go, we’ll be adding a few of our current groups favourites as well!

Cape Town is my perfect city. Coming from southern California (San Diego to be exact) that is a lofty claim. But, the diversity of the landscape leave you with no shortage of outdoor activities like boating, hiking, beach-lounging, and other adventure sports. Each neighborhood of Cape Town from the waterfront to the CBD to Seapoint, Greenpoint and Camps Bay, bring their own flair as well. I blogged about the 6 Highlights from my 6 Weeks in Cape Town with Wifi Tribe, but I would be lying to say that eating (and drinking) my way through this city wasn’t also very high on my priority list.

Here’s a rundown of my favourite spots from my time in Cape Town!



39 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8060, South Africa
Far and away Bootlegger is one of the best coffeeshop chains in the Cape Town area. They have got pretty decent wifi and some outlets if you’re wanting to hunker down and get work done. They are also open pretty late into the evening and with locations all around the city, Bootlegger is hard to miss.

Order: Beetroot Latte
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Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

30 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8060, South Africa

First off, Mojo Market should be HIGH on your bucket list because it is an absolute foodie paradise with loads of options and a really wonderful variety of cuisines. However, I most often frequented Beet Box & their salad equivalent Salad Bae. Beet box has AMAZING smoothies and smoothie bowls with all kinds of interesting ingredients, and in the $8 USD range, it’s significantly cheaper than any you’d find in the US with the same ingredients.

Order: Rose Quartz Smoothie Bowl, Cape Town Salad
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Coffee Shop inside Workshop 17

Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

4th Floor, The Main Change, 20 Kruger Street

If you’re looking for a spot to post up and get work done, head towards the V&A Waterfront. There is no shortage of delicious restaurants for any time of day, but I found I was most productive working from the large coworking area outside the coworking space at Workshop 17. Located upstairs in the Watershed building, this was a great atmosphere for coworking in a big group, and the connected coffeeshop had delicious lattes, avocado toast and other tasty breakfast items.

Order: Latte, Avocado Toast
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Kloof Street House

30 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa

This was arguably the best restaurant in all of Cape Town. So good that we went 2x our last week there. The brunch menu is amazing with lots of really interesting combinations of ingredients, and the dinner menu also doesn’t disappoint. Be sure to make a reservation if you are in a large group, as they tend to book up quickly. Or, go just for drinks and be sure to get your hands on an espresso martini! You won’t regret it!

Order: Gorgonzola and wild mushroom arancini, Tahini Lamb Rack,  Espresso Martini

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Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen


77 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8060, South Africa

As a southern California girl through and through, I always miss GOOD Mexican food when I am traveling. I was so happy to find Fuego in Seapoint for a taste of home. Highly recommend stopping by if you’ve got a hankering for spicy flavors!

Order: Pineapple Margarita, Chips & Guac, Fish Tacos

Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Lekkar Vegan

37 Barrack Street, Corner of Harrington & Barrack Street, Zonnebloem, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa

Although I am not vegan, I love to try vegan food in different countries because they are always so creative with their combination of ingredients. Lekkar Vegan is all about gourmet vegan junk food, so think burgers, nuggets, fries, etc. Although a little obscure to get to, I loved the atmosphere of the shop and the food and staff were wonderful!

Order: Lekkar Crispy,  Sweet Potato Fries, Mango Kombucha
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Glen Country Club, 3 Victoria Road, Clifton, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa

The Bungalow was a definite crowd pleaser for the Cape Town tribe. This little restaurant and beach bar is tucked away near Clifton and makes for perfect sunset drinks after a day at the beach. The outdoor seating is on large daybeds with views of the ocean and the Twelve Apostles (mountain peaks of Cape Town). The combination of food, drinks, music and atmosphere made it s regular stopping ground for us. Their staff was also super patient and gracious for our 20+ crew of people through on a regular basis!

Order: Calamari (grilled or fried, both are fanstastic!), Pink Gin & Tonic, Espresso Martini
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Bungalow 2.jpg
Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Stellenbosch Wine Tour

If you get the chance to, absolutely take a day to do a proper wine tour in the South African winelands of Stellenbosch. Coastal conditions and variety of landscape mean that South Africa can create really interesting wines. You can read more about the winelands tour in my Cape Town Recap blog (highlight #2), but I whole-heartedly suggest you book one with a big group! I loved getting to learn more about what makes South African Wines unique, and indulging in the food served on site as well!

Gin Tasting Tour
Kiff Kombi Tours

Surprisingly, Cape Town is the Gin & Tonic capital of the world, and they host a Gin & Tonic festival every October.  Kiff Kombi Tour group leads a Gin Tasting tour around Cape Town which is a great way to learn more about how the spirit is made, how the flavors are different than anywhere else in the world, and to try the combination of gins with the great variety of tonics that Cape Town produces.

Life Unframed

45C Kloof Street
Lastly, but certainly not least, ICE CREAM. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, and love interesting flavors, you MUST try Life Unframed craft ice creams. With two locations, (Kloof Street, and inside the Watershed Building on the Waterfront) Life Unframed was a regular stop for me. Their small batch ice cream means that they do limited time flavors! I so badly wanted to try their Blue Coconut ash flavor, but every time I visited they weren’t serving. Regardless of this, the rest of their flavors are pretty amazing, and they have dairy free options as well!  

Order: Salted Caramel Ice cream
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Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Picture Credit: Michelle Wintersteen

Huge thanks again to Michelle for putting together this list! You can find Michelle on Instagram, Facebook, and on her website MKW Graphics! She’s an absolute Queen in the branding space so make sure you check out her work!